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We're really glad you liked the game! You can reach us by email at or on twitter at @TeamAnemoi!

Thanks for playing! We've gotten a lot of feedback about movement happening too quickly so that's definitely on our list of things to improve if/when we update the game. We didn't want to force you to "tap, tap, tap" every time you want to move, but allowing the player to hold down the button means they either move super quickly or the game looks choppy. It's hard to find a middle ground, but we'll definitely try to find a way to improve that aspect when we update the game.

Thanks again for the feedback!

Hey, thanks for playing! The level ups are determined by success in combat. You gain attack experience every time you successfully land an attack, you gain defense experience every time you successfully block an attack, and you gain speed experience every time you successfully mitigate damage. So basically you level them up by fighting enemies where you're able to flex your relevant stat! Stronger enemies give more experience, and you also gain more experience for having a higher mastery so if you get a few mastery levels you will be able to level much faster on subsequent runs.

We discussed a few ideas for decluttering the text log, but the most time efficient was to add color highlighting to "important" messages so they don't get buried. I wanted to make messages gradually get more transparent until they disappear but I didn't have time within the jam period unfortunately. It's definitely something we will be looking to improve if/when we update the game further!

Thanks for the comments!

Great, limited palette art style. All the colors work together well and you've used them in a way that nothing is obscured or blends together! Gameplay felt very smooth and controlled. The one big issue I came across was an issue with how the controls were communicated. It would just say "Press _______ to speak" "Press _________ to pick things up". So I was stuck trying to figure out all the controls. Other than that, awesome game!

Simple game but very well executed! Awesome pixel art, super readable. It could have used some music to accompany the SFX but that doesn't detract from the experience too much. I got up to a score of 13 in 3 tries. What's your high score?

Cozy atmosphere from the art and music. I liked all the little text bits when stepping over a question mark and found myself seeking each one out. Breaking down the presents felt good and movement worked perfectly. The only negative I saw was that game was very easy. I would have liked to see a couple little puzzles to solve. But great effort nonetheless! Definitely got me in the spirit of Christmas :)

I didn't even think to check fullscreen webGL, I'll definitely pass it over to our programmer.

For the game, you're supposed to loop back a few times at least. When you pick up 'masteries', your exp gain is increased, and when you gain 'Titles', your base stats increase. Both are kept even when you loop.

Hey! The version you played was a previous build that we had to enter because our webGL was bugged. The real build is up now, and that includes balance fixes that make it possible to progress through the game. If you have time, we'd love if you could give our game another shot!

Hey! The version you played was a previous build that we had to enter because our webGL was bugged. The real build is up now, and that includes balance fixes that make it possible to progress through the game. If you have time, we'd love if you could give our game another shot!

Hey! The version you played was a previous build that we had to enter because our webGL was bugged. The real build is up now, and that includes balance fixes that make it possible to progress through the game. If you have time, we'd love if you could give our game another shot!

Very fun puzzle game! I'm surprised you mentioned it took you so long to test the final level, I think you overlooked a very simple solution! Also, can't forget the obligatory proof screenshot ;)

You know, I always suspected my compiler was doing something along these lines whenever I compile my code. I'm glad you pulled back the curtain for us to show how it really works!

I personally think it's a really great game! One of the games I enjoyed the most this jam. 

I loved how you added a synth lead on v0.7 and the bass on v0.9. Still make sure your loops are fully seamless as you can cleary hear when the loop restarts.

While I have nothing to complain about here are some minor issues to think about in general:

- Sometimes for example I typed "left" instead of "l", you could have still accepted the full words (up, down, left, right), or not?
- I feel like you have to guess how many blocks you have to move to reach a certain point. Maybe it would have made things easier to add a very light (toggable?) grid to be sure how many blocks you want to move. Did you have any thoughts about this?

cheers! /alex

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Great minimalistic game iterating on game and level design. Nothing to complain about to be honest. Maybe at the start you don't know you can restart with R. So I had to restart the game when falling. Also you could have added a minimal background track for some atmosphere. Still works without sound. Keep it up! /alex

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The intro text was unnecessary and cringy. You blaimed your artist for not delivering the assets fast enough but actually you should be proud of him as he probably worked his ass off... : -) Teamwork doesn't work like that. Something doesn't get finished? Take the blame as a team and learn from the mistakes and move on.

One of issue of the game is that your playable character stays fixed in one direction. It feels weird like the world around him is moving but not him. One solution to solve this could be that he aims with the mouse movement. As it is a shooting game that would be great and fun!
The other issue is that your die way too fast when the zombie touches you. You should try have health points or something like that. Restarting the game over and over after a few seconds of gameplay doesn't feel fun.

Still keep it up! Hopefully will see a new game from you next time! /alex

The driving is actually quite fun, but the random jumpscare is unnecessary and really dumb. It doesn't make your game better. /alex

It's seems like that it's one of the first games you ever made. Congratulations for that! It's not the best game, but here a few tips and ideas to make it better:

- You used background colors that are very hard to the eyes. Instead of red and green you could try to use something lighter. Maybe a softer shade of red.
- You can't get killed by the enemy. He is chasing you around but nothing happens if he catches you. The game should end if he catches you. Or better: have an health bar and health items around your level.
- You can jump multiple times without stopping. Maybe you could check in your code if you can disable the jump if the player is in air or something like that. I'm not a programmer but google the issue, I think you're not the first one to experience this problem.
- Your level is pretty enclosed. You could try to add platforms next time. The only way the player can go is right and left. Vertical space is sometimes also very important.
- Add a goal like collecting something special. Just killing the enemy and ending the game isn't fun.
- You have no music or sounds playing. You should first focus on your game and as a beginner you can use royality free sounds and music to fill your game. As you will become better you will want to work with a sound designer, as it is an important part of a game that gets you immersed.

Hope to see your progress in the next jam! /alex

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The presentation is good and the art is very rich in detail. Gameplay feels good and fast. The level is compact and well made. It was also a very good idea to place health items around the map. As you can die fast this is a good solution to avoid frustration. Maybe you should have tied the attack action to a key press instead of the left mouse click. It doesn't feel right, as you can't aim or change attack direction.

As you had a sound designer in the team, here two super useful tips for him you don't get everywhere:

- The game is way too loud. The recommendation for video games is to have an average loudness of -23 LUFS for 30min of gameplay. You can download a free loudness meter, for example the Oculus one and measure the loudness easily:
- You can hear pretty clearly when the music loops restarts. It breaks some of the immersion. Just try to work out how seamless loops works : )

Good work, keep it up!

Thank you for the feedback. Please keep in mind this was made in seven days as an entry to a jam! It's unfortunate that we didn't have time to further explore the concept, maybe that's something we'll revisit in the future. 

Cool idea, could use some more polish in places but I see you've mentioned in the comments that you ran out of time before you were able to add everything you wanted to. Well done on finishing in any case, this is a solid framework!

Great game, I love the idea of manipulating the objects in the game space using a command prompt! I could definitely see the potential for some great levels if developed further. Some cosmetic commands wouldn't hurt either to give the player a sandbox feel, like changing the color of the objects. A far clipping plane would be nice too since I could tell my FPS dipped a bit when looking across the map lengthwise. 

Overall, very unique idea, great variety of 3D models, and nice atmospheric background music. Very well done!

P.S. I couldn't hit the lever to drop the bridge, so I just jumped across the pit ;)

Fun little game, I enjoyed the music and visuals! My biggest suggestion would be to allow changing weapons with hotkeys as it's very difficult to quickly change weapons on the fly when you have to click the icon every time. I tried survival mode after finishing the main game but unfortunately couldn't make it far because switching weapons always got me killed. Solid game overall, well done!

Neat game! My favorite part was when you added in the animations. I actually laughed out loud when he suddenly sprouted a body.

Neat concept! I liked the visuals and the playground feeling of just being able to explore. I feel like if this game was a little tighter and less aimless at the start you'd have a really solid experience here. I also feel like 15 minutes might be a little too much - something under 10 would probably be way better!

Overall, I liked what you were trying to do. Keep it up. \Sishio

Hey, thanks! If you play again and choose 'hazards/health' for that stage, the game should become a lot easier! We'd love for you to experience the full game and hear your thoughts about the end (which is a little difficult, but not as punishing as that initial stage).

Hey Bilal, thank you very much for your feedback! I'm having trouble finding the cause of the audio bug, as you definitely should hear sound and music! Could you please tell me, if you are using the launcher or a specific browser version and OS? It would help me a lot, as I can't reproduce the issue. /alex

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Very funny and challenging! Liked it a lot. Spend a lot of time dying at the beginning. The mechanics and controls are very intuitive, both firing the rocket and the grappling hook. Music fits well to the art style. Good work! /alex

I was surprised to see that you got so few ratings. I really enjoyed this entry. While being a very simple narrative game, you managed to create an unique beautiful atmosphere I haven't seen in a lot of games in this jam. I love your stylistic choices in regards to the art style, beautiful color palettes and illustrations. As a sound designer I was also surprised you paid much attention to audio. The transition to the "keep walking" phase was terrific. Great work, keep it up! : ) /alex

That's pretty awesome and fun! I don't think you necessarily nailed the jam's theme, but the mechanics are still very very good. Loved the last two levels. Keep it up! /alex

I really, really enjoyed this. The meta humor, the playfulness of the narrator, and the way you introduced several different 'gamejam games' into the fabric of this big overarching story is really impressive. A lot of it mirrors thoughts I had with my own game!

Great work, all around! Narrative games are awesome.

Very cool! A neat puzzling mechanic, ingenious levels, and I like the artstyle a ton. Felt like I was really in the planning stage of something with the whole blueprint feel, and having the blocks looked stitched together was a nice touch.

Clever and interesting! It was a little difficult to play on a trackpad, but the concept is solid and it really took me back to plotting out little wars on my notebook margins. Great job there.

I think you definitely nailed the jam theme and that is a strong point, as it wasn't easy to come up with a good idea. So keep it up! :) /alex

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I really like the concept of adding features to a basic game to show how features can change a game. We went for a similiar idea in that regard. 

The game felt easy at first, but become more challenging as you added features. The art style is basic and lacks a bit of character, for example I don't think that the player and the enemies should look the same. As a sound design guy I noticed the shoot effect is also very basic and the music feels uninteresting. There is also an ambient background track missing that could have added some atmsosphere. Try to bring more variety to sounds next time. As you really nailed the theme I think it's still a good piece of work. Keep it up! : ) /alex 

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The general concept is good. I like the idea of having to manage four different game dev roles in a stressful environment. I think the two most important issues are the overall presentation and the game balancing.  I didn't use the input box to give commands to the roles, instead selecting the different roles and clicking on the X to change their statutes. If you don't read the game description, you will be a bit clueless about the commands you can input. The game felt very easy because you don't have any repercussions if the sanity level goes down to 0, beside waiting just a bit. Also the happy status refills the sanity level instantly. /alex

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I tried to replicate the issue, but it works for me on the launcher. So I'm a bit clueless about the cause beside being a routing issue on your end, but saw a recording of your stream earlier and it looked fine! I will try to investigate further and still thank you very much for playing the game : ) /alex

I think conceptually you really nailed the jam's theme. Having different puzzles related to game development to collect that will in theory activate different mechanics. We went for a similar route in our game. Sadly I guess you didn't have time to implement your ideas because of time constrains. You could have for example activate SFX and music by collecting the sound puzzle, or implement a different attack by collecting the code puzzle. The boss fight at the end was challenging and fun. Still very good entry! /alex

Hi! Thanks for your feedback :) You should definitely be able to hear sound and music in the game. What browser and OS are you using? I tried using Chrome and Firefox and I can hear it. I'm sorry it's not working for you.

Cool game, I really liked the music and the artwork was nice as well. Some sort of indicator to help find the sprites that were causing trouble would have been helpful, but otherwise I enjoyed the game.

I'll definitely check out your game. Not having enough time to polish was one of the things we struggled with most during this jam, and it's definitely been a learning experience for us. I'm glad you still managed to have fun with the innovation and mechanics progression, even if some parts of the gameplay were a little clunky. Thanks!