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Make It Transparent!View game page

The Devs Forgets to Enable Transparency For All The Sprites!
Submitted by Bonyok77 — 40 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
SOUNDS AND MUSIC#162.1002.100
THE EXPERIENCE#461.8001.800

Ranked from 50 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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This was just goofy and fun, I like it! There's no real challenge, so it's not very game-y, but it's a nice experience and it made me laugh :)

Submitted (2 edits) (+1)

It's a cute shooter with nice visuals and music. I also like dialogues between you and player :) However, I think that the idea is only 50% related to game dev theme, I doubt that there are devs who forget to enable transparency, sounds absurd xD 
Also would be great if sprites were all different sizes (i.e trees should be bigger than mushrooms and rocks). Ending is good tho.

You can watch my playthrough at


Great job


Very original game!

I love the art and the sense of humor :) Congratulations!


Really cool, I love the idea and how you use the home screen as a tutorial. The gameplay is a little tedious but you make up for it with nice artwork and sound effects.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

I loved the game's  meta dialogue at the beginning and the end of the game.The core mechanic of the game is really creative and fits the theme perfectly.Towards the end it gets a little tedious but the overall mechanic is really cool.Nice job on making this,it's a fun game.The main character is also pretty cute :3

Also I love that thumbnail picture, it's so cute


That was pretty cool. I think you had some good level design at the start. Introduction to a simple mechanic that grew into something more complex. The last stage was a little annoying having to walk blindly around everywhere. But still what the hey. It was fun.


Cute and cool! Great job! :)


Cute game about the struggles of forgetting export as PNG! Visuals are nice, I like how the player can interact with the object for an enlarged view. Theme is well suited for this game. Nice twist on the shooter genre. The fun begins once the player can move & shoot! Sounds are punchy and music is pretty. I enjoyed playing your game!


I'm really happy if you enjoyed it!Thank you very much for playing my game  :D 


I loved it! I hope there are plans to make a 2.0!


Very beautiful and polished the game, however I missed the element of game development. congratulations! if you can test my,


already played and rated yours! :D


nice game, very polished. sound fitted in really well with the cute art style.  furthermore the art style was very consistent. as a minor bug i encountered myself when programming. unity input.getmouse doesn't function correctly when using a touchpad on laptop, cant move and shoot at the same time( not your fault but in case you didn't know). overall a very good game.


thank you for your comment! 

yea that's why we really need a mouse for testing and playing games :D


Game feel is really good, music fits well into the game. The graphics are cute as well. Very polished for a game jam! :)

Developer (1 edit)

thanks! I prefer making small dan polished game rather than large and unpolished...

btw, have you seen btp's game? that was crazily polished, far from my game...


Cool game, I really liked the music and the artwork was nice as well. Some sort of indicator to help find the sprites that were causing trouble would have been helpful, but otherwise I enjoyed the game.


Pretty graphics and nice story :) It would be nice to have autofire when pressing down the shoot button. Gameplay a bit repetitive, but overall well done.


I'm definitely will enable autofire! thank you for your suggestion!


This game was so cute!!! I loved the art and the music! They fit well together! ^^
And I think you were pretty creative with the gameplay, I really enjoyed it!
I just wanted the cat to be smaller, sometimes I just wanted to go between two objects, but I was too big for that. But this did not spoil the game. 
You did a great job!


I was really happy you enjoyed the game   :)   thank you very much...

Deleted post

Yea, I hope I could do that, make the game more not repetitive by adding more mechanics, but I had loads of school work :")  

Thank you for your comment anyway! 


Really interesting idea! I never thought of this... nice!

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Thank you for being the first person who commented on my submission :D


No problem! :)

There will be more! Its the first day! :D