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It was really nice in juicy!

Speeds up a bit too quickly. 

If you have time, see if you can balance it out a bit.

Nice little puzzle. :)

Nice little micro game! Are you supposed to auto jump?

Cool! The controls on the second level are a little wonky. But overall very nice! I can see a much bigger game coming out of this. Keep it up!

If you want to. Don't be afraid to start over. Experiment! :D

well spawning instances wasn't the problem. The problem was that was all there was to the game. I think something didn't trigger properly. Did you test the windows build?

I don't know what happened... but I managed to do this! LOL

Great game for a week! I only wish that there was a menu/UI especially when you beat the game. 

Awesome! I love the art, and Doki!

Will do!

Just bought all your assets. Will make something with them soon. 

Cheers! <3

Great game! But the actors stopped showing up after the 2nd movie. :(

That was really cool! I got to level 4, but sadly did not find the Rhinos. Thanks for making the browser build! 

You are right! I really love the sound in your game. I went back and gave you an extra star for the sound. 

Also, the game breaks somehow when you fight the dragon.

Ah, right! I will play again. :D

I enjoyed moving the Es.

Very simple game play with two endings. If you had more time, I could totally see you building this out to a bigger game. 

This game is wonderful. I love the way the hedgehog sounds when he splats against the walls. I really love the simple puzzles too. This game probably will win the jam.

Wow! That was super fun! Nice job!

My pleasure! Glad you found it easy to use. It's nice when open source tools work out nicely. :D

Very cool. 3D racing game for a game jam. Wicked nice.

Lovely. :D

That was a really beautiful game. Thank you.

Nice feel. Great simple mechanic. :) Animations seemed very smooth. The particle effects were a bit short.

Man that music was da bomb. I wish I could dash a little smoother and the camera tracking was a little tighter. But great!