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Glad you enjoyed the atmosphere! Such a wonderful compliment.  :D

Indeed. I think we should rename the game to Witch Landlord Simulator. 

Yes, there should have been better sign posting for sure. Eventually you can figure it out. But it does take time. One thing that would have helped would be animating the cameras. That or writing more story/ characters to give hints as to what to do next.


Glad you enjoyed it.

 I tried my best in the little time that I had! 

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Kill Bob! He is evil! MuHAHAHAHA

But yeah, replay and don't kill Bob afterwards if you do.  :)

You got a good laugh? 

Well, that makes the game a success in my book. :D

 Yeah, I probably could have animated the camera to go to Bob. I made little motor components that I totally could have hooked into the camera. 

 Thanks so much for playing! <3

Will do!

Just bought all your assets. Will make something with them soon. 

Cheers! <3

Great game! But the actors stopped showing up after the 2nd movie. :(

That was really cool! I got to level 4, but sadly did not find the Rhinos. Thanks for making the browser build! 

Thanks, Mr. Owl! 

Yes, the positional audio bit is the main mechanic of the game. However, It is very hard to get accurate sound and position. I thought it would work right out of the box. But it depends on how close the viewer is to the screen among other variables.  And also it takes a few tries to get used to feeling out where the sound is coming from. It is not obvious and not accurate.  Not only that, the hit boxes are a bit too small.

 Also, I wanted this game to be a more accessible game, but actually because it is so dependent on both sound and sight, it winds up being less accessible. 

Anyways, thanks for playing my game! I really appreciate the feedback.


You are right! I really love the sound in your game. I went back and gave you an extra star for the sound. 

Also, the game breaks somehow when you fight the dragon.

Ah, right! I will play again. :D

I enjoyed moving the Es.

Very simple game play with two endings. If you had more time, I could totally see you building this out to a bigger game. 

This game is wonderful. I love the way the hedgehog sounds when he splats against the walls. I really love the simple puzzles too. This game probably will win the jam.

Yes. Thanks for the input. I should have focused more on the text and story rather than music and art. Next time. Thanks for playing!

Wow! That was super fun! Nice job!

My pleasure! Glad you found it easy to use. It's nice when open source tools work out nicely. :D

Very cool. 3D racing game for a game jam. Wicked nice.

Lovely. :D

Thanks for playing. Yeah, one of the frames got mixed up for the look up animation and I didn't fix it in time. :)

Thanks for playing! And yes, as you can see I just barely put this one together. Also you cannot walk left. Perhaps in a future implementation.

Thanks for playing! :D

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed my silly little game.

Great! I am glad you could find the good points to the game. Even though it is very raw. :)


I slowed it the game down the longer the arrow flies. That way you could see the targets better an the arrow doesn't fly past so fast. 

However this is very flawed. I want to release another version after voting. This one has the game slow when you move past a certain points in the x direction. Kind of like a stair case if you will. 

Thanks for the play and insights!

Yeah... I spent a some time trying to figure out why that happened.... Hmm... 

And yes! No sound at all! Terrible! :D

That was a really beautiful game. Thank you.

Nice feel. Great simple mechanic. :) Animations seemed very smooth. The particle effects were a bit short.

Man that music was da bomb. I wish I could dash a little smoother and the camera tracking was a little tighter. But great!

Haha, glad you liked my take on the theme. Yeah. I wish I had more time devoted to the game. To be honest I spent most of the time just fumbling around in Unity trying to reuse the arrow so I didn't have to destroy/create it. Boy was that a mistake! LOL. Thanks for playing! And yes, the camera should have panned just like many of these styles of games. Cheers!

Indeed it does. LOL. It's mostly only a concept. Just barely a game. Thanks for playing!

Ah, sorry to hear that. Yeah. As one player pointed out, I should have had a quick camera pan at the start. Thanks for playing! 

Yeah. That's a great addition! There was only one lose case and one win case. Much like William Tell. :) Thanks for playing!

Sure thing! Yeah. I had no time this weekend and I had been working extra hard at the day job. Thanks for playing my silly little game! ;)

Thanks for making such a wonderful game! Keep up the good work! :D

I absolutely loved your game! Thanks for joining the Jam! Nice work!

Lovely Game ! Thanks for making it! I really enjoyed it. Took me a while to figure out the mechanic. But I should have realized sooner. LOL