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It looks pretty but it’s very hard to control and I can’t move the camera, so I can’t see where I am going. This is very frustrating. Also the game performance is pretty bad. But it is very pretty. Good job.

Thanks for trying out the game! :D

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Hello! We used it for the Global Game Jam 2023. Thank you so much for sharing! I posted a link back here to your page.

Cute game!

But I got confused a bit. All the triangles look the same. And the ASDF is not standard WASD. Also I suck at rhythm games.

But I really loved the ska!

And I would love to see this on a DDR mat. :D

Thanks. Yeah it does break the game. will work on those blocks soon.

Cool concept!

I ended up crashing the game. I hope this error message is helpful.

I think I triggered it when I dialed all the way to the end where the X is.

Right, Sometimes it helps but sometimes you lose all your progress unfairly. I might need to make it more simple.

Also the next iteration I need to have a control vary the power of the goblin ball.

Yes, the goblins are attacking the castle and so you take over the kingdom. :)

I wish teh hoomans wouldn’t run away… :(

Sorry I was late on this one. I had a fever and was in bed most of the weekend. I had maybe 3 hours of energy? Anyways it was fun picking up Godot and making a silly little physics game.

I will try to balance it out a bit more this week. I know the first level is hard.


Very addicting. And smart. Love it!

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Major Updates in case anyone is interested.

Let me know what you think.

I plan on making about 100 levels total.

It has about 15 now.

I kicked the labtop out of the window

Cute Art! Maybe The Zombie patient should wake up/ open it’s eyes when it’s in the safe zone? Or maybe auto Next. I just spammed the mouse clicks until the hospital closed.

For sure! More sounds would be good! :) Thanks for playing!

Great use of Losing is Bad! I got frustrated at first because I kept getting the same ending. Then I was like… what If I just keep on losing?! Nice ending!

Yep! The art was done in a rush. Hehehe. Thanks for playing!

Good Fun, cart game! Wish there was sfx.

Cool! Rock on!

Don’t apologize. It’s just a game jam. :D Good work!

I love the art. Wish there was sound. And maybe a restart button instead of a quit button.

Beautiful art work and cool sound track. I wish there was a little bit more in the way of mechanics. The second level is just showing off the concept art? Cool!

That was good! I feel like the level with the 2 balls is a bit unfair. But I managed to get past it after multiple tries and some dumb luck. :)

Cute art!

I can’t turn…

What are the controls? I couldn’t do anything…

That was so Stoopid! I loved it!

I walked off the screen and could not return.

I walked off the screen and couldn’t come back!

What engine did you use?

Simple game, but interesting concept. I actually fell out of the map the first time.

That was something. Love the art!

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**Skill(s) : **

Pixel Animation, Programming, Sound design, Unity, Godot, Typescript, Javascript, C#, GDscript

**Experience: **

Worked professionally on mobile games at a game studio

**TimeZone: **

GMT +9

**Joined previous jams: ** Many, online mostly with a few in person.

**Portfolio website: **

Absolutely. I may try to add some sfx this weekend. Thanks for playing! :D

I love a good tower defense game and this one did no disappoint. Great design too!

Thanks for playing! Agreed, the second level is way too hard.

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Thanks for playing! Yeah, the second level is a bit too hard. Also, I forgot about the Sonic 3 level!

Ah! You are right! Thanks for catching that! I will update it right away.

Thanks for playing!

Yes, the concept is simple but the physics is not so much. I am glad you enjoyed it.

Ah, you are too kind! Thanks. And yes, it is way too short. I should have spent more time on it during the jam.

Thank you for playing! Yeah, I think it is a bit too hard. Sorry about that!