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I liked the game! It was a little frustrating. I tried but I couldn't make it past the first few platforms. But the concept was very good. 

Thanks for making such a wonderful game! Keep up the good work! :D

I absolutely loved your game! Thanks for joining the Jam! Nice work!

Lovely Game ! Thanks for making it! I really enjoyed it. Took me a while to figure out the mechanic. But I should have realized sooner. LOL

Nice job! 

Great game! You actually made me feel bad to be a can of toxic radiation. Those elements are really mean. If I could shoot at a faster rate it might make the game a little bit better. Cheers! 

Really cool concept! I hope to see a finished product at some point. 

I don't know why but somehow this is my favorite game of the Jam. It was just fun to play. Though the reading was a little tough. Maybe pick easier fictional names next time? LOL. Nice work! <3 

This game is awesome! I couldn't put it down. Though I couldn't quite figure out what to do when I got the gun. 

Cool game! I really like the action and the speed of the game. But at the same time I was racking my brain to remember how to fight off the baddies and not grow them. Frustrating. But at the same time it makes the game interesting. The pacing is just a little too fast. Nice work! 

Neat game! A rushed game but you got a lot of good moving parts for sure! I just got to a point where I was bored and moved on. It would help if you built a final boss for closure, or some sort of end to the game. Nice work! 

This game was a lot of fun to play. I liked leveling up with the powers. The enemies came in really fast at the end, though. But it was broken up into waves which is nice. 

This is a really cool concept. I was a little confused at the fighting screen at first. But then I realized it was automatic. Maybe you could add some damage points as an extra bit when the element takes damage. Nice work! 

That game was great! But very hard to avoid the swamp of spirits. Nice work!  

What a nice little puzzle game. I had a lot of fun playing. Cheers! 

Very interesting concept. But also very hard with the combat. I think if you keep on going with this idea you could make a lot of money somehow. LOL. Nice work! 

I really enjoyed playing this one. It was hard to figure out what I was doing at first, but I got by without reading instructions easily. The game seemed like it went on forever, though. And then the boss appeared. 

I really liked playing your Kinetic Novel! Nice and easy flowing and lots of fun to read!

Thanks for the points! I will spend them wisely... MUHAHAHAHA! 

And yes. I will try to make music first for the next jam. Glad you enjoyed the game! Thanks for the feedback! <3

Yeah... The game suddenly ends, doesn't it? The spawning logarithmic. Waves of evenly spaced enemies getting smaller after each wave would have been much better. Thanks for playing and the feedback! :D

True! In real life please don't fight fire with fire. ;) Thanks for playing! And yes. I should make music first... hehe

Raul! I'm having trouble running the game. 

The controller broken, I think. I kept on having ghost inputs.

I died so many times. But I am glad the game wasn't too long. Good fun overall. 

It is certainly hard. Like a code to crack. 

Very very interesting game play. It's nice to see some innovation in games these days. I really liked how you were just a box of food. 

The only thing I wish you had was an good way to exit the game besied alt F4. A nice menu system would be nice. I hope to see continued work on this game. It is a very cool concept to build upon. 

Nice work!

It's a really nice looking game! Yeah, sound would have helped a bit. Maybe a few more puzzles/obstacles in the way would have helped. 

Aweman! I wish you had built more! But yeah, I can see that this kind of game would take a while to build. I hope to see more out of this if you plan to keep on working on it. Cheers!

Maybe make some achievement levels for next time depending on how high your score is? Could make it more interesting and add to replay-ability. 

The game was very nice. Simple yet stylish. I like the part at the end when you get a total body count. I wish that you had went to a main menu after the body count screen so I could decide to rest or end the game more easily. I wound up playing through it 2.5 times. :)

Very hard. But good game play. I wish the controls had been a little more conventional. I couldn't make it to the end.

Thanks! Yes. More game play. Probably could have built a few more levels. And made an enemy to avoid. :)

Great! Glad you enjoyed it. :)

Thanks! That was what most of the time was spent on. I think I should have spent a little more time on building levels. But at least I made something that looks good.

Love the concept! Sometimes the controls were a little unresponsive. But It was good fun!

Nice work! I hope to see another version of this in the future!

838 points.

Nice job on getting your game finished! The shooting sound was a bit loud. 

Nice work! Keep on going!

It was wonderful! I wish you had more time to program some more of the AI. Lots of fun to play!

Nice work!

I love the a cappella song. Nice work! 

Great game! The enemies didn't stop coming. You got me playing for a good while there. Nice work!