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Yes, It is. Thanks for playing! :D

Really cool concept! Ducking was a little hard. ;)

This game is so beautiful! And made with Godot! I had a hard time finding the pencils on the floor. :D

Beautiful graphics and fun game play!

Oh man. That is a tough game. You made me feel. How dare you! Great game. Thanks for sharing!

Great game! But very hard. I couldn't get past the 3rd level. I will try next time.

Lovely! Thanks, Jupiter!

Finally had time to play and rate your game! Wonderful puzzle game! Some of the puzzles are really hard. 

Wonderful! Glad you enjoyed it! 

Wonderful! Glad you enjoyed it!

Cool. After uploading your game, I got to play it. Good art! Nice little platforming/escape game.

Okay. Can you compress them normally in a folder? Or is the file too big?

Hilarious game. I was really impressed how how you made me lose my coordination. Have you beaten your own game, yet?

You made a game! Congratulations! More than most people who signed up for this jam can say. 

The gameplay is really really good! I would like to see you polish this game more. Nice work!

This is a really beautiful game! I love how you built the story.

Lovely game. Did not defeat the MiniTaur. Too strong! LOL I like your choice of warm tones.

Ah, sorry you couldn't finish it in time. I still would like to see what you made in Godot! :D

Cool game! But I did not push the rock up a second time. LOL


Is anyone going to be streaming game play?

Beautiful art! Love that you made a multiplayer game with AI as well!

Is it possible to make a .zip file instead of a .rar file?

Just played this one. What a lovely puzzle game. :D

Lovely game. But I encountered a wall with no opening. HAHAHA

Thanks! But it's not my first game. So don't feel discouraged. It takes a while to gain experience. Good luck! :D

Wonderful puzzle game. I hope to see more development in the future. :) Also please make game controller controls too! 

Cold Regrest?! No RAGRATS!

Wonderful game! Loved playing through the strategy and beating the game. Hope to see more development of this kind of game. :D Cheers!

Lovely game! Had some fun. But The jumps were a bit hard. Hope to see more games in the future.

Lovely game. Really like the art. :)

That was a wild ride. Thanks for making. I look forward to other games. 

Awesome game mechanic! I hope to see some more development on it in the future. 

Thanks! Now hopefully you can play the game with the proper files uploaded. Sorry about that! Enjoy!

I had no time to do anything this weekend, really. LOL.

 I just uploaded Linux and Mac builds.

Thanks for asking! Enjoy!

Okay, already updated! Yeah I had to upload a quick build and really had no time to make anything. I'm surprised I got anything uploaded at all! Thanks! 

OMG, Thanks!

Well, that scraps my idea for 3D. LOL. On the other hand it will help me practice my hand at sprite making.

Great! Thank you so much for setting it up! 

Shall we start a discord chat?