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Thanks for the review! Yeah I wish I spent some time on the music. Also, you can full screen the window lol.

hmm strange

Well the game was doing what it was supposed to do, it’s just I did a really bad job explaining the mechanic lmao. Sorry about that. Thanks for the review!

Thanks! That really means a lot. I wasn’t thinking I would but maybe.

Thanks! I did think about adding an arrow log that flips but I didn't have time to implement it.

Yeah I agree with a better explanation and art. you can full screen the game though lol

Thanks! I did like 13 I think

Very cool puzzles and interesting rewind mechanic. The physics are kinda buggy though. You can throw boxes through walls, get stuck in weird places, and if your running into a wall you can't jump. What function in unity are you using for movement? Is friction off?

Really cool rewind mechanic here! It took me a little bit to figure out but there are a lot of cool puzzles you made with it! There was a couple weird glitches though. Sometimes when you press reset it puts you inside the ground. Also if a box is on top of where you are rewinding too, sometimes the box will be pushed into the ground which is kinda annoying. Pretty cool game though!

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I really like the graphics and audio! I was kinda confused by the gameplay though. Sometimes they would find movies by themselves, other times I would throw movies at them and they pick up those. It didn't entirely make sense. It did feel good to have my rating go up though lol. Nice interpretation of the theme too!

Its a little bit frustrating that you can't move diagonally. Got me killed many times. Cool art and interpretation of the theme though. It was also pretty difficult, especially because you have to restart every time you die. Overall, pretty cool game!


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Really nice graphics! Also I like how you used the theme from a story perspective and a game play perspective. Cool! Pretty hard though.

Thank you!

Wow. The music and graphics were great. I liked how each enemy forced you to fight them differently, and how shooting made you move slower, so you have to switch between shooting and dodging. This game is full of interesting decisions. Also, the camera was amazing. Perfect amount of camera shake, and I liked how it slightly zoomed in while you are shooting. The thing with the upgrades and the skill tree were kinda overwhelming at first. I didn't know what all the upgrades are, and the skill tree was big and scary lol. Maybe you could have introduced each of these elements one at a time to make it easier to digest for the player? Anyway, great game. It was very addicting and a lot of fun!

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Thanks a lot for this comment! I think the pushing block mechanic is a really cool idea. Also, the arrows that show your movement and then reverse is actually something that I really wanted to do. I just couldn't figure out how to do it in such limited time. I agree that music would be nice too. I tried to make music that would fit but I couldn't come up with anything good. And yeah a better tutorial would have been a good idea too. I really appreciate the comment. It means a lot to me I'll be sure to check out your game when I have the time!

Thanks. Probs should have made a better tutorial. oh well. Thanks for the review

Ok pawlik, this is pretty scary. The visuals are really good, and the game is pretty immersive. Great job on spooking me multiple times. I wish there was a scary sound track though. That would be pretty cool

Really amazing art! Also I like how you used the theme in your game. Really cool!

I appreciate the comment, and I'll be sure to check out your game!


Hey! clank from discord.

I love the voice acting and cut scenes. The only game I've played so far with these. Really interesting take on the theme too.

Also, I SEE TIME in your screenshot, so good job.

Hey it's clank from discord!

You already know I love the art style, and the music is amazing. I like how the skeletons telegraph there attacks. This game is really hard though, at least for me lmao. Maybe I'm just bad. Amazing game though!

I love the art and sound, and the puzzles are really good too. You did a nice job showing how the rewind mechanic works. Great game!

Hmmm I don't see why that wouldn't work well. IDK.

I love the audio and graphics. The controls are kinda weird, and the level design doesn't make use of the rewind mechanic. Also I found a way to run across the bottom of the screen lmao. All that being said, this game was still really cool and a lot of fun.

Ok, you definitely over scoped but I don't care because this is sick. Most of the time I don't know what the hell is going on, but I like it.

Yeah sure! Thanks for the comment!

Great art and audio! Also really cool and challenging puzzles! Good job!

Yeah you deserve it! Good job!

Cool graphics! Really fun too! Wish there was sound though

Nice game! Interesting puzzles. The one thing I would say is that the movement is a bit wonky (running, jumping, wall jumping) what function in Godot did you use for movement? Or did you just change the position of the character?

Yeah its possible lmao. Thanks for the review. I can tell you the answer if you want.


Nope its just the exact opposite of your inputs. It's kinda hard to understand though and see whats going on. Thanks for the comment!

Really cool game! It reminds me of the game outer wilds. Wish there was audio and more feedback when hitting/being hit by an enemy. Best take on the theme I've seen so far!

WOW AMAZING! This game was so much fun and I can't believe you made something this good within one week. I felt like a ninja lmao. Great sound and art too!

Yeaah Godot for the win!

Yeah no problem! For my first game jam I changed the players position instead of velocity, and so that's how I spotted it ;)