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Really fun! I suck at it though because my reflexes suck :). The pacing was nice too. I liked how it went slow for awhile, and then it would start spitting them in your face. Great job!

Very hard, but fun! Everything was a bit too big, which made it really hard,and the shooting sound almost killed me. Great job!

Thanks so much! Yeah  I was planning on using a visual cool down but I ran out of time :/.  I made the spell a raycast (not a good idea on my part!) so I couldn't change the hit box. Thanks for the feedback and ideas! Thanks for your time! 

P.S. Your game was the best I've seen so far it was amazing!


Really fun! Really hard though. 

I think the game play is great, but it could have done with more animation maybe. Controls felt a bit slippery.

This was amazing. Great art, idea, art luv the music. So much fun. Also great level design. By far the best.  I almost didn't find the background one. Very well hidden! 5 stars all around. Great job.

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Animation and visuals amazing. The movement of the player felt slippery and awkward.  Great job!

One note, is that I didn't have to do any of the homework, because you could finish the game in time. Good job though!

Wow great job. It was fun, and on topic. Very cool and fitting art and music. AWESOME!

Thanks for your time and feedback!

Really simple, but really fun!

I had so much fun playing this game! It's a simple idea, and I didn't expect to have so much fun!


Thanks so much! Yeah, I noticed that with jumping, and also I used raycasting for the wand spells, so I couldn't change the "Hit box", but I should have used something else besides raycasting, because it can be hard to hit the target. Thanks for your time and feedback!

Really impressive! Lots of fun. Only problem is that the controls seam a bit wonky to me... Great job though!

I never thought about making the enemy not able to go on diagonals, but its a great idea!

Thanks so much for the feedback! Yeah you are right. The controls are a bit awkward. I should have made it work with the numpad and the number keys. Well, thanks!

Thanks! Glad you liked it!

Thanks so much! yeah I know what you mean about the spells  size though. It's because I used raycasting. Thanks for the feedback!

Love it! so much fun. Great sound too!

This was really awesome and fun!

Thanks so much!

Very fun. Very hard.

Really fun, but also very hard.(maybe im just bad at it)

This was a lot of fun. I didn't quite finish it, but I could tell each level was thought out. Great job!

I had a lot of fun playing this. :) great job. The animation is so cute and funny too.

Wow this was amazing! It was so cool how you had the windows that were able to scale and stuff. great job! :)

Very difficult. I loved it though, and the art and animation was amazing! :)

Wow, amazing game! Great job.