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A Murder in Time DemoView game page

Can you catch the Time jumping murderer?
Submitted by Pawlik3D — 2 hours, 1 minute before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Game Design#3463.5003.500

Ranked from 28 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

In what way does your game fit the theme?
Story is about time jumping murderer

Did you write most of the code yourself and made all the assets from scratch?
I written most of the code myself and made all the assets from scratch, during the gamejam (with exception of one furniture and murderer)

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Damn the graphics where amazing!

I really lost it for a sec when the screen got all blury etc.
Not sure if it was intended but I actually had to walk through the character to and look at his face to trigger the end rather than him looking at me.

Still really well done! The main menu looks so great!!


I love it! Keep making games like this you have talent. This game has a lot of potential.


Then you might be interested in fact that I'm going to fix issues this game has right now and add new content in post-jam updates.


If my heart let me play this game longer enough to see the end, I would!! Having said that, I loved the game. Great job !


The paperbag man was a bit psychic :) He'd always find me wherever I went, and then stuck on me like white on rice. Footstep sounds would have been nice. I like the physical interactions, though!


I love horror games so this game was really enjoyable playing! Very scary but I feel as if the theme did not really fit. 
The graphics are nice and the ambience fits the game. Controls are really nice as well and the pulling of the doors etc felt really nice!
Overall really good job!


wow, that was epic. Great graphics, great ambience,it really gave the scary feeling an horror game needs. the use of the theme is not the best I've seen, but it works and makes sense with the story. the best horror game I've played in this jam till now, congrats.


that was the best game i played so far in this jam , its really spooky and your textures are really great, one problem tho : the murderer stayed in the last room and he wasnt moving or seeing me , good job man :)


yeee it's a bug. somehow it only happens the first time you play 

idk why frankly


Really nice ambience here! Get me right away. 

Loved the graphs and the suspense. 

Amazing job, friend! Hope to see more of your games.


I think it's the best horror game of the JAM


I'm happy you think so :D


Mom pick me up, I am scared

btw great graphics and concept. Truly impressive


Ok pawlik, this is pretty scary. The visuals are really good, and the game is pretty immersive. Great job on spooking me multiple times. I wish there was a scary sound track though. That would be pretty cool


Horror games are a rare thing to see in jams, probs to you for taking this risk! I have to say making most of the assets during the jam is really impressive. Good job, great game :D


You did a really good job on making the assets yourself! Gameplay was a little unexpected as I didn't expect to have to drag things myself to actually make the lockers/doors open (very realistic, nothing bad about it). The game does need more sounds to make it feel more complete but not gonna lie, I jumped when I turned around and saw him coming at me. Good job, rated! I hope you can check out our game too if you can!


Holy moly :D I almost jumped out of my chair lol :) anyway coolstuff intresting concept and really nice modelling. 


Thank you :D


I really like seeing Horror Games in jams, really cool. Its also really impressive that you did all the models by yourself, even if not all in this timeframe!

I liked the mechanic of it being a dream you come back to after dying very creative, but that would mean when you play more and die a lot, the player also falls asleep a lot? haha

Nonetheless I had fun, but got killed a lot of times. Maybe the guy with the Paperbag on his head shouldnt always know where you are. Keep it up!


well about that last dream thing - I know it wasn't well explained, but it's not that you are sleeping. It's that he goes back in time and just thinks it was a dream. 

And the guy with paperbag doesn't know where you are, really - he just follows you when he sees you. (I know it wasn't explained either, but you can hide in lockers)