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Thanks a lot for your feedback, plus, as the music composer of the game, I'm so happy to see those words. It means a lot for me, thank you. We'll keep working hard, good luck for the Jam! 

This game is so entertaining. I'm playing it with my friends and we are completed all endings exept for the devil one: the timer is vety tight. It's all top tier, except for the theme wich we found a bit weak, but the game is really funny. We found a bug when we entered a door as we killed an npc: the other npc ran into this house, who followed her inside but we couldn't get out after that. That doesn't affect the game negatively, but I'm telling you this in case you wanted to fix it.  Bel lavoro, sono ancora più soddisfatto vedendo che si tratta di un gioco italiano, buona fortuna! 

I really like the idea, the game is nice. The theme is represented perfectly and the graphics are good, especially if we're talking about enemies' designs and "animations" . The game may needs to be a bit more polish though, but considering that you did it in a week, the result is very fine

I can relate, me and my friend recently improved our game as well. One week is just not enough, but that's the best part of jams imo

Just finished the game, wish it was more challenging. I LOVED the physics of the car. The theme is a bit weak because you just have to keep spamming left mouse while you ride, but that's the only thing I didn't like. This game is really, really funny. I hope you'll update it in the future. An advice I can give you is to put 3 levels of difficulty, based on the time you have to reach the goal. Keep it up, you did a nice job

Wow, a boxing game in this jam, almost unpredictable. I like the idea, the game is rushed and that's understandable, I won walking around him while throwing lefts and it worked well, so I never used the rewind when I won. Despite all of these issues, which only need time to get fixed, I had a lot of fun, nice game! 

The game could have been better if you reduced the capsules' hitbox: it's often too hard to avoid them. I found a bug too, I jumped from a red bar where you can ride the skate, but I went straight in the sky and never went down, lol. That's pretty normal though, you only had a week, but the game has potential and the idea is not bad. Hope you'll update it after this jam

I like the graphics, Joel's design is hilarious. Sometimes enemies get stuck on my head, and platforms could have been placed better, but the game is still enjoyable 

I reached level 16, but couldn't finish it because of hitboxes issues; sometimes you can't hit the golems, especially in level 13 there's one who I couldn't hit from the distance. From that level the game became a bit chaotic, but if you fix hitboxes and add a viewfinder, that could be a pretty good game. Awesome work by the way considering you did it in a week, 3D models are nice

That's a great game, nothing more to say. It's a simple concept, but it works perfectly. Loved the graphics, very relaxing game

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I can't understand that resolution: it's a bit annoying to scroll up and down with the mouse to play the game. Even though that's a serious issue, the game is good, the idea is nice and the gameplay is enjoyable. You should also limit the spam of missils, since you can currently easely destroy an eventual boss. Loved the theme, nice job in general

I had headphones on with max volume when the music started. I had an heart attack and lost my hearing, but it's fine. The game is nice, could be enjoyable, but I suggest you to change the font for the menu, it could look way better

The game is pretty fun, good game design, nice idea and great music. Maybe the jump's sound effect is a bit too loud, but it's fine, you did well in general

Thank you very much

Thanks a lot, I'm glad you liked it

Awesome game. The puzzles, the mechanic, it's all very clever and well made. I got stuck in a level after I cleared several, but I'm probably coming back to finish this game soon. Well done! 

Thank you so much, we'll try your game later as well

Gran lavoro ragazzi. Ho notato che anche voi siete italiani. Vi devo fare i complimenti davvero, il gioco è graficamente carino, così come lo è la musica, e il gameplay è scorrevole. Ho notato un piccolo bug con il salto; a volte è possibile farne di più in aria, specie quando si tocca una parete. Immagino che abbia a che fare con il metodo con cui testate che il personaggio sia a terra. Ma considerando che il gioco è stato fatto in una settimana, congratulazioni, avete fatto un lavoro notevole

I saw that you made a desert themed game as I did, so I suddenly got interested. The game is really good, but it lacks an important thing: music, as a composer, I could tell you that a good track would turn this game epic. Leaving aside this and the theme of rewind that could have been used better, the game is very nice, considering that it's your first time. Good job, keep it up and get even better

The only thing that I didn't like much was the menu: it feels too empty, you could put the "controls" option at least. But if we consider the game itself, with that good music and graphics, a simple idea turning in a great game for this jam. Very impressive

Thanks, I'm trying your game, I'll let you know soon

Cool concept, a simple game, but it does its job. Maybe it gets a bit too slow with the rewind animation, but it's a good game in general, considering that you made it in a week.

Controls are a bit harsh and collisions need to be improved, but you made the game in one week, so that's understandable. maybe add controller support in the future, since it's better for racing games. The graphics look nice and the game is enjoyable. It lacks sound effects though, hope you'll update it after the jam. Also, the rewind of the career is an original idea. Good job

Thank you for your feedback, I'll try your game as soon as I can

interesting game and interesting mechanic, it reminded me of Devotion, wich you probably played. Great atmosphere and good graphics, even though it could have been scarier,but the darkness of the rooms made the job. Really impressive.

wow, that was epic. Great graphics, great ambience,it really gave the scary feeling an horror game needs. the use of the theme is not the best I've seen, but it works and makes sense with the story. the best horror game I've played in this jam till now, congrats.

I really like horror games, so when I saw yours I suddenly go interested. I appreciate your bravery, it's not simple to make a game like this in a week. talking about the game, I'd say it's not bad at all, graphics are simple, but they work, as well as the indicator wich I found really helpful to finish the game, wich may became a bit too easy this way. I saw the monster just twice, but both of the times I was able to keep the distance and stay safe, so you should improve the difficullty of the game after the jam comes to an end. The sound design was fine,but could be better. Good job in general.