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Short and sweet experience that will leave you warm and fuzzy :) Well worth it! 🍓🍓🍓

Cute, clever and fun little puzzle game! :)

That's very kind of you, thanks! :)

Very well made game! The graphics are outstanding. To mirror Rauno below, very clean and cohesive. I love the conveyor belt credit roll! Super fun :) I struggled with grabbing objects sometimes, but beyond that it was perfect.

Really well made! It had a nice polish, easy to understand and follow. The voice acting was cool :) I can tell good effort went into the making of this.

The paperbag man was a bit psychic :) He'd always find me wherever I went, and then stuck on me like white on rice. Footstep sounds would have been nice. I like the physical interactions, though!

Really well made game! Certainly stands out from the crowd :) The rewind mechanic really fits and makes sense. The flow is perfect. Humorous and clever. The only thing that I missed was the opportunity to end the investigation phase early/manually. Maybe you could, and I just missed it.. Anyway, top notch!

I managed to play through it, I think? Just got booted to the main menu. The doors was a pain to interact with :PI liked the story though!

I liked it :) The pacing was good, the length seems appropriate for a jam game. It was fairly original (I watch/play a *lot* of horror), so kudos on that!

Cool rewind mechanics! I like how you can control the speed of time and go back and forth as you please. The builders had a tendency to run far off to chop down trees though :P And selecting / commanding took a bit of getting used to. But all in all cool concept and well executed :)

This was a bit of a frustrating experience :) I'm a super meat boy fan and I easily get hooked on masochistic experiences such as these! I found the colliders to be pretty unforgiving here, but I pushed through. Pretty cool that the level was designed to go forwards and backwards, though I struggled quite a bit at the end. Not bad for a first game though!

Very nice graphics and audio! These games are a dime of dozen though, but it was still well made.  :)

Lovely little game, I enjoyed it! A few of the puzzles had me twisting my noggin for a bit, but once I got it the rest was a breeze :) Well worth the play!

Very cool concept! I totally got the Portal vibe, and I love that you did the voice lines yourself :) The webgl reload bug was pretty devastating, so I ended up downloading it. A little rough around the edges but I had fun! Some glitches here and there, like box getting stuck in the wall, or player getting stuck on platforms. I honestly gave up on the word puzzle, though. I tried "Affax" but no dice :P

I love it! Clever use of the rewind theme in a puzzle game :) I also had a freeze after the first level, but it unfroze after a few seconds. 

Thanks a lot :) We kind of enjoyed the chaos ourselves, but we toned it down a bit in the end :D Christer added wave based spawns to allow the player some breathing room during a playthrough. They increase a little in intensity over the race. Anyway, thanks for checking out our game, and for the feedback!

Super cool puzzle game! Very good use of rewinding as a game mechanic. And a few brain twisters to boot! Digging the vibe, top notch :)

Really fun and smooth gameplay. I love the retro arcady aesthetics! But I'll have to mirror what has been said before, the theme isn't represented in the game all that well. Still I'm glad you made it! Great experience :D

Lovely little game! Nice and relaxing, perfect sound track. A bit easy, but sometimes it's more about the Journey. I enjoyed it :)

This was epic. So well done! I loved how you worked in the theme in a way that just totally makes sense for a rhythm game! Layering tracks on top of eachother, brilliant. 10/10 from me :)

Really nice puzzle game! Well thought out, and well worth the play :) I got stuck a bit on the tutorial lol, but so worth pushing through and figuring it out!

Really appreciate it, thanks! :D

Nice looking game, good audio :) And pretty well executed. But it was a little buggy.. The units would get stuck, the aim of the cannons was a bit off (but that may have been intentional). Seeing the movement of the units beforehand was a cool twist, but the rewind mechanic wasnt really being used to its full potential. Maybe if you could rewind during gameplay a few times to make alterations in your decisions, it would have been more purposeful. A day or two extra of polish and this game would have been a strong entry :) Anyway, good job! 

Very cool game! I managed to finish it, but more importantly I wanted to :D Was a little frustrating at times, but I usually felt like it was me messing up. But it only made it more satisfying to get to the end ;)

Fun little game :) Well done. I personally thought the controls were pretty tight. But failing was indeed a little punishing.

Supercool game! Looks very polished. I only wish it was longer :) 

Very fun game (maybe a bit stressful :D). Kinda hard though! Is there something I'm missing? I tried running the optimal routes, actually standing in front of the counter to put the cassette straight into the tv, but alas - it wasnt enough!

Supercool game! Looks like it has quite some depth to it too, and I love the audio :)

Cool little memorisation game! Fun, and chill music in the background :)

Cool little game! I also got stuck, the collider didnt seem to work on the button. Otherwise well executed :)

Fun dialogues (and monologues), I enjoyed it alot! It ended a bit abruptly, but it got the message across :)

Nothing is set in stone yet, so I might change the input (and amount of lanes). I'm also fairly open to any and all suggestions! That is, I'm trying to steer clear of the big ideas that'll take forever to implement -- lesson learned :)

Hmm I'll attempt a mac build in the future, but I don't really have a Mac to test it on myself.. Are you volunteering as a tester? :)


I'll definitely include a tutorial or two, once I can decide on the mechanics :)

Hey, that's really cool! I noticed a distinct lack of blocks on this song.. which difficulty was it? :)

Btw, if anyone is wondering, I haven't abandoned this project! I've just explored several different ideas that ended up being *very* time consuming.. But I fully intend on completing it, sooner rather than later (hopefully). I'll definitely add some impact sounds for you :)

Hello! I decided to start publishing builds from now on, starting with my first vertical slice. If you have any feedback, do not hesitate to drop me a post :) You can download it here:

Audio.Flow is a fast paced, procedural rhythm game where you can play using your own music.


I've been a hobbyist for many years. Ie, someone who never completes a project. I thought I'd change that, and finally made a project I fully intend on completing! As such, this part of the process is fairly new to me :) So I appreciate any support or feedback I can get! I hope to build a community around the game that will drive its development towards something that's enjoyable. I aim to start early access in May 2019.

Audio.Flow is (currently) a pretty basic rhythm game in terms of gameplay.  The focus has been on creating an immersive audiovisual experience that sets it apart from its competitors. Finding game mechanics that doesn't break the flow/feel of the game has proved to be challenging.

If any of this looks interestning to you, please check out my page!