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Awesome game! Really well done all around!

It was a bit hard to figure out what to do at first and having a static set screen size that small really didn't wok with my big monitor! :P 

But those are small details it was really fun & relaxing to explore the castle! :D

Really awesome game! Well done Chief!

It was definitely a bit glitchy with the flashes & such but this is an amazing game you made in such a short amount of time!!!

5400 score yeehaaaw

Haha thanks for checking out my game & I really appreciate you recording the gameplay! :D

I love it! After seeing Tim play it I thought "This is going to be easy" But honestly when I got to it I realized that its been a loooong time since I did math!! :P

This was to me one of the best takes on the theme!
Just seeing the thumbnail was enough to me to put a smile on my face! :P

Hahahaha I love it!
I thought I won best shitpost but you can have it! :P

haha I'm really happy to hear that!! :D

Thanks zombie!! I personally don't like my dreams when having a fever but I'll take it! :P

Definitely the best take on the 2020 concept in my books! :P

Ayy thanks! Yeah that bug is my own dumb mistake & I struggled with fixing it and 25 min after the jam I realized what it was, sorry about that!

I purposely made the navigation hard because the map was really small due to the jam only being 3 days ofcorse! :P 
I quickly drew  the map really quick:

I'm really happy you enjoyed it!!! :D

Thanks a lot! I'm trying to always apply something new I learned into  my game jam games to gain more experience in the subject! :D
In this case it was post processing for the aesthetics! :)

Thanks!! During my research into the horror genre I heard a lot about silent hill so that had definitely influenced it I assume! :D

This was a lot of fun to play around with!!!

Try beating my pro highscore of 34736! 8)

Looking good so far, keep it up!

For feedback I would give:
- Have less time doing nothing. There is to much time where there aren't any meteors coming at you.
- Instead of have meteors go faster over time spawn in more at the same time for more intense action.
- Maybe zoom out the camera the higher you go in level.

Damn the graphics where amazing!

I really lost it for a sec when the screen got all blury etc.
Not sure if it was intended but I actually had to walk through the character to and look at his face to trigger the end rather than him looking at me.

Still really well done! The main menu looks so great!!

Thank you so much for all the great feedback! Having movement like that was indeed intended to be a little abnormal and I think you are the first one to really notice! :P
The "murder" was a little gag of mine, I had no clue what to do with the old man quest so I plugged in my mascot in the house, basically to represent me the person who developed the game to kill the old man to be like "Yeah I had no time to create a quest so I had to find a quick solution :P". And yeah the house was a really wired thing and up to today I still have no clue what was going on with the scaling, I thought maybe the camera became smaller or smth when the animation gets triggered but I genuinely have no clue why that happened, I spend a lot of time looking into it but I just couldn't find it.

I also really agree with the goblin quest, I should have definitely added more lights and maybe some red glow to the goblin itself! :P
The maze was indeed a little hard when you lose track and I myself who made the entire thing got lost sometimes myself but if you look at it, its actually a really easy maze!: 

It was a little hard to find a good riddle time related but I dislike  doing riddles myself as I'm really bad at them so I tried making it really easy to google, if you press back the guide even hints you towards googling the riddle. :P

I myself was really happy with the ending to, I made it on the last day & I'm so happy I did!

Thank you so much for all of the kind words and great feedback! I really wanted to take my time writing this reaction cause I really appreciate the time you took playing my game and give great feedback! :D

If you are curious about my future project. I do have a YouTube channel & some nice plans for int the future, I personally really love huge worlds where you can look around you and see all kinds of different things & be like "damn I'll have a lot to explore"!

I'm looking forward to sharing more games like these with everyone! :D

This game really went with the theme great job! 

If I had to bet on 1 game that would definitely win I would bet on this one!!

Well done on the game!!! 

I definitely recommend you to not start your audio on all out 100% as that was way to loud to start off (You made my sister really mad now)! :P

I always enjoy a great deflect game and I'm really impressed with the amount of enemy's you made & how polished it is!

Well done! I think this is the best implementation of the rewind time mechanic I have seen so far!

I would recommend to use a cross in your crosshair instead of a circle to make aiming just a that easier & the parkour was kinda annoying to get through as the blocks o jump on where to small and it didn't trigger the ground layer all the time causing me to not be able to jump while standing on top of it!

But once again that's all the developer really shows a loooooot of potential, well done!!

Thanks a lot! :D 

Yeah I have been thinking through the movement a lot actually, definitely gravity, I felt like it gave some really chill vibes to not quickly land but it seems like most people didn't really like that that much so I'll definitely take this  feedback to my next projects! :)

You are I think the first one who found out about it! :P I actually purposely left it in there as a nice speed run mechanic and I myself
used that trick to easily complete maps when looking for bugs! :P

Thanks a lot! I'll definitely tell the actor! :D

Thanks a lot! Its all the result of giving up on life & sleep for an entire week! :P

Really great & funny concept well done! :)

Well done on the voice acting! :D

Whops that's on me then! :P

But ofcorse great game!

(1 edit)

I actually really enjoyed the smooth movement!
But I actually completed the game without using the rewind at all, a nice trick is to really force the player to use the mechanic by having it required to pass the level to really let it shine (I messed that up in my own game to when fighting the Orge like you probably noticed) .

But overall very well done! You deserve great ratings! :D

Well done! I also love the looks and the audio sounds great!

This is the most unique take I've seen on the concept! :D

It would be nice if you did mention that you need to use the spacebar &scrollweel but maybe I missed that somewhere. :)

Thanks a lot for your your feedback! I'm sadly just really bad at everything 2D art related butt I'll definitely work on it!! :D

I'll check your game out when I'm done getting my drivers license. :P

Well done I really love the art & music a lot! :D

Ayyy I hope you like it! I'll definitely check yours out to! :)

Well done!!! I'm personally not a big fan of some sounds but that's just my personal pref ofcorse!

Very well done on the mechanics and this was definitely a great take on the rewind concept!!

I just realized I could have uploaded 2 builds.. 

I'll definitely do that next time! Thanks for the feedback!

Thank you so much for the kind words! I'm really bad when it comes to 2D like you noticed! :P

I put my soul into it for 4 weeks now, (I spend the first 3 weeks learning Blender and Unity 3D) and you can't imagine how great I feels when people recognized all the effort that went into this game thank you so much! :)

Thank you very much for watching my devlog & playing my game! :D

The thing is that I also added a progression system so basically when you close the game the quests you did are saved and I don't think that's possible with Webgl (I never checked tho) but normally I always do webgl cause its indeed a little annoying to download files! Sorry about that! :)

Well done!! I love the audio!!! :P


Thanks a lot! It was actually inspired by a GMTK game jam winner in 2018! :)

Damn that's really wired!
I'll look into it!

I loved it! Really well done! 

The art and audio are just perfect well done! :)

Thanks a lot I'm happy you enjoyed it!
When exactly did it not disappear anymore?? 
 That would definitely be a bug. :O