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am i dumb cause i cant figure out how the game works  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

i speedran through the game using an auto clicker  XD , also these last level are really huge 


the music is kinda weird 

ive got 7200 score and for some reason using an auto clicker i never managed to get that score again XD , also it would be great if you get punished for shooting the wrong ducks because I can just spam click

All what i have to say is that the visuals are great :)

not gonna lie the moving bullet and the sounds that it makes are really satisfying

not gonna lie i felt that the game is a little too slow and it takes forever for the wanted person to get on the screen

maybe Im dumb but I got stuck on level three XD

cool game , I dont know how you managed to make the random level generator in that small amount of time

fun and satisfying game , i managed to get to 30 score :)

I managed to get 5 score but sometimes when i start to try and find the wanted card its already out of the screen and i cant do anything about it :(

thanks , a really great feedback that made me happy :)

a really great game i would've liked to keep playing but the rover kept disappearing , this happened twice , i play a level but dont complete it , the "you havent reached target "menu opens i click continue and the rover is gone , when i come back to the game and click continue its still not there for some reason , you gotta fix that because such a great game cant have a game breaking bug like that one 


im very happy to see that you liked the game , thanks for the great feedback :)

im totally with you on this one

yeah might add a self destruct button for that :)

Guess i might expand on it in the future , i like your ideas i might actually add them cause i havent thought of that stuff before , glad you enjoyed it :)

to be honest the art was terrible , but the game was funny so 5/10  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

the tall glitched thing that keeps changing its size is so hilarious XD


i love the concept of wanting to download your presentation and trying to push the annoying people off the internet , only if there were more levels i wanted to keep playing :(

man i really like this game , only if there were more levels cause i really wanted to keep playing

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managed to survive till round 15 by staying in the center for as long as possible XD , I could see myself surviving till round 40 if i didnt have to keep collecting ammo , a really well made and polished game , well done 

i found it really entertaining and a little addictive , managed to complete it till the end

I immediately got stuck after the tutorial dialog ended , fell down and started over 7 times XD

auto clicker go brrrrrrrr XD

I played it with my brother and we died from laughter , the stupid movement makes it a really funny game 10/10

happy you enjoyed it 

glad you enjoyd it , maybe if ever touched this project again ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



this game is so funny i couldnt stop laughing

tried sitting in the corner with the red thing protecting me but that didnt work out :(

i have no clue on whats going on  , 


well thats a lot of Bugs :) , anyways it takes the grey thing too long to finally reach you

This game is a MASTERPIECE it looks amazing and its very juicy , I wanted to stop in the last level but i

also really wanted to know what I drew in the end , best game so far 10/10

best tutorial , "shoot the red things"

post your games here so ill rate them

glad you enjoyed it , I may expand on it one day