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Fun game and great graphics however wish it was a wave system and u were a bit faster. If u could try my game I would really appreciate it :

Awesome but wish it would type faster or u could skip it. Awesome for a scratch game. If you could try my game I would appreciate it :

IMPORTANT Please Read : The windows and linux version of the game have a link on the main page.

I have added a link to a windows build in the description.

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Yea, there were quite a lot of bugs, and I didn't spend a long time on the music, but thanks for playing!

Awesome Game! If you can, please try my game :

Wish there was a help page or tutorial. I also wish there was a way to rotate. If you can please try my game :

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Cool game but wish it was a bit faster. If you can please try my game:

It was mac and safari. It was definitely the computer.

Thank you!

I took a few minutes trying to figure out how to push the buttons. I think it might have been the computer. I had to click. Then hold click and move. Then click again to switch.

This is a cool game but I feel it would be better if you added more types of cards. Also try increasing the size of the energy bars. I f you can try my game I would greatly appreciate it:

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Cool Game but the ui and bool control is hard to use. Please try my game if  you can :


Cool and Hilarious concept.  Would recommend more types of enemies.  If you could try my game, please do. It is

I cannot open the mac version.

Okay idea but wish that the small diamonds were a bit bigger, and if you shot a health it destroyed it. If you can, plz try my game:

After 1st checkpoint I just quit.  A bit too hard other wise cool game. Please do try mine if you can:

Unfortunately this doesn't work for mac as it uses .exe.

Like the concept but a few things I would change:

1: Dash. First please make it l- click or something like that. G is to hard to get to.

2: More interactive(animation wise).

Other than that cool game. If you wouldn't mind, please try my game, Thanks

Unfortunately, I couldn't try it as my computer is mac and unity refused to open the other file.  Sorry. Looked cool though.

Thx, will try your game now.



If you are using unity you can use flip().

Fun, however the difficulty ramps up extremely quickly. There is also a glitch where the player does't flip. Would also like the player to be a bit faster.

Amazing. Simply Amazing.

Nice graphics but I think that the roaches should have less health.

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Cool concept. Enemies are a bit hard though. I also found a glitch at the beginning where you could jump over the wall. If you can try my game : 

Very confusing. Great Audio. Cool idea

Very good, but some of the first levels are very hard.

Fun but very similar combat.

Very Confusing. Didn't understand how to play.

I agree

Very Fun!!!!

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No its good and funny. I'm just confused.


I Agree. Love the Art Style though