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Progaming in Tower Defense
Submitted by samuelthorson — 8 hours, 31 minutes before the deadline

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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
SOUNDS AND MUSIC#341.8161.816
THE EXPERIENCE#381.8421.842

Ranked from 38 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Great little game!
Good feedback on the towers!
Quite addicting as well!
Great job!


Classic gameplay but well made! I didn’t play a TD for a while!

I’m not sure about the theme though. It’s more about IT than game dev.

Good job!


Great game and cool concept!

There is a bug: If you put many turrets(of any type)(around 5), when you buy another turret, you can't place it down.

Deleted post

This idea is very good. I love how the difficulty comes from how fast you can write. It's a little bit annoying that after enter your input field is out of focus, but overall it was a nice game. Good job!


I enjoyed this a lot!  I had a problem where I wasn't able to select some of my turrets.  Also, when I bought turrets I wasn't immediately sure what the rules were on where I could place them.  The syntax is super strict.  I kept trying to do damage+=5; for speed.

Overall, very fun.


Nice twist on a regular tower defence. The idea is simple, but interesting. It is implemented well, and works with the theme. :)


Fun to play! I played through 17 waves and then stepped away. My comments are below.

Decent fit to the theme. I liked the time crunch to be typing to buy turrets as fast as I could. Reminded me of writing software! I think it would be fun to squeeze this more. For example, you could have had the whole game be executed in a console. E.g. turret placement and upgrades and selling would be entirely done in console by specifying coordinates. BuyTurret(2, 1) for example. Would have driven your theme home. Add on some more time pressure, and that is a recipe for a really great browser game.

I would also work on some small formatting issues. Make sure that aspect ratios of your sprites are maintained to look crisp. Ensure that your assets and camera settings are pixel perfect ( Make sure that your text has adequate margins from the borders of containers for visual separation.

Good work! Best of luck. Please review my game if you have time.


Very fun to play, great job. I love how it plays, and i think it fits the theme very well. I think there could have been a little diversity when it came to enemies, and i think adding more weapons that could be unlocked later on would have been cool. Really great game overall, and is really fun to play! 


Nice game. It fits well to the theme!

The turrets feel good! The bug in wave 5 was really strong!