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Hard early game, easy but laggy late game, an easy solution is to scale enemies health through waves.

Really nice simple mechanic, lots of potential. This can work with the train picking up passengers, and them firing passively. Or you can add wagons with turrets with slow, homing, area, etc effects.

The game looks really polished. Colors, text choice, and overall composition (including the different letter combinations) is done well. It really pushed me to understanding the game more. Last levels were super hard, but still passable once you get the hang of it. With story elements on the side, this could be a really nice papers please - like game. :) A small thing, starting the letter with "lorem ipsum dolor sit amet" kind of broke the magic that it was a somewhat real cipher for me :D.

That last level was a hard one, my tactic - just give enemy units random low cost buildings to fire on :D. 

Amazing game! Gameplay is very promising. Research, resource, population systems are very easy to understand, and really approachable especially for a strategy game. This game could go on for a lot more levels, or longer sessions.

Really love the aesthetics on this one. The fights are hard, but fair, every time it feels like I could beat the enemies if I had played better.

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115% Morale 1% discipline, literally me! :) Fun concept, good idea. 

This game is amazing, easily the most innovative game I have seen in :O

I remember, I use to love this game. The editor and 2 player mode too! :) I feel a remake of this for mobile with simple controls could be very successful! :D

Thanks for playing. Thats a really helpful observation, we will definitely look into it. :)

Brilliant game mate, I feel your game deserved at least top 5 in the jam, too bad that bot attack happened... Keep in mind tho the place you had definitely does not represent your game. Very well made game, good job!

Thanks for playing the game. Nice observation! What we have here is some sort of a card game. When we first started rules for the game were drastically different. But as we went on we reached something that we are satisfied with. Its still not perfect, but I think we have a fun simple card game, which can even work when printed! :)

Thank you for your kind words, and your constructive feedback! :) The game currently works as a memory game like you said, which means with a pen, and paper players perform better. We might change this in the future looking at the feedback we have. :)

Yes you understood it perfectly! Thats how the games score is calculated :) Currently the game freezes at the 9th medal (If you manage to make it that far). We have a non-freezing version, which also happens to be harder, on newgrounds, you can find it in the main page of newgrounds or the link below! Currently because we are joining the BTP game jam, we are not updating the itch version for few days.

Thanks for playing our game, and thanks for the brilliant commentary video on twitch! I hope you won't mind me using your commentary video on my portfolio, and places! :)  (And by the way, your game is amazing, really good job! )

Really good concept, and abstraction. Having to balance your energy and motivation works when put into real life context too. :) I really liked the errors that give you pop ups. I especially like the design of the pop ups, it fits together with the overall aesthetics well. Gameplay is responsive, and particle effects fit in neatly. Only thing I am not a fan of is the main characters design (the turrets design) The low resolution pixelised aesthetic is maybe too exaggerated on that one.  Other than that tho it looks pretty polished, and game feel is pretty good! :)

Game feel is really good, its a  well working top down shooter. I really liked the music / sound in this one. :)

Really smart idea. I played around with it quiet a lot, and what you do looks semi-random, but I liked that the things I do, finding password and stuff, is not repetitive. The general idea is funny as well. :)

Got 3400 score, the pacing is good, starts to get harder really fast. The scope is small, but well made!

I like the graphicss, tileset, characters, and bugs :)

Thank you for the feedback, currently we have an updated version in newgrounds that is harder. If you are looking for a challenge you can try it ! :) Otherwise after the jam is over, we will update it. 

Thank you for playing, and good job on getting a 4 digit score! :) We see that people are getting higher score more easier currently, as the components can exceed 5 stars (Still very hard tho). :) We have a non-bugged version, (which also makes the game harder) on newgrounds, you can find us in the featured games or the link below. We will have that version ready in our itch page after the BTP game jam is complete.

Colour, and music is good. I had some problem with the game, my money didn't change for some reason. I do get the point tho it looks like a fun game. :)

Small nice looking game. I like the simple grey aesthetic. Idea works too! :)

I was really shocked when udemy guy appeared, I thought I left a youtube tab open or smt. :D I like the drawings, of the guy and characters.

I like that you were honest with the usage of assets. I do want to give you credit tho, you made this game alone, and I consider it kind of fair that you used assets, as other groups like mine just flat on made a group project. :) Game feel is good. Assets, and mechanics compliment each other, fits well together.

The concept, and gameplay works. The music is well complimenting too, I had a lot of fun playing! :) One thing I am unsure of tho is the colour use, background and foreground mixes together a lot, I think having even like a flat black background will make the game easier to understand. :D Other than that tho this game is really fun! Well done! 

Its a working nice paced platformer. The controls are okay, and fair, but it is a little bit too hard, especially without checkpoints. Only the Design one I could finish relatively easy

I see, its unfortunate that it couldn't start. :( But the gif you have looks good, I can see that the texture for ground, and general black and brown aesthetic works good together :). ( I don't think you need a menu either, its a game jam game after all.)

The visuals, and characters looks pretty nice, the gameplay is like a basic management type, the general dialogues and flow is very abstract and interesting. :)

The basic idea works, I understood how my ship worked (rotating shooting different bullets) pretty fast, but figuring out which bullet kills which was really hard. The feel is good, and music goes great with it :)

The game is fun, balanced, and paced well. Its not as repayable currently, needs upgrades and such. But the base game works fine, and after some polishing, adding content like upgrades, or power-ups, can have a lot longer play time :).

Game feel is great, the screen shakes and such gives weight to the character. Coding part I found to be a little hard to figure out, especially for a graphic artist like me :). But otherwise you have a great setup for a metroid-like game! :)

Spent 2 billion dollars on the cat food industry :O ! I see that your original scope was really big, but what you have here is a simple, fun-to-play and balanced game. I would love to see what it would sound like with procedural generated sounds tho. :)

Colour, music and font choices work in harmony, and idea works good with the theme.:) The concept made me feel sad, I feel like you are the boss, and you are appreciating the works to increase peoples productivity without even seeing the work, but I guess its sometimes how it works in industry too :(

haha, nice one! :)

Thank you for your kind words! :)

Thanks. :) We are considering taking this a little further, or at least give it some more updates and fix bugs (post jam). We do agree with what you said completely, that a little bit more depth/options will make the game better for future. 

Thank you very much, this means a lot to us. We are working on taking it further, and fixing bugs (a post jam version). Feel free to check that out, and right to us about how we can make the game better! :)

Thanks a lot for your kind words! :)

Thanks for your kind words. The game currently after a point reaches values beyond 5 stars, which means the increase is continuous but it is too high to be displayed with stars :D.