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Limited to only live performances only, sorry :P

Thanks for playing and for the kind words!  We wanted to make something low stress and fun.  We're glad you enjoyed it :)

Thanks for playing and thanks for the feedback!  We debated for awhile on how to handle the music but in the end I felt it'd be more fun to record horrible renditions of a few different songs.

The audience reacting would definitely make the scenario feel more alive.  We'll keep that in mind for future projects :)

Some of the songs may or may not have been recorded very late :D

Thanks for playing :)

Thanks for playing!  We'll check out your game :)

Thanks :)

Thanks for playing!  We're glad you liked it :D

This is really neat.  I think I encountered an audio bug on restarting though.  It seems like another instance of the music would play.  I played a lot of Lemmings when I was younger and this reminded me of that.  The players are a little fast and a little random, but that's kind of what we expect of players.  You said you had some time constraints added by real life.  I think if you had the full week to yourself it would have been amazing.  My only complaint is having to get the platforms pixel perfect.  That could be frustrating at times.  Keep adding on, I think lots of people would really enjoy this.

I enjoyed this a lot!  I had a problem where I wasn't able to select some of my turrets.  Also, when I bought turrets I wasn't immediately sure what the rules were on where I could place them.  The syntax is super strict.  I kept trying to do damage+=5; for speed.

Overall, very fun.

We've got some plans for making it better.  We'll probably want to make health % persist through levels and up the health pizza gives.  Thanks for playing :)

Thanks for playing!  We'll work on some aspects of "game feel" for the next update.  Thanks for your feedback!

Thanks for playing!  We're working on ideas to add some game feel.  I ended up working on the last level and an audio bug before submission and didn't want to tempt fate by trying to add something else.

Also, thanks for sharing your game, we'll check it out :)

Thanks for playing!  In an update we'll look at making the health stay the same between rooms.  We initially wanted each level to be its own challenge, but we agree it'll probably flow better having each level go into the next or perhaps have chunks of levels where health must be maintained.

There's an issue on Chrome where if you drag your mouse and it thinks you're trying to move the canvas, it holds onto the current input.  We'll find a fix or change the game to a Windows build for the update we have planned.

If you don't mind, what browser are you using?  And were you playing in the browser window or in fullscreen?

Thanks for playing!  We have some ideas about how to tweak the behavior and spawning of the bugs, but we wanted to get some more opinions.  Your feedback is much appreciated :)