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The rushed game, that you as a level designer fix.
Submitted by PhilipL — 2 days, 18 hours before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
THE EXPERIENCE#421.8131.813
SOUNDS AND MUSIC#701.5941.594

Ranked from 32 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

The game is interesting but confusing. There's explanation for controls, but no explanation for certain mechanics. Nevetheless I enjoyed playing it. Things to improve: repetitive music, only one resolution, confusing gameplay elements. After all, the game is only 2 MB and you can't expect a lot of content. Will be waiting for next update :)

You can watch my playthrough at


This was fun, I enjoyed it! :) The players were super dumb sometimes though, so I was glad I only needed to get a few to the goal each time haha


Really interesting concept!
I had some troubles with the controls at first; the controls in game displayed the arrow keys, but for some reason they didn't work and it was W & S that was the interact buttons, but once i figured that out it worked good!
It was fun! Would've wanted a bit more feedback on clearing the level and getting players to the end, I assume that you didn't have time for that, but the music was nice and atmospheric :).
Small, neat little puzzle game!
Great job!


Thanks, its a bit buggy. The up and down arrow keys didn't work due to a coding error. I will be releasing a post jam version once the voting period is over that will probably fix a lot of the issues. :)

Developer (2 edits)

Note: A post jam version of the game will be out when the voting period is over. It will feature a lot of small imrovements that i hope you will enjoy. Please stay tuned, if your'e intrested.

Edit: the update is now out :)

If you somehow read this, wow. Also i would appreciate if you were to check out any of my other projects :)


This is really neat.  I think I encountered an audio bug on restarting though.  It seems like another instance of the music would play.  I played a lot of Lemmings when I was younger and this reminded me of that.  The players are a little fast and a little random, but that's kind of what we expect of players.  You said you had some time constraints added by real life.  I think if you had the full week to yourself it would have been amazing.  My only complaint is having to get the platforms pixel perfect.  That could be frustrating at times.  Keep adding on, I think lots of people would really enjoy this.


Thanks a lot for playing. The audio was added last minute so it was bound to be buggy. The plattform pixel issue was one i took a lot of time to try to fix. I didn't manager to get a good fix, but im glad you enjoyed it :)


I love this type of game <3 .. The third level it was the most difficult for me..

Congratulations on your entry for the gamejam :D


I love the puzzles, reminds me a lot of lemmings with more puzzles this could be amazing! The way you interact with the levels is unique, the only issue I really had was that the platforms didn't snap to the "sweet spot" (neither up too far or down too low) making me waste iterations on pixel high movement. Overall a pretty good job!


Thnx, 4 playing :), i hear a lot of comparisons to lemmings, as it is very simmular in some ways. The issue of snapping to the right pixel was an issue i had trouble ressolving. It was much worse origionaly tho.


i really like the aesthetic, and the fact that you have no input to control the players, they kind of just do whatever they want and you need to save them from themselves, it fits beautifully with the theme. in my opinion the mechanics are very well established


Thanks a lot :) 


I like the visual style,the game has a simple but interesting and tense puzzle gameplay in it.Yeah as the others stated music is a bit repetitive.Also a very small nitpick is that the AI is sometime too random but it's manageable.

Overall I think it's a pretty nice game,with  nice brain teasers and puzzles


Thanks for playing, the music was rushed so its quite buggy. Mentioned it in the description of the game page.


This reminds me of lemmings. I also like how you are in the maintenance area of the level (or so it feels). Even without music it's a really cool experience!


Happy to hear, because the music was rushed hard.


Hey! I just rated your game. I liked the visuals and the idea is good. It matches the theme very well :D

i didn't like the music, but maybe it's only me, because the game was pretty atmospheric :)

Rate my game if you want to :)))

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Had to finish my game on wedensday, so i didn't have time to make music. (More info on my game page description). Will check out your game when i have the chance.