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haha, thanks :) gotta disappoint you though, file-moving wasn't implemented.

whoa, what a charming game

I really like the 3d effect on the objects! Perhaps you shouldn't teleport the player into the middle after getting hit but other than that it's quite a nice game.

True. I had some cool gameplay ideas but I basically started two days till deadline and none of them were in a releasable state.  Not sharing this however would have led to another project on my list of abandoned projects and I can't let that happen. Thank you for looking at my interactive art.

This has earned its place next to Extreme TuxRacer on my hard drive as a game to play when I need something to turn my brain off to. Fits the theme perfectly, good job!

(1 edit)

Ops, my mistake.

Edit: Wow, there are even personalized words that boost your score by 5 (found out because I typed death to the emo expecting to get minus points.)

Damn, the music is intense!

thanks :)

I like the concept and finding out which words work! Maybe if the word is in a sentence, it should count to. Negative words would be cool to!

Sadly it only says that the .pck file is missing.

I like the atmosphere! To bad that some people wont play it because it's not playable in the browser. In some areas the camera background color was visible, but other than that it was very immersive. I was so happy when i finally found my 18th friend! Does the hexagon do anything?

Thank you :)

Yes, that would be a great addition. Thank you for your feedback.

Aw man, that really sucks :(

I guess you'll just have to reload the page.

The bullets seem to fire at a wrong angle but other than that its well made!

I enjoined playing this game and it looks really good. Maybe make the layout better in the settings and credits.

Looks good and great music / sound effects.

The line-renderer (i think) you use for the tractor beam seems to not have a material and does some weird stuff. Also, the camera zoom is a bit strange (not scaling the spaceship and its surroundings at the same rate or changing the velocity of the spaceship while zooming out).

But for a first game jam this is really good!

Damn, that looks cool! Good Job

(p.s. maybe change the default unity UI textures in the options menu to custom made ones.)

Thank you for the feedback! And yes, that was a scam >:)

nice little game :)

Thank you, keeping it interesting is the most important part of these games.

Defiantly inspired by those sort of games. Thank you for your critique.

That would have been the next thing I would have worked on, but the deadline was too close so I chose to fix bugs instead. It would probably be better with animations tho.


Wow, this is well made. 

At first i didn't even realize that the planet was getting bigger.

I like that not every level is just one planet that you have to defend.

Oh yea, thanks!

This is a very simple but cool little game :)

I wish i had someone to play this with.

I really like the GUI and how the lasers snap onto the asteroids.

Maybe i didn't see it, but i don't know where my final score is.

Overall pretty well made!

thank you! :)

I think it is a really cool game, but you could maybe add a timer that gives you a higher score for completing the game faster. Currently there is no incentive to go fast. Adding a timer would make managing the game (making multiple people work at the same time / not letting your people burn out) much harder and rewarding!
I also love the music and art that you used.

Great game! The transitions felt a bit too long and sometimes I got the feeling I was doing something I  shouldn't be allowed to do (placing multiple zappers on the same block). But other than that the game was perfect!

Thank you for the feedback! Being able to rotate the pieces would definitely  give the player more control and would probably make the game more enjoyable.

Thank you!

Next time I will definetly do more play testing, to see what needs improvement. Thank you for your feedback!

Yes, the game is pretty short and I am not so familiar with unity. I whanted to submit something that isn't full of bugs so I concentrated on fixing bugs instead of making the game longer. When I have more experience (maybe next jam) I will definetly try to make my game longer!

This reminds me of lemmings. I also like how you are in the maintenance area of the level (or so it feels). Even without music it's a really cool experience!

I love the little secrets and the open world feel!

It is also very challenging!

Thanks for checking my game out!