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Makes me super glad to hear that!
I agree on the theme being a bit light, I planned to have different hats that you could wear that would give you different abilities, since you often wear a lot of hats as an indie developer, but I did not have time to add that feature unfortunately!
Thank you for playing!

Thank you!

Makes me really happy that you think so :)!

Thank you!

Yes, completely agree on the theme being a bit "light"!

The idea from the beginning was that you were suppose to collect different hats that boosted your abilities; like coder hat, artist hat etc (since as an indie developer you need to wear a lot of different hats). Did not have time for that unfortunately though, so I replaced it with the upgrade loop instead :).

Thank you!

Haha, test that music really geta stuck in yoyr brain after a while!

Yeah, definitely agree about the upgrades, it is definitely not properly balanced.

Yes, I'm aware of that bug, didn't have time to fix it unfortunately.

Thank you and great to hear!

Yeah, it works now and the .dll is in the folder, I do not know what I did wrong before!
It is a cool concept!
The level editor works really well, really like that you have different themes that you can choose from, made a few small levels, was really fun!
I think the jumping of the character feels a bit floaty, would've been better I think to increase the gravity and possibly not have the charatcer jump as high, but that is a personal preference.
Overall great job!

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Thanks a lot!
Makes me really glad that you think so <3!

Interesting concept, but the game is unfortunately very buggy, sometimes I would get 700 bucks for a new game, sometimes nothing, sometimes 2 bucks, it felt really random.
The music and art was good, but it needs a bit more polish overall.
Still great job on getting this far on the game in just 16 hours, really impressive!

Great game!
Had really fun with it, the upgrade mechanic is really good, makes you want to keep playing!
This game basically uses the same core-loop as my game, but as a top down shooter, my game is a platform shooter

The art might need some polish and some more effects when hitting enemies would've been nice, but overall a great game!
Amazing job!

Fun little game, well polished and interesting mechanics, got stuck on mission 8, but had a really good time nonetheless!
Great job, definitely see the fitting of the theme, transition screen could've been a bit faster, but overall really great job!

Really great job!
Love the simple art style, the controls might need a bit of work, got stuck on the edge of blocks a few times.
The level design is really good, each level introduces a new concept, great job on that!

Overall a fun experience!

Pretty good!
Impressive that you managed to make the game for 2 jams, not for the faint of heart!
The procedural levels are good, adds for great replay value, the lighting effects are also really nice, would've wanted a bit more feedback on shooting and when getting hit, but still great job!
A feature that would've been nice would be to make the map show where you've been, maybe color it in green on places you already visited, it was hard to remember where you had been.

I also encountered a bug that made it impossible for me to progress, the game said I had 5 enemies left to kill, but there were unfortunately no enemies to be seen on the entire level.

Great job!

Extremely well polished and awesome feedback!!
Love the idea of picking up the functions that makes you better, great replay value!
Definitely one of the top games I've tried for this jam, extremely well done!

With some music and perhaps a bit easier pacing in the beginning, this could easily be released as a finished game on Steam or similar, that's how good I think this is!
Really great to see a game where someone priorities feedback and polish!

Extremely well done! 

Very short, but a nice concept.
The art was very good, but I feel that the gameplay woud've needed a bit more polish, it was sadly not that fun to play and a bit confusing.
I think that if you for example made this to an actual co-op game, it would've been a lot more fun!
Great job still and keep making games to improve!

Really good for a few hours!
Small and simple, but well executed!

Really nice!
I don't think it's a bad game as you say, it is really nice, and being the first time you made something using a new tool/engine it's realyl impressive!
Great job, had a fun time playing it!

It is a really interesting concept, I liked it!
The UI needs some work though, since everything you do is done thorugh UI, explaining how to navigate the UI would've helped a lot. But I really liked it, the music is really nice and catchy!

As others have said, a bit confusing.
But still it's a nice game, great job on getting the game to this state!
Would love to see what you do for the post-jam version!
Great job!

Really liked the graphics, the game itself felt a bit slow, and I think there was some kind of bug that reset the game even though the game-core didn't get hit. Some sound and music would've been great, but a solid entry still, great job!

Nice game, it was really hard to keep up with the grades while also trying to work on the game, so you definitely managed to nail that feeling!
Had a great experience!
Loved the "poof" sound in the intro sequence!
Great job!

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Really good level design!
The levels introduced new puzzles in a very good way, small and simple, but really good job for your first game!
Really liked it!
Great job!

Nice work, it was simple but I really liked it!
A bit hard possibly, but really well fitting to the theme, great job!

I can't play your game because you are missing a .dll in the game folder, please upload it would love to try your game!

Great little game!
Good feedback on the towers!
Quite addicting as well!
Great job!

Simple and fun!
I liked it, the shooting works good, would've been nice if the game was a bit longer and possibly a bit harder, but overall great job!

Okay, I really liked the driving and shooting mechanic and was having a great time, but the jumpscare, it really makes the game look extremely bad.
It is better to commit an unfinished game that has an interesting mechanic than to include those type of things, it really makes people angry.
If you upload a version without the jumpscare I would love to play it again.

It's a nice concept, but it is a bit slow, would've wanted it to be a bit faster and harder, as Alex Doe says; it feels like it goes on forever.
But great job on your first game and first jam!

Haha, this was great!
Good feedback, simple controls, interesting gameplay, great music.
I really liked it, well polished as well!
Really great job!

Quite fun, really good that you added the possibility to change the controls!
Love the screenshake!
Overall a good solid entry!
Great job!

Nice little entry, great job on your first jam!
You said that you wanted some feedback for improvements, so here are a few things that I thought of:
- I think the music needs some work, it felt really random and a bit annoying.
- When you rotate the player, the pivot seems a bit off, try to change the picot of the sprite so that it rotates from the middle of the sprite, the characters head.
- Screenshake! Always add screenshake!
But overall quite fun, congratulations on your first game jam!

Haha, it really is not easy to keep it together!
Reflects a lot of peoples situation with game development, so great job on the theme!
Good feedback and polish, I liked it!
Great job!

Haha, what a twist!
Even though you are immortal, it is still kind of a puzzle game, made me smile!
Great job!

I had some trouble with the controls at first, since I have QWERTY keyboard, but I found out that you could play with the arrow keys as well, so that fixed it!
It's small but nice, I like that the enemies flashes in white when you hit them, gives you good feedback on when you hit them.
Great job!

Haha, this is a really cool concept, made me smile a lot!
As others have said it is really challenging, but very well executed, really like the D'n'B-music!
Great job!

I liked it, it is an interesting concept, I like that you showed the players health on the character instead of a healthbar, that was good!
Great job!

I actually started the game twice, first time I got to collecting 3 floppy disks, but then I saw those paintings appear, and I said; "Nope! To Scary for me!"
But I collected courage and started it again, and played it through this time!
As Forild said, the ending was a bit strange, but you really nailed the scary atmosphere, great job with that!
The low resolution aestethics was really nice, it reminded me of old 90's game intros like Dungeon Keeper, Diablo etc.
Great job, really liked it!

Haha, that was a lovely small little game!

And as you say in the game, the most important thing is that you had fun while doing it!
Really great job!
Some feedback:
- The ground could use some kind of texture, it was hard knowing if you where moving or standing still since there was no sensse of movement when the ground was entirely covering the screen.
- Sometimes the text was hard to read and disappeared quite fast, I think it would've been better if me as a player had the opportunity to decide myself when to go to the next scene.

But overall great job, really glad that you decided to submit your game, made me smile :)!

I like it!
It's an interesting concept, the game is unfortunately very hard.
I got to 22 in score but I had to click like a maniac to get that score and shoot all the time, I think the movement-speed for the enemies could be lowered or they could spawn higher up, to let the player more easily plan their shots.
Great job!

Really nice art!
It's a nice idea, and quite fun!
I think the game woud've been better with an instant game over instead of a fade out, I think it felt strange that I could continue to move while I was "dying", made me unsure of what was happening.
A screenshake when killing the enemies would've made the game even better!
Keep up the good work!

Really interesting concept!
I had some troubles with the controls at first; the controls in game displayed the arrow keys, but for some reason they didn't work and it was W & S that was the interact buttons, but once i figured that out it worked good!
It was fun! Would've wanted a bit more feedback on clearing the level and getting players to the end, I assume that you didn't have time for that, but the music was nice and atmospheric :).
Small, neat little puzzle game!
Great job!