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Fun to play! I played through 17 waves and then stepped away. My comments are below.

Decent fit to the theme. I liked the time crunch to be typing to buy turrets as fast as I could. Reminded me of writing software! I think it would be fun to squeeze this more. For example, you could have had the whole game be executed in a console. E.g. turret placement and upgrades and selling would be entirely done in console by specifying coordinates. BuyTurret(2, 1) for example. Would have driven your theme home. Add on some more time pressure, and that is a recipe for a really great browser game.

I would also work on some small formatting issues. Make sure that aspect ratios of your sprites are maintained to look crisp. Ensure that your assets and camera settings are pixel perfect ( Make sure that your text has adequate margins from the borders of containers for visual separation.

Good work! Best of luck. Please review my game if you have time.