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Ahh gotcha, nice idea.  Get well soon! :) We wish you the best. :D

Thanks for playing and thanks for pointing out!  We are aware of this fact and are working on a new version. There will be more content and longer sessions in the new version! If you want to try future prototypes, head over to Discord! <3

Thank you so much for playing! I enjoyed watching it - as you asked for Feedback: I would have loved some more info about the games and their creators (like the stuff they write on their itch pages). :D
If you would like to try future version of Fireside, head over to our Discord! <3

Thank yoouuu! <3

Thank you very much! Glad you enjoyed the experience! :)

Thank you so much for the kind words and the feedback. We are currently lacking any explanation or tutorial thingy, you are right! We just started with further development of Fireside so, new stuff will come!   Feel free to join our Discord an leave some feedback / feature suggestions there!
>   Discord

Thanks for the kind words! :D It is always nice to see how small things make such a big difference! :)

Thanks! :D

Love the mix between pokemon and a pandemic. :D

This kids are trying to steal my holy toilet paper.  Nice one! :)

Love it. This was fun. :D I could imagine a bigger more complex puzzle game with this mechanic! :)

I love the take on the time but man, this is tough.   Feedback: While avoiding the bugs it worked fine for me to just use 2 out of the 3 lines.   Great art! :)

Cute story! :)

Awesome mechanic and great hand drawn style. Sometimes I lose my momentum while jumping from one rope to the next.  :)

Congrats on your first  game! Really nice mechanic. A highscore or something similar would be nice to track how the player is doing! :)

Interesting that you meet the monster at both ends. Really nice artwork and level / room concept :)

This was really tough but it works really well. I think the speed / controls of the player character could feel more natural. Awesome! :)

This was a lot of fun and it good some nice old school vibes! :) This could work well on mobile.

Thanks! We are glad you liked it. :)

Thank you very much for the feedback and the kind words. Using items on yourself is buggy sometimes but we are looking forward to upload a fix to that after the voting period is  finished.  Can you remember on which day you could not reach another campfire? Was it day 7 or 8 or was it at    one of the last campfires? Currently the amount of campfires on the map is limited. :)

This is awesome! The concept, the level of polishing, the art style.  I would have liked some circles on the ground to see where I am aiming. This is one of my favorite submissions! <3

Nice project! As a solo dev,  you did some really nice work.     

At first, I was confused by the floaty physics but than I got the hang on it. Nice idea! :)

Understandable! :)   
You always need to prioritize on certain things so, well done. :D

Nice entry. It is really stressful to keep a perfect balance between the cities but I really liked it.

133! This was fun! Awesome, some more sound /particle feedback when hitting people and done. This is nice!

Nice animations and choice of colors. I got stuck in repeating dialogues sometimes. :/

This game is really tough but its fun! Great pixel art and choice of colors.  :D

Nice mechanic, you could also turn this into   a fast-paced high-score game thingy :D

Thanks for playing Fireside! :)

Really interesting mechanic / controls. I like the idea but I was confused by the zombie theme (works fine tho).

I enjoyed? the game. Even though the message is sad this is a nice way to show to future generations how you may have felt during isolation.

Simple and nice! Would have liked more variation in speed  and positioning of the enemies. :)

Really fun game up and interesting mechanic. I was not able to reach the 5th? or 4th? checkpoint do to collider reasons (i think).

I mean... I really sucked but it was a lot of fun! I think my theory was great ! 

Thank you for playing! :)
We are  looking forward to change the dialogue system a bit so it fits your reading speed! :)

Thanks for playing!   As soon as you run out of food you would "die / game over" but its not fully implemented... so,  you just cannot do anything anymore.  

Looks awesome! Looking forward to play the release! :D

Thanks for the feedback! We are thinking of implementing   more interactions and gameplay features while being at the camp fire. :)

Really well polished and fun to play! Nice submission!