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Linus Gaertig

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Really nice game! ... and as always your art work is genius! I really love your style and the game all in all, fits it very well. 
The sound design is interesting too, it gave me some ideas which I want to try out for the next game! Thanks! Great work!

Uh... just took a look at it! :D
Its art style is simple too! Thats right! :)

This is a really good suggestion!
You are right... in game tutorials can be really helpful! Thanks. :)

Thank you so much! I really appreciate the feedback! :)

I will keep that in mind for my next game! :D

Thank you so much!
This bug was reported to me a couple of times now. Thanks for the feedback.
I am glad you liked it!

Cool game! I really enjoy the idea with the lights and the comments next to them!
Sadly I did not manage to kill "pacman"... I tried like 15 times... this was frustrating.

Hehe! :D
Thank you so much! :)

Interesting game concept! Feels really good to play! :)

Thank you so much for checking out my game!

Okay! Got you! :D

Hahah :D anyway, its nice!

Nice art and animation! Definitely also a cool concept. It is tough and fun to control both characters at the same time.
I do not really get why I need to move the right character.

Thanks for the feedback. Will keep the hitbox thingy in mind!
In the moment the brush lets you change the colors of the monsters... red ones attack you. Blue and green ones attack each other if they see each other. I do not really get your other note. Feel free to write it again. Would be nice if I could follow your thoughts! :D

Thank you!

Nice game.
There could be a bit of cooldown when shooting... feels like a bit too much.
Nice start on sound and art. There could be a higher variety of different sounds or something. You can pitch one sound by a random value to get more variety. Nice work!

Cool game with a nice concept.
Great work with sound and lighting... especially I like the menu in the beginning.
The art good be improved a bit to fit the general style more but all in all you created a neat game! Thanks!

No problem. Keep up the good work! :)

Thanks for all your feedback! 

Some ambient noises or music will be the next thing to learn... this can add a lot more detph to the game, you are right!
I dont know why I did not implement more visul feedback for picking up a gem... thanks for pointing that out! :)

Thank you so much for trying it out! :)

Makes sense! :D

No problem! :)

There will be more! Its the first day! :D

Fun game with good puns!
The art style is really great too! 

Cool game! I liked creating my own levels and the editor feels good.
The colliders feel a bit off and disappointing while playing...

Cool game!

Nice game. It fits well to the theme!

The turrets feel good! The bug in wave 5 was really strong! 

Nice game. It fits well to the theme!

Thanks for the feedback! Creating music will be the next thing to learn!

I will check it out!

Really interesting idea! I never thought of this... nice!

Really interesting idea! The game is fun. :)

The cats movement felt a bit to slow tho. 

Your animations are really cool, I like the game and the idea.

Good work!

Nice game. The Special Thanks message was also very inspiring! Noa is a great guy!

Your animations are really cool, I like the game and its idea. "Bullets" good feel a bit stronger. More impact or something. :)

Awesome final! Loved the message. Great!

(Good narration too!)

Nice narration and great idea! Awesome references! I really enjoyed playing.
Nice work!

Awesome final! Loved the message. Great!

When moving with w,a,s,d it feels a bit of in the beginning.

Thanks a lot for pointing that out. Yeaahhh... the fade out thingy does not work as it should. I am glad that you enjoyed playing!

Nice concept. Had some fun creating way to fast bullets... :D
The movement does not respond all the time, especially the jump but the rest felt great.

I liked the way the weapon and the bullets felt... the impanct and so on. Nice work!

Nice idea and great the art!
Also the sound design is nice. Had fun playing this game! Thanks!

Nice idea and great the art!
I really like how all the different components let you gain different benefits. Kind of simple but you need a bit of strategy to master it. I like it!

Thank you! I am glad to hear that!

Thanks! Will keep that in mind. It was tough to find a satisfying movement speed... thanks for the feedback!

Thanks! Yeees, I had few more ideas but to little time to implement everything!