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Ohh noo, thanks for pointing it out! Time was a little bit tight to test everything!

If you did not see it yet... we wrote about the  trading / economy system!

Thank you. <3
We are currently working on a fresh prototype! :)

We will keep that in mind! :)
Thanks for your suggestion! :D

Well, playing the wrong game can also be kinda scary! :D 
Glad you ended up here.  ;)

Understandable! Game Jams can be tough, glad you completed the project tho! :)

Thank you very much for the kind words! <3

Thank you, glad you liked it! *-*
Yeah, we designed the game for mobile! Weren´t able to port it to mobile (yet) tho. :)

Thanks for the feedback, you are right about that!  :D

Love how much of a story can be portrayed in only one image! :D

Lovely game, I like the simplicity of this.

dRIFTING AND DATING? I am sold on this. nice!

Definitly a tough game but I really like the idea and the cute graphic style! :)

Got it on Steam and played it a few times, really nice! <3

Really atmospheric game!  Enjoyed the sound design very much. Nice one! <3

Sticker Clicker

We recently released our Global Game Jam 2021: Sticker Clicker.

Sticker Clicker is a  hidden object game with 100+ different stickers that can be found!

Here are some impressions of the game:

Play it now


Greetings from the Team

Sticker Clicker was created by Paul, Elli, Hannah, Linus, and Max. Stay safe! 

Yeah!! Congrats!

Beautiful game! I really like the aesthetic mixed with the minimalistic gameplay. :)

Nice prove of concept. Could work well as a full game with refillable jetpack energy or something! :D

Sweet simple mechanic! :)

Thank you! :)
It did once upon a time bring up the menu but it is currently not implemented. Will add that the following days!  :)

Thank you, Zwi! We are on it! :)

Thaaank you! We are still working on a new version, feel free to hit us up if you got any feedback or suggestions for us! :)

Thanks for the feedback. We are aware of that problem and we will be looking into that!  <3

Gotcha! :D Understandable

Sounds like a bug. Thanks for pointing, will take a look at that! :)

Thank you so much! <3

Gotcha, it´s tough. Did not do many first person things myself and this was meant to be feedback for further production or something. I can´t put it into words either but I would guess that you can´t feel the weight of the character and the movement speed might be a bit to fast (I always struggle with the relation between size and movement speed of a character myself). And than maybe some breathing or a idle thingy for the camera.  Something like that... ?

Understandable! :D

Yeah totally, I know that problem! Just wanted to five feedback if you might want to work on it further! :)

Nice game with cute aesthetics! Keep it up.  I love simple but highly polished mechanics. So many particles!

Great game. A bit tough / hardcore but I like the look a lot! :D

Amazing. Great music, a genius mechanic and nice level design! I really enjoyed this game. I played the Web GL Version and my screen lagged sometimes which was not ideal but it worked! :)

Sweet and simple mechanics. I got a bit lost on my way through those tunnels. A mini map or something  to keep track of the progress would be awesome I guess!

Nice idea. I like the fact that I can plant a ton of plants. That´s nice. Currently, there is not really a challenge tho. Robots don´t attack you and they take quite some time to burn the plants. :)

Works really well! It takes a lot of time until things the texts disappear but besides that: nice work! :)

Amazing game! This is ideal for chilling at home, really love the music and sound effects. Does the shader move with the music or was this just a fake impression of mine? :D

Highscore is 6950. I like the idea but it feels like normal  Pinball or at least not that far away from  it. I like the punching idea and I think that you can make it even crazier e.g. by letting the player walk around or something like that. Nice concept! :)

Hey everyone,
we released Throw. UP, a tiny game jam project, last Sunday and we wanted to share it with you all as we are looking for feedback!

Throw. UP is a  tiny skill-based puzzle game! Throw objects on pressure plates and lift platforms to unlock a way to reach the goal of the level.

You can download the prototype here:

We really like the idea of the project and would love to fix some bugs / implement feedback!

Stay safe everyone!
- Nils, Max, Linus