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Thank you for playing the game! :)

Hey, thank you for playing! I'm glad that you enjoyed it. :)

I liked the art and it was pretty nice game. I would change the background music because i find it annoying after a time... Also the weapons were a little confusing and that because they did different things. Maybe if they wall did the same thing, like shooting or slashing, but with different colors it would be more enjoyable. Good work!

Beautiful art, I like the idea. Still there is a bug where your character locks into a direction and you can't move anymore because you run forever into a wall. I would also indicate more about where the user would shoot... most of the time I lost my mouse cursor. Good job!

I like this type of games where you have to balance some stats to continue working. I must say that at first I didn't see them and I died without knowing. Also it needs more balancing and it lacks sounds and music... still nice for your first game jam! Good job! :D

Really beautiful game. I like the simple art, the puzzles are interesting, the sounds and music fits perfect with the game. Really great... good job! :)

The art and sound on this game are perfect. The game creation it takes some thinking to get it "approved". :) Good job it's a nice game!  

This is really nice. I like how coffee is the thing that keeps you alive :)). Although the bugs enemies are a little for hard, and the player it's a little slow. Good job!

This idea is very good. I love how the difficulty comes from how fast you can write. It's a little bit annoying that after enter your input field is out of focus, but overall it was a nice game. Good job!

Hey, thank you for playing the game! I'm happy that you liked it. :) 

Thank you for playing and rating the game! Initially I wanted to create the game with 3 bosses and each representing a part of game development... but I didn't manage my time correctly and went only with this. :)

Thank you, I intend to expand this idea more. Now indeed it lacks any reason to go through the dungeon.

Thank you, I'm happy that you enjoyed the game! :) As for the music... I did not create it myself because I don't have any knowledge about doing music. It was created by syncopika  and I found it on OpenGameArt.

Thank you for playing! Indeed it's not very visible the connection with the theme. :)

Thank you for playing and rating the game! :D

Thank you for playing and rating the game... this is a motivational boost! :D

This game is nice. That sound from the music part was really annoying, the levels were a little too hard but I enjoyed them. Good Job!

Para paaa... funny nice game. I wanted a little bit more but it was nice. :D

I really liked the idea. Loved the destroy blocks mechanic, the player jump was too floaty, but it was a nice experience.

Thanks, the game needs some more polish and the risk and reward doesn't really exist. And this may be a problem because the player doesn't really have a motivation fight the enemies. :D

Thanks for the feedback. I will keep in mind on the next game jam :D. As for the main character I wanted to represent "motivation" but I had no idea how to do it, so I went with something simple and hope funny with a clock on it's belly, representing the needed time to overcome the obstacles encounter in Game Dev.

Thank you! :D

Thank you, I apreciate the feedback! Indeed "The binding of isaac" was the reference gameplay. :D

Thank you, I appreciate the feedback. :D

Thank you for playing. :D

I liked the simple art. The controls were responsive, didn't understand but at some point my shooting rate increased and I liked it more than the one from the start. Nice experience, good job!

I love the idea and the gameplay, but it was pretty difficult for me jump higher than the first 2 buttons. I liked the sound,music and simple art though I would change the background color, i think it's to bright. Good job! :)

15 15 12 the score. :) The UI pages were too full and it was hard to understand what I should do. I liked the coding and levels gameplays, the sprites gameplay was nice but the camera moved strange. Overall was a nice experience. Good job!

The character control seemed to heavy, and it's a little frustrating when you are chasing those puzzle pieces and the control is not responsive. The art and idea were nice. Good job!

It took me a while to understand what i have to do. It was a different experience and I really  enjoyed it. Great art! 

It was really nice, pretty hard for me.. clearly I wouldn't come close to your highscore. I enjoyed the art most of it and the big bomb. What it was frustrating is that I couldn't find a way to restart the game after I died, and I had to refresh the page. Good job!

A beautiful game, the graphics and the music gives a great experience. The game seems very good for mobile. Still I don't see how this game is linked with the theme, maybe if you changed the arrows with "ifs" I would see it more in the theme... But overall it was nice! Good job!

It was nice shooting those bugs. The camera shake was a little to much for me and made me dizzy, but I liked the idea and how the gameplay was affected by the bugs. Good work!

Really nice top down shooter. I enjoyed a lot the feeling of shooting, the sounds really made a difference and I couldn't stop hearing that. :) Would loved a smaller cooldown for the right click attack... I wanted to spam that too. Anyway nice gameplay and sounds FXs. Good Job!P.S I only got to wave 5.

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Nice idea, still I found the jump from the green part a little to floaty and never got past the toad. In the blue part the movement of the space ship was too slow. But overall it was a nice experience, I finished the red part which was nice. Also the curiosity feeling of how the next gameplay would be made me going. Good job! 

I really enjoyed this. The dialogue was nice, the mini games were fun... Also the devlog about this game jam was an interesting read. Good job!

Thank you for playing and for the feedback!

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Hello, thanks for playing the game and the feedback. The idea of the game is to repeat it over and over again (went for the repetition/reliving the same thing / cycles interpretation of the theme), as you probably saw if you try to escape/die or  prisoner dies( when the black moon/ eclipse passes) you start over. To escape to loop you have to kill the prisoner but there is a catch, you can only interact with the lever that opens the cage and kills the prisoner only when the moon is black... the hint was in the curse but it seems that I didn't make it  very intuitive... "when the moon will be as black( is when you can interact with the lever) as my heart and you will kill your heart ( love/friend the one that is prisoner), only then you can escape".  Hoped this answers your questions. :) 

Thank you for playing! I will take this into consideration.

Thank you for playing, didn't want to make you sad.