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Submitted by bartosz.mazur90 — 22 hours, 1 minute before the deadline

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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
THE EXPERIENCE#1141.4611.461
SOUNDS AND MUSIC#1211.3131.313

Ranked from 128 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Man I tried so many times haha. I found it quite difficult but a really fun experience anyway. I love the visuals. I liked the sound effects. Tighter controls (like the leap should really make one leap) and/or shooting the puzzle pieces adds them to your inventory not destroy would be my minor suggestions to experiment with


I really like the concept and the mechanics of this game, it is really well thought. 

It's a fun game but a little bit slow at the beginning because of the upgrade system. Perhaps with more shorter levels and upgrading as you complete the level the experience would be more compelling.

It's a really good game, congratulations!


The Idea and visuals are really cool, love the puzzle pieces and the way they move around. great job.


The start is a little slow but once you upgrade anything it instantly pick ups the pace.I always had a thing for games that have upgradable parts in them and this is no exception,the upgrades are useful and have nicely balanced prices.The graphics are also nicely done.

It's a fun game.


This game is really cool. It is a bit hard to get enough exp for the first update though. But after the first increase of speed the game was easier and much more fun. You should definitely continue making games.


I liked this project but, it just takes too long to get anywhere. I never ended up finishing since I spent about an hour just trying to finish the platformer game, as it just felt too grindy. Overall, I liked the concept the animations were nice, and at one point I was thinking, "I don't need this puzzle piece, wouldn't it be cool if I could just click on it and it would go away?", and I did that, and it did! Wow, not really a necessary feature but you thought people might do that, great attention to detail!


Nice game, the concept is great! the only thuign im missing a bit is a discreet backroudn music. Keep up the work, very well done!


I like the art style and the animations, the sounds was creative, the game have a nice tutorial and the gameplay is smooth.. But there's time when I need one color and doens't spawn even when I collect other pieces..

Anyway, very good game, congratulations on your entry for this gamejam :D

Developer (2 edits) (+1)

There is option to shoot puzzles so other can spawn, but I shuld have mention it somwhere :D thank you for feedback :) I added this to description in bold so people who didn't play it yet had better chances.


Interesting game concept! Feels really good to play! :)


The idea and art was nice, but I was very lost in the beginning. I think that if you were to have made a "Tutorial" level, rather than text, it would of been alot better for new players. Again, very cool and original concept! :)


This game is so creative and fun! I was kinda lost in the beginning, but after reading how the game worked, it was easier to play. Nice graphics too, I loved them! ^^
Congrats on your entry!


very polished and good game, blast to play. beginning with no upgrades available movement and collection seemed very hard and frustrating but after a speed upgrade or 2 the game starts to shine more. very well done.


Game is really polished, the upgrades work well to increase the speed of the game, and the puzzle pieces with little faces on top are really cute :). I feel maybe it has a slow start to it, bcuz after you get few upgrades game suddenly starts to be lot more fun and fast.


I really like it, it's a very creative and interesting game!

It took me a while to figure out how the game works but after I did it is pretty fun. Maybe too hard though because I couldn't complete more than 3 features


Great idea to convey the frustration that many of us feel when making a game! Having to keep up with a time crunch.

I didn't understand the purpose of "jumping" and I wish that I could move just a bit faster. It just felt a little *too* frustrating to chase the pieces. Though I know that is part of the point.

Love the artwork!


When you fail your first or second project you should have enough exp to upgrade movement speed :) The idea for the jump was to give a player a way to catch puzzle before it runs away, it's a bit faster than run, but has a little slowdown at the end. Also there are upgrades for taming puzzles so they let you closer before running :)


The character control seemed to heavy, and it's a little frustrating when you are chasing those puzzle pieces and the control is not responsive. The art and idea were nice. Good job!

Submitted (2 edits)

I love the idea of it, it's really cute and fun :D 

but it lacks of balancing...