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Nice game, like the concept and style, The only  few things to mention is the cannon sprite, a bit too simple in my opinion, the music could be "longer" so the loop isn't that present and maybe it's just on my side, but the controls felt a bit slow. Overall well done! Keep on coding!

Thx for the feedback, indeed its not that kinda gameplay i had in mind, but 2 hours before the deadline i decided too keep it in the state i know have. I statrted programming ~ 1 month ago, and the fact that i was busy in that week and only had 48 hours broke my final project apart. Anyway's you are right, next time i have to spend more time in the project ;)

I like the Idea, the coding is a great work, the only improvment i see there is like Master Krepta says. the other thing im missing is a "menu" where you can close the game, toggle music and so on. That would be nice. But great work and solid game ;) keep on coding!

Great game! The Idea is good and i really like the graphicle style, well done! Keep up the work ;)

Thx, the game wasn't intended to be fast ;)  ("Coding takes time")

Thx, as always: the try and error thing will be improved in the future ;)

Thx! I totally agree with the gameplay depth, that was th epoin twhy i only made 7 lvls ;) but i had in the 48h programming this no very good idea to improve the "try and error" I was glad i got this to run so far bevore the deadline.

Oh, you're right, that was my intention to better give feedbakc at the toggles.. but yes maybe its a bit disturbing. At first i had all the path visible, only getting higlighted when set, but it looked very ugly in my eyes so i canceled that. Yep the logic thing is very hard, cause it should make the game less try and error but not make it to easy.. so it must be well planned.

Nice game, the concept is great! the only thuign im missing a bit is a discreet backroudn music. Keep up the work, very well done!

Thx for the feedback! What problem was with the soudn bool? I already have connections from the set bools to the  cons ( in order) i wonder what you mean exactly. Yeah the logic thing im planning right now, but to be fair all the improvments coming after the rating as an update. ;)

I liked the kinda style of the game, the story telling etc. only as already mentioned.. the unresponsiv jump and the lack of music could be improved.


Thx! For sure, I try it in the next days ;)

Ahh cool thx, i tried the game ;) The Concept is a nice idea, the sprites are a bit to simple for my taste. And i found a bug, one time i got stuck in the you are to tired screen without the change of doing something else. But anyways, keep on coding!

Thx! I am already planning to improve the "try and error" thing into more puzzleish thing. 

It seems so, i can't test on mac on this side ;)

erhm, okay that sounds weird... normally you can only push the set bool buttons (the i higlighted with mouse over)

if you clicked the button the button. all the buttons get inactive (red), the game checks the conditions and then sets the buttons back to active. What system are you on?

Sadly i couldn't figure out how to run your game on my win-system :(

Thx, i agree with the only trial and error "failure", but i had no good idea to give hints, maybe a future addon.

Thx, what exactly do you mean with hard to use? ( learning form mistakes ;) ) 

thx, yep that is true and when a idea comes to my mind it will probably added in the future

Had to cut out the scene transition for now, its somehow borken. Fix is in development! greez miggl

Thx for the Feedback!

The "Passing-Wall-Feedback" is allready in development and will probably come next week. (I'm in an other Gamejam right now and had to put Ameobiana away)