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Thx for the feedback! What problem was with the soudn bool? I already have connections from the set bools to the  cons ( in order) i wonder what you mean exactly. Yeah the logic thing im planning right now, but to be fair all the improvments coming after the rating as an update. ;)

When sound toggle is off, music toggle still have sounds :) I mean that the paths could be visible (now they are only visible when you toggle them). Of course that would require to complicate things a bit with logic gates, so the game would not become to easy :)

Oh, you're right, that was my intention to better give feedbakc at the toggles.. but yes maybe its a bit disturbing. At first i had all the path visible, only getting higlighted when set, but it looked very ugly in my eyes so i canceled that. Yep the logic thing is very hard, cause it should make the game less try and error but not make it to easy.. so it must be well planned.