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I'm sorry if its confusing.. normally i keep a lot of instruction, which bore the player, because i'm worried about this... Look like i cant find the right balance.

I saw your stream. You couldn't get to the final part because you didn't attempt all the levels. You attempted drawing, but after that, you reloaded the tab. So, actually, you only attempted music and programming.

An easy way to get past the programming level, is by putting a shield on the  laser beacon, blocking the laser completely, and then creating platforms to reach the end. I was trying to challenge the player

This is the first time i tried to make a game, which is not really a game. Somewhere between a game and an app. I was trying something new, so sry if your disappointed with the results

Thanks for the feedback, and cool game(i saw your game)!

The game looks really good, however the art is not yours. That's fine, but you should give credits to this guy:

Overall, great game and good job!

Great game and cool concept!

There is a bug: If you put many turrets(of any type)(around 5), when you buy another turret, you can't place it down.

Thanks for playing!

That would be quite cool, but in the last stage, im trying to make the user apply his programming and drawing skills.

I should have added shortcuts.. i realized that too late, while play testing my game in the browser.

Thanks for the feedback! :D

Thanks for the feedback! The programming level was meant to easy, so that you can figure out how to finish the level. That's why i used shields. However, in the last level, even if you block the laser, it can get hard. If you didn't realize, the final level tested your drawing and programming skills! :D

Glad you liked it and good luck with your own games!

Thanks for the feedback!

Sry if it was confusing. I tried stuff like adding pictures to the instructions... maybe that didn't work out :|

I saw ur game, its really cool! Great job!

The visuals are amazing! The game gets really challenging. When the projectiles bounce, it gets too hard. Music and sound effects are also amazing! Great job! :D

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Overall, the game is really fun, and i like the art and music. However, it doesnt really fit the theme of the game jam.

Great job! :D

I know, i'm more of a programmer than an artist :D

Normally, i would take the images from the net, but i wanted to make everything by myself.

Thnx for the reply and im glad if you enjoyed my game :D

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I know, this game doesn't really fit any genre. I wanted the player to think about different ways of using his tools. It would be a little confusing, so  i set up a little tutorial before each level, not telling too much, giving the player some freedom and chance to expirement

Thanks for playing!

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Thanks a lot for the reply! After you defeat the boss, a key spawns, a little above your reach. you have to use the instantiate button to create a platform to let you get the key. Then you go next to the lock(to your right), and unlock the door using the down arrow (as visually depicted)

Thanks for playing! :D

Its fun and challenging. Great job!

Your visuals are really good, but the game is way too hard.

Anyway, god job! :D

Your game is really fun and challenging! Good job!

Great idea and animations! However, i couldn't get the background.cs no matter how high  i jumped or fell from the cliff to its right.

Great job!

Thnx a lot for the comment! Sry about the music, I'm really bad at it, that's why i put it only in 1 scene

Wow..its literally the best non-commercial game i played!

I think its for the player. When i made the gravity 0, nothing happened

Amazing visuals! Nice way of implementing code along with the game! However, sometimes, the player can't jump in the grass, and gravity doesnt really work.

Great job!

Cool visuals! But i couldnt figure out how to get past the intro scene :D

Sorry, what i meant was that i could only finish the art and design levels :D

Great game, however the pause button isn't needed. If you stay where you are, you cant die. I could only finish the design and art.