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Congratulations, you have made the most compelling experience I've played in this jam for now. I loved how you told a deep story with some simple mechanics. Great design

Thank you very much. It's kind of funny b/c at first when the theme was announced I was like oh no I have no idea what to do then the idea came together and originally it was going to be more of a puzzle game where you were going to have to solve puzzles that could only be solved at that stage of life and then you would start all over when you got to another stage but then I realized that was way too much for the scope of this jam and my abilities so I decided to change it into more of a narrative experience . I wanted to play around with the idea of enemies that didn't kill you but just effected you in different ways, b/c I felt like combat and getting killed by them wouldn't really fit the theme I was going for with this jam

  • egg - it just notices an enemy passes it but isn't really phased b/c it hasn't been born
  • baby - is paralyzed in fear and cries
  • kid - runs in the opposite direction to run away from his problems
  • adult - is weighed down and feels heavy so he can't jump as high or move as fast
  • old man - get's confused and starts going the opposite direction