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Is there any good tutorial to watch on basics of Assets forge? I really find it helpful to learn the basics before starting to work with a software.



Well yes it is PTE - Perfect Time event :) But jokes aside sorry if the game is a little rough, but I hope you have enjoyed playing it.

Barrel roll should have a purpose! :D Great game. Love the sounds, looks of the game and feel of flying the ship. Thanks for sharing!

Nice idea. Sometimes upon entering the game gets bugged and shows only a gray screen. Anyway it looks promising.

I really like how the boats are spread around the screen. I wish there was some win/lose condition. Its a shame you are not sure if you will finish it.

Looks like it could turn out to be a nice little game. I would love to see a mechanic where there are bad fish eating the peaceful ones and you have to shoot the bad ones but you lose points if a peaceful one is hit or killed.  I really like how it looks.

I don't have no friends :( But anyhow this game looks cool. The perspective made me think about my designs. This game could use some sounds but I hope you build on top of it something even better. 

Cool idea and a fun game to play. A little movie intro presenting controls would clear the initial confusion about controls. Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks for playing! Yeah I wanted to make something too complex and than day before deadline it want to trash and had to start again. Still learning how to scope those projects but I will get better ;)

Thanks for playing and sharing your thoughts! I wish I had more time (especially when I started 2h before the deadline to actually make the game :D). Beforehand I was using the time on making the running guy since I didn't know anything about animating and always used ready to go sprites). Anyways you are right that SFX and graphics are my weak points and I need to work on them. Thanks!

Graphics looks great. Love the death animation. Not sure why some missals/tail hit me when other didn't.

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I love the start screen of the game (this particle affect at the bottom)! The game is fun and I really enjoyed running for my life to the doors.  Adding a score  based on time would be sweet and the end of the level. I think that with some improvements it would become a very popular on mobile. 

Thanks for taking your time to play it and comment on it!

Thank you for playing, I really appreciate it!

Thank you! It was a challenge for me to come up with something that would be any fun and that I could actually make.  Great game jam! 

Thank you for your feedback! I was wandering if anyone would reach the end since at the end I just had to go to work and ended up reaching like 3/4 and totally forgot about ending. 

Thank you for the comment. I am really glad you liked the idea since I was really struggling to come up with some fun mechanic that can be combined with a song notes.  

Thanks for playing! I really appreciate the words of encouragement as well as the feedback about what can be improved. 

Thanks for your feedback. I really appreciate you taking the time to play my little prototype.

Thanks for playing and for taking the time to write about your experience! 

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Thanks for playing and for pointing out what I could do to make the this better! 

Wow love the graphics and the music. Brings back memories from my SNES and gameboy playing years!

So much dying.. But very interesting approach to the theme. It looks like a promising material for a fun game. 

I really liked the graphics, effects and the music. It had something that made me wander around the world and chasing yellow and blue flying thingies. Nice! 

Wow that a cool looking game! I really enjoyed playing it. 

Thanks for a fast response. Cant wait for the next update than! In any cane there is a workaround for same cases - mirroring some elements snaps them using the other wall - but it doesn't always work (if anyone has similar problem).

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Hi, I have just yesterday bought this software and after 20 min of playing with it there is a problem. I cant snap a post to a fence. I cant use scaling to fix it or move it to a specific position. Please see the following link. I believe that the problem is that you can only move/scale the objects by the factor of 0.1 - or is there a way to fix it? (beside editing the prefab - it has happened in couple places, so that is not a solution). 


Thanks. I will work on it. 

Thanks. It is my 1st 3D game so I still need to figure out how to fix controls. 

My video for the show reel - Psychic Powers TD

It works good for the block breaker but it really needs some sounds. I like the color contrast.

The game looks great! If there was some fighting aspect or something like super meat boy it would be a cool game!

Love the boss fight and the audio!  

The "booming" sound is kind of annoying :P Anyways the game looks very nice. I like the paralex background.

Thank you for the comment.  It was my 1st game jam and I wasted too much time instead of working :P Next game will be more polished!

Thanks for playing my game!

Thanks for the comment. I had no ideas (or rather it would take time) for the birds so their strength was they will push you from the platform instead of "hitting" you. I will put more thought to the fighting aspect of the game. Thanks for pointing that out! 

Thanks a lot for a comment!

It is from Maybe you can use it in your own game.