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This looks great!

Does the Animals (including a Farmer :) ) are rigged / have any animations? 


Wow this looks great! What is the licence for this asset? (obviously I will attribute you as a creator) :)

Hey! Thanks for making this asset!

I have used you asset in one of my videos! I hope that you like it :)

Take care!


I know exactly what you mean. That is why I make my tutorials to help others :)

Here is the tutorial.

I made sure to mention you in the project setup video ;) Thanks again for those assets!


Here is the tutorial about Making CIvilization In Unity using your assets. I made sure to mention your page in the video about preparing the project :)

Thanks again for making those assets

Hey! This asset looks awesome! Thanks for making it! 

Hey! Great art assets! I have used those for one of my tutorials

I hope to use the in a "Make a civilization like game" where I will be sure to mention your itch page :)

Hey! Thabks for making this great pack! I have created a video tutorial using those 

I plan to use your assets for a longer "Make a civilization like game" series and I will be sure to mention your itch page :) 

Hey! Is it CC0 licenced? I would love to use those assets in a unity tutorial :) 

Hi! I have used your assets for a Procedural Dungeon tutorial. I did credit you in the project stup video and the link to this page is in every video. Thanks a lot for making them!

Hey! Just letting you know that I have used your assets for a youtube tutorial. Added some idle animations - hope you like them :)

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Hi ezez33

I am sorry if my message sounded defensive. I am really grateful for the feedback because only hearing the opinion of others I can improve the game. Please don't remove it.

Still things like problems with collision in webgl are listed in many threads on Unity forum and I just had to clarify all the things you have mentioned even to myself to know what I can make better. 

I really believe that if you can do most of the things yourself following a tutorial will impede your progress. You will learn much more by learning by yourself. 

That is why I am doing all the tutorials on YouTube. I learn a lot by explaining what I have coded to reinforce my knowledge and to understand it better. 

Please forgive me if my message was in any way offensive. I have not meant it in such way. 

Take care! 

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Hi exex33

Thank you for the feedback. I really appreciate it.

The character movement is by design making the character move in its right position. The camera should probably get centered on players back before to make it more clear. I might want to implement that feature.

You can tweak character movement as you please.

For me in the Unity editor tent and fireplace stays in place so it must be some issue with WebGL build. I will need to deal with it somehow. Thanks for pointing that out

You can modify inventory item slots and there is logic for implementing "backpacks" or another item that increases your inventory capacity. I might want to add it in extra section.

If you don't find the demo attractive probably the course is not for you. I make those courses so thst others can benefit from my knowledge and so thst can generate enough income to pursue my goal of making games for a living. On udemy you have?30 to return the course and I encourage people to do so if the don't get value from it. 

You might want to check Jason Weimanns Game Architecture course.

Take care! 


Great feedback. I really appreciate you playing. 

I really appreciate it. Yes I am very bad at scoping my games. But I think I will keep building the game. Thanks for the comment! 

Thanks. Yeah I doesn't work at all as I have planned it. I wanted whips attacking the player when returning the treasure, some nice environments. Still I have discovered that I need to practice a bit more worki g with Unity physics system :p

I really like the attack feedback and how entering the scary building the colors have changed to make the game seems scary. Cool idea!

Great game. I really enjoy the camera and the level design. It could use a bit of highlight on objects that can be clicked. Also the RMB dialogue confirmation was unnatural to me. I would have expected LMB to do both confirming and clicking. Anyways pretty cool.

Thanks for great feedback. 

Cool game. I struggled a bit to understand what exactly I have to do near the well but than it was a very nice experience. 

Nice game. I would drop "do not expect quality" text. The game was pretty nice but the sign at the start threw me off before even playing the game. You should be proud of the games you make ;)

Very nice aesthetics. The only thing I would change is the save points frequency. I really expected a savepoint for example at the point you exit your first portal (second level ?) but instead I was always pushed back on death to level 1. Great game overall!

Nice game but collides on either platform or the ball made me lose despite being well outside the collision range. 

Cool game. It was very fun to play! The background music was getting on my nerves after some time, but beside that it was great ;)

Cool game. It looks very nice and I like how much it is refined. 

Nice game. It would be very fun if not for oversensitive rotation. I have tried feeling it out but it was just too unpredictable. Otherwise a very cool game!

Good idea for a game. It could definitely use any kind of background music and a tutorial. Good work!

I like the game and the concept. It was fun to play. I would definitely change the camera angle as it was too low to see clearly what is going on. Anyways great idea!

Nice game. I like the idea - very innovative for what I have seen in this game jam so far. One thing that bothered me was the movement pace. I am sure it adds to the setup - you are in space, but after a while it was tiresome to move as fast as a snail. I am sure with some work it would be a great game. 

Cool game. It could use some refinement as spawning multiple rockets from time to time wasn't very entertaining. I am sure with some limits, balancing and levels it could be a nice puzzle game. 

I like the effects on Ui and when putting ball into the hole. It was even kind of strange to see the main objects - ball being so simple when the effects were so refined. Other that that a nice puzzle game ;)

It was very fun to play. I really like the fighting mechanic. Good work!

Nice puzzle game. It could really use some sounds and you should set autoscaling as status bars are clipping with the edges. The game looks very promising ;)

I really like it. Looks much better than so I hope you will add multiplayer ;)

Nice game. I like the idea but overall a very unique game. There are 2 things that bothered me. One is sound - beside background music it would be cool to have audio feedback when walking, fixing holes etc. Second is that I think that the artist has swapped the sailors nose with a dangling p.. well never mind that point :P Overall nice game! 

I really like this game. My first game ended up with an instant "You lose" screen but as they say "Fail fast when you are a burrow" :) Anyways the game was pretty fun. Good work.

Cool game. The map should have some bounds but otherwise I really like the idea. The graphics looks very interesting. It was pretty fun game ;)

Very well made game. 1 thing that bothered me was that it was enough to walk to the edge of the hole to die. It was sometimes frustrating. But the game itself was pretty fun when I got a hang of the controls. 

Nice game. I like the idea and the graphics. Controls were a bit strange and the movement could be a little more responsive (less rigid). Overall it could be a great game with some more polish ;)

Cool idea. I really like the aesthetics. A little more feedback on what was going on beside the text would make it more fun to play. Keep working on it and I think it could be a very nice game ;)