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J.K.R. Gwyn

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Everything about that was spot on, if there were 100 levels i would played them all :P I'd seriously consider expanding this if you haven't already :O

Yeah no problem dude :) It is a unique feeling :P

Thanks for the feedback dude, there were a lot of things i wanted to add after the main mechanic was in but i ran out of time! I do appreciate it though :)

Even though my shitty pc was struggling with this, I was smiling the whole time :D Music and sounds were great, visuals were trippy and just overall a fun experience! Took some working out for  a while though between the framerate (that's not on you haha) and the post-processing :O

Wow, what an awesome concept! I actually really had fun with this, there's just one massive problem... I CRIED BECAUSE THERE WEREN'T MORE LEVELS! Haha, well done, 5*!

Awesome game dude :D I was pleasantly surprised after not looking at any screenshots before downloading! Very pretty game :P 

The Dropbox link has expired! D: if you get it back up there or on here in a .zip i'd happily play it :D

Hey! Really liked this submission :P Art and music were great, and the plot gave it more purpose and than a snake game. I would have liked a score when i died though since i'd probably hold the Guiness World Record for planets eaten :D

Thanks mate :P Yeah exactly haha! 

I actually had to come back to leave a comment, that was amazing to play! Seems like something so much more than a 48 hour game, kudos dude!

Thanks, Marrack! :D