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Love the clicker style combined with resource management.  A bit confusing to start, but I got the hang of things once I played for a bit.  I tended to use the ember sacrifice a lot as I never seemed to have enough people compared to resources or grain.

Very cool concept!  Love how you can step over your previous corpses to get past the spikes.

I'm sure it doesn't help that I haven't optimized the models yet either.  

Thanks for the feedback!  Do you mean hardware acceleration in the browser?  I'd be interested to know more about that as I really liked being able to publish the game to WebGL (my first time using WebGL in the browser) and I'd like to do more of that.  

I have also noticed the ships flying off the surface when they hit the serpent or a low piece of land.  That whole mechanic was kinda rushed so and I think the colliders are messing with my spherical gravity code.  I've already done some retooling and I'll keep working on it.  No Flying Dutchman in my game :-)  Thanks again for the detailed write-up.

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Thanks for the comments!  I'm actually thinking about switching this up so that a ship will always damage you and healing will come from something else in the game.

Had a lot of fun playing your game.  I think if you fix the missing/nonworking traps and flesh things out a bit more (more enemies, more levels, etc.) you'll have a really great game.

Invincibility would definitely work for enemies.  I was also thinking of when you're next to a wall you want to get on top of.  Being able to move those few pixels to get to the top would make all the difference.  You make a good point though, you definitely don't want to have it spoil the momentum mechanics.

Yeah.  I noticed that the keys were wrong in the instructions shortly after submissions were closed.  I'm working on making the ships easier to identify and know what they do as that seems to be a big pain point so far.  Thanks for the feedback!

Sweet game!  Only thing I could suggest is a little bit of air control when you're mid-jump.  Just enough to dodge an enemy or move a bit forward if you're stopped.  Otherwise, really great concept, and a very enjoyable play experience.

I definitely could have made it easier to tell the ships apart and better explain what ships do what.  That's the top thing I'm working on for an update after voting ends.

Yeah, they're supposed to stop and turn around when they hit land, but I've noticed a few doing that too.

That'd be much easier to do.  It's just a texture swap.

Lot of fun and very challenging.  You're really on the clock here.  Interesting take on a side-scroller.  Also really liked the intro artwork, gave it a very SNES/Genesis vibe from the get-go.

Definitely!  That's on my todo list too.  I was thinking about switching up the boats between fishing (health giving) and more warlike longships (deal more damage)  Also thought about putting some shields of the same color scheme on the sides of the ships to make it clearer.

That was one intense game!  Very well made and very responsive.

Ok cool.  I'm sure I can tighten them up.  Thanks for the info!

Thanks!  What didn't you like about the controls?  I'm planning to rehash that part of the game after voting ends so any feedback on it would be great.

Love the way the game unfolds and the relaxing style.

Really great concept, and very much inline with the theme.  It managed to hold my attention quite well.  Great mechanics, especially how controlling the snake worked.

Glad you like it!  Thanks for the heads up on the lag.  I didn't notice it on my machine, but I'll investigate.  Could be the web port as it's a bit on the heavy side for a browser game.