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really glad you added controller support that made the game much easier to control. I had fun blasting around. I didn't make it to the end b/c I kept trying to speed run. I loved the risk of using your attack b/c of the spikes and hazards so it wasn't like you could just spin through all the enemies that was a really cool design. 


Thanks so much for playing dude, and yes adding controller support is not hard with Construct 3, pretty easy actually. So, to spoil the ending: At the end you fight the Alchemist Master and use the Philosopher Stone to get your tail back but the stone curses you to grow in size, the size of a planet, and curses you to live for eternity trying to eat your own tail.

Glad you understand the purpose of the traps, i feel it was kinda risky design choice, as one shot kill traps are super infuriating lol