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Got stuck on a corner in the Air and Fuel generation room, but I had fun before then. I love the art style, and the art in general. Game mechanics are simple to figure out.

Really like this one :)

EDIT: Ah, it's randomized. The room in question would be the one to the left of spawn. I got stuck on the left side corner at the end of where the hallway enters the room.

Don't forget to add your project to the GDU community project list in Discord once it's published. Use !addproject in #botspam. 7 Questions in the process. This helps keep all the games that each group made in one place. Even if you're not from GDU, feel free to use it! Use the tags "GDU" or "KIN" when submitting dev names to differentiate yourself.

Good luck!

Right off the bat:

1) The change of UI control isn't nice. You switch from "Press Enter" to get past the intro, to mouse click on the main menu, and then back again in-game. You want these to remain the same for fluidity.

2) The first time I tried playing, I had no idea what I was supposed to do after listening to the tape. I didn't see the tip at the top of the screen. I'd recommend making it apparent by adding a shadow or making it a different color.

3) Who did that voice acting? It was terrible! ;P

4) I think you did the same thing that I did with my first game: You made it harder as you made the game, not realizing you were just getting better at it. You should knock down the timing of the "killers", especially since this is the first boss.

5) The character is a bit sensitive for the movement style. The platforms need to be bigger, the player needs to move slower, or the jump needs to have a little die-off instead of dropping straight down when not pressing on the movement keys. (If you did one of these, it might solve #4)

6) You should give the player an object to challenge. What I mean is create a visual for the enemy, or change the script so that the player has something to fight rather than just rhythm. One way to do this is to put the enemy's sprite in the background, and draw it to look like the enemy is somehow controlling what's happening.

Really good. Highly recommend turning this into a mobile game.

Collisions don't work after I touch one (And safely move it out of the way). Might want to fix this before the end of the Jam.

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Google sheets has an open source API. Sending and receiving data is as simple as under 10 lines of code from it. It's available for Python, JS, and multiple other languages. Since I know how to do it in Python, and it's not available in the language I usually code in, I'd have to see if I could run a Python file with the new score information and have the sheet update accordingly.

If I join, I might actually use Google Sheets. I built a project that used it extensively recently. I would have to see if I could build a compatible system for the engine I use first.

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I really appreciate you slipping in last minute to leave me a rating. Thank you! Pretty happy with the scores I got.

Thanks so much for coming back to it!

Much appreciated!

Thanks for the feedback! Definitely learned that I need to work on my gameplay and instructions from this Jam.

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Haha, I was kidding. There is the instruction screen which tells you about the signals, but I think some of the sounds in the game get mistaken for the "tells" that signal when to press the space key.

Do I have to tell players how to do everything? :P I appreciate you leaving a comment even though you couldn't finish it. There is a "thud" that I'm told kinda blends in with the background. Once you lock onto it though, you can nail the timing. Sorry about that! I'll have to focus on this more next time I join a jam!

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HaHA! I beat the system! Really cool game. FYI, I'm sure you noticed, but just in case: collisions on the enemies would sometimes just not work unless I moved.

Sure! I just want to make sure everyone gets some feedback on their games. Everyone invested at least a little bit of their weekend to this, so I want to make it worth it to them.

Well done. I love the body part loss mechanic. Only problem would be that it wasn't incredibly clear that you had to move off-screen to begin the game.

Instead of rating another game that already has a couple, or several ratings, check out the unrated section which can be accessed on the entries page with the message, "Help rate games that have few ratings: Games in need of ratings"

Go grandpa go! I loved everything about this game. The only nuance I noticed is the control inconsistency between life and ghost form.

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Things I learned about myself: My curse has an addiction to standing on lava, I can attack those who stand behind me, and I love cake. 10/10. Side note: The idle music is beautiful.

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"It took you 25 seconds to escape." Okay! Pretty sure it was more like 50-60 seconds, but I'll take it :D. The monster is horrifying, but thankfully this is one horror game where I can run faster than the monster. Great job!

I'm addicted to the sound FX myself :P. Thanks for the feedback!

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Thanks! Much appreciated. You had it right, but you have to start with the generator which is directly to the east of the spawn point. All the other OI's become accessible afterwards. I should have described this somewhere.

"C--Co-C-c-Coding your own ga-games is easier than you think!"


My life is just stuck in a corner, being mocked by the spinning spikes at every turn.

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I am... extremely perturbed. 10/10

My first 5 deaths were spent waiting for another platform, thinking the clouds were just clouds. I had no idea you could ride them :P. Awesome music, and fits the theme!

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Thank you guys for playing! Let me know what you guys think of it! I'd really love to hear what you have to say. This was kind of an experimental project for me. DEV NOTE: Start with the generator which is directly to the east (right) of the spawn point.

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If you wanted to link to dropbox or something, I'd be willing to play and rate your fixed version. It seems to crash for everyone, including me. Link it here so everyone can play.

We're live, and crankin'--just barely, considering I'm running off of caffeine entirely.


You play as The Seed in this sci-fi puzzle-ish game. Use your fairy, plasma dust, or whatever that stuff is, and rejuvenate the life sustainment equipment. Use precise reaction time and a good ear to accomplish tasks. Once you're finished, the L.S.E will provide you with the atmosphere to grow in prepared soil and begin life again.


Defold is pretty powerful, but it's not D&D.

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Hey there,

I'm Hello.Coder, and I recently developed a game in 72hrs for Ludum Dare 41. It's called OPERATOR. You can find the LD page here, but that's just the bare bones of what I actually wanted to accomplish in the first place. I've begun work on the Extended Version, which I plan to put a lot more into before calling it "complete".

LOG: 3-5-2031 - FINAL COMMUNICATIONS - Brooks Point Colony

The project is in development, but the "demo", with bundles for Mac and Windows, can be found here. Let me know if there are any errors, as I've been unable to test the Mac bundle. Windows users shouldn't have any trouble, but you can never know with computers. Magic happens sometimes. Anyway, here, have some early gameplay photos:

I'm also on Instagram (hello.coder) and Twitter (HelloCoder_) if you want to see what I've got coming down the chimney in the future.

Let me know what you think :).

Good! When you have another update, let us know.

Got a notification that we should submit concepts and prototypes soon. How soon would that be? Basically I'm wondering if I have another few days to finish a workable/more dense concept.

1. What's your name? Where you from?

Grant. Illinois, USA.

2. What's your reason to be here?

To follow a dream of mine.

3. Your favorite games.

R6 Siege, Factorio, Frozen Synapse, Battlefield 4, Soccer Physics, etc.

4. Favorite engines and tools

Defold, however it is difficult to use as I have little prior programming experience. No tools yet.

5. What do you want to make in this jam's game the most?)

Interesting and we'll-made mechanics.

6. Something cool and motivational for others :)

I have no schooling in programming, and everything I've learned is from tips and explanations from more experienced people, yet I am here. I believe I can make something different because I have the motivation to follow my dream. Don't give up.

Is shading allowed?