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Oh yep I am an idiot xD The bullets do go the full distance, sorry about that :)

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Pretty fun game really like the concept. I found that sometimes it looks like it hits the ghost but doesn't kill it? Overall nice submission 

After having a bit of a look I think it may be because of the type of update function I used. I’ll read properly about it later and make sure my next game doesn’t have the issue. Thanks again.

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I didn’t notice that but I’ll have a look into it for future, thanks.

Great Idea! I really like how the " beast" collides with the other objects and the actual concept of the game is pretty addictive, only downfall was that the art was quite simple.

Pretty nice game, I think sounds would have made a huge difference even just a simple beat in the background but generally a good submission!

For a guy who's not really big on this type of game, I have to say good job! I usually avoid text based games because I find they can generally be quite boring but I found this one interesting :)

Graphics are great, nice concept, overall great only thing that could have made it better to me would have been some music and maybe a bit of a transition between the church and space xD

Really cool game, I like the explosions they look great!  but I did find the controls quite difficult especially trying to turn quickly to shoot.

Nice concept, I really enjoyed my play through of the game and I love the leader board!

Good job on the Pixel affects, although its only a small feature I found they were really good  at indicating how close they were to breaking and added a lot more depth to the game!

Thanks, glad you liked it and yeh the House was the end.

Nice concept, could do with a bit  more gameplay but nice entry. 

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Really nice game, it is impressive how  much you managed to get done in just two days! i especially liked the animation when you hit a ghost with a torch it is very satisfying, overall great job! One thing I would add if you are planning on continuing the game would be  maybe a bit more guidance on where you should go?

Nice Ascetics , found it could have done with a bit of music but overall  pretty good!

Hah glad you liked it !

Yep my friend Jeff created the music during the jam, if I am honest i was pretty impressed in how fast and how well he made them. Sorry about the city part, didn't upload the layers properly :(

Damn good job! Really interesting and the mechanics are perfect!


Thanks for the feedback, glad you liked it!  

Great game, Simple but the mechanics work seamlessly. 

aha thanks yeh I might have made to a bit too difficult xD

Really cool game, I got stuck on I think was level 5 and spent way too long trying to get passed it.

Wow great Idea, short game but really well made. 

Really cool art, but I found the controls quite difficult.

NIce goodjob, I like how used your voice for the sound effect xD

Thanks, Yeh it is a lot more difficult then I expected.

Thank you!

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 Got stuck here. But had quite a bit of fun before this, Goodjob! 

Edit: Really fun game but I keep finding myself getting stuck on doors.

Great game, especially for the limited time! 

Yeh sorry about that, ran out of time due to hw and quickly rushed out that last spikes slide xD  Thanks for playing.

Sorry ran out of time to finish the actual game, because of hw and there is no way past that point xD, 

Interesting concept, but I found the controls quite awkward.


Thanks for the advice and glad you liked my humour xD . I did implement the ability to skip the WAD part using ESC however I forgot to mention it and its also an issue for anyone in full screen mode as it would have closed full screen.

Thanks for the help with the music, really appreciate it!

Thanks for the advice, I will make sure to do that next time :)

Thanks for the advice, will do next time!