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Thanks!! :D That's a huge compliment, considering people actually pay money for that. :P I'll happily accept the similarity even though I've never played it.

Absolutely what i'm planning on. I want to make it a choice though, like, equipping a shield gives you parrying skill, equipping a second weapon gives some sort of dash, etc. 

thank you for playing, and thank you very much for your input! :D

I'd love to see this with a bit of art and animation in between button presses just to fluff out the content a bit, but i like the concept!

Thanks! I definitely agree that the density gets pretty ridiculous, i'm definitely going to be doing more experimentation and polish after the ratings are through!! As for the going faster being suicide, i intended it to be more of a "short burst" style use, where you try to maximize your points in open areas not by going slowly, but by rushing through, and i'll be doing more in my design to incentivize rushing around. ;) Definitely will be giving it some love after all of the rating is over, and thank you very much for playing and giving input! :)

Yeah i was still in a pretty big debate with myself over what i wanted the camera positioning to be like, will probably be experimenting with allowing the camera to "slide" forward and backward a bit as the player accelerates/slows

They were a rather last-second addition just for the sake of having something to counteract the rare moments where randomization made an impossible to pass scenario come up. You may lose points fast, but not nearly fast enough for it to not be worth it to survive.

Thank you very much for your input, and thank you for playing! :D

Thanks! Happy to hear you enjoyed it, and thank you for playing!

I really enjoyed this, played through successfully on my first try with a minute to spare, (without watching you develop it either so i know nothing of the struggles you guys went through beyond mentions now) 

i think it's just a quality puzzle game that doesn't necessarily spoon-feed the way to win, but i felt like everything was clearly communicated. the detail level of the art made me wish there was more to play just to see different ships/scenes, and i would've loved the ability to click-and-hold to move.

Glad you had fun! :D I honestly thought of the bombs in the last 40 minutes of working on it, because i realized sometimes there were moments where just deleting ONE black hole would allow me to keep going. Definitely planning on adding a bit more functionality, maybe experimenting with different types, maybe /actual/ bombs that clear larger areas, or maybe tracers that split on impact and target nearby black holes. But yeah upon thinking about it and playing the game again myself, does feel like they're more of "rockets" than "bombs" xD

Glad you like the music as well, i stretch myself too far, trying to do art, coding, and music, but it means the world to me when people compliment any of my work, so thank you!

Thank you! Glad the sounds were working, i'm wondering if its anything related to browsers. :o

Dead on about the direct translation, wired it up real simple for the purpose of it feeling more like a real arcade game. :) I'm glad you enjoyed it and found challenge where i hoped to create it!!

Thanks! I added in little sound effects for shooting, boosting and dying, but they're pretty quiet and i think my building for browser caused some hiccups.

Glad you think it's fun, and thank you for your feedback! I look forward to making changes after the jam ratings are finished.