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got 156,702 xD Cool little game, but agree with other critique about the lack of shadow when you're landing, that would really help, the depth perception is very difficult when you don't know how high up you are, other than that, it would have been nice to have a "Dive" button to do some quite manoeuvres, but that's just me.  No other real complains except you could do with cutting down what you have in your project (581mb compressed for that game is a little excessive) also please make sure you don't have the SteamVR stuff enabled if your game isn't VR, us VR owners get the annoyance of SteamVR launching when we start your game else :P
Nice job dude!

I dare you to play again and hit E :)

I got you fam


on a separate note I agree with all the critiques. I have an optimized build stripped of all the fat ready to go that drops the file size by 70% but can't post it before voting is over. The shadow im actually researching. I was forced to switch to dynamic lighting project wide and for some reason shadows are not rendering correctly. It's really odd