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This has been great fun, simple but effective game idea with a ton of polishing. I couldn't get as high of a score as others but it's very tempting to train on my movement and get better score. I can imagine many ways this game could be expanded more, such as having powerups to slow down the virus, a special kind of cell that any other cell can transfer to/from, etc. My only nitpicking comment is that the look of the boundaries is not up there with the rest of the game. Otherwise, a very solid entry with lots of potential! Well done Daniel!

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I love that you want to keep playing! I need to create more incentive for players to do this, and power ups would be a great addition. I have other things in mind too that will come with time.

Very fair critique on the wall graphics too, it was a quick hack to have something delete a node as it moves off screen and reconnect a new one on the other side (to save resources and create an infinite space)

Thanks so much for playing and rating, some very inspiring words :)