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It's pretty sick that the map goes on forever and I'm a big fan of the drum 'n' bass kind of beat that happens, really builds the hype up.  It has this cool "run from certain death catching up" kind of mortal feeling.  Would be cool to have levels or if you've seen the anime show (Cells at Work) there are other variants of cells like NK cells, T cells, Eosinophil, Macrophage.. that could be boosters or maybe freeze the virus.


Thanks so much jerrtato! that's some great feedback! I am very much looking forward to adapting this game with more variation and incentives to play for longer. I was briefly looking up cell-types but didn't have time to implement much. This cells at work thing is not something I'm familiar with, but what a great source of research that I could do! Thanks for all of your suggestions and I'm glad you enjoyed it