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Thank you! Sadly I did not have time to finish this project.  Current gameplay is to catch the minions inside of the force field with LMB and trying to throw them into the saw blades by just moving the mouse outside of force field or pressing RMB. Don't let the minions cut all of the trees  :)

I thought I had too. I'm a noob, my bad. 

Sorry, I meant in the burned pile. :) 

I've been watching the development on twitter and finally I got to play a demo of it. The combination of deck-building and controlling your party members works well and really enjoy playing this game. It was a bit frustrating and punishing that when you have only one member alive and all of the cards on your turn aren't for your characters, so you end up without any cards. Also on the boss battle I ended up with all of my cards in the discard pile, but that was maybe due to my own poor choices. These kind of games usually need a lot of testing and balancing so it's great that you got a demo out. Early access would also work great! Good work!

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I completed this on my second try.I want more levels! The art and music is great. I really would see this as a game on steam if you add more content. 

Really great gameplay, sounds and music. Absolute drift was/is so addicting and so is this game!

Great job :) 

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Hello and thank you! You could take the player sprite and colorize it red, then duplicate the drone object and change the drone sprite to the red player sprite. Now you should have a shooting guy that you can add into the room or in the enemy spawner. Try it out and if you don't get it working, I will add it to the asset! Cheers!

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Hello, I'm sorry you had to wait. I have updated this asset with a rolling ( Right mouse button), it will also drain the stamina. Let me know if there is any bugs. Also the amount of code is getting larger so I did split the movement and rolling into different scripts. :)

Hello, I'm glad you got it working. I have a tutorial on youtube how to do a dashing/rolling with right mouse button.

I'll be adding rolling/dashing into my list for the next update. Thank you for showing interest.

Fun little game. I just think the controls could be more responsive , but it's okey if you planned it to have a slight delay on the controls? 

Fun little puzzle game. This would be great on mobile :) 

Thank you for your review! :)

Interesting idea, but the gameplay is pretty numb. The game is about timing, but you know when to react. It would be better that the tail would turn red randomly.  Also it would be good that the snake would change direction, because I bet people will be sick/dizzy while playing this for a longer time.  At least I started to get dizzy and had to stop playing, Sorry. With some minor changes it could be a fun game :)

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Very good for a first game. Controls are simple and gameplay is maybe too easy for an "endless runner".  In my opinion the game has more to offer on the atmosphere, sounds/music and graphics, which are really great for gamejam game. Some kind of evolving system and battling against the infection would be awesome. 

Thank you so much for your honest feedback. I'll update the game with better sounds, because now it just feels numb. I'll also change the speed of power ups, so they don't fall that fast. I'm glad you like the art work, because I've been struggling with that and for the jimjam I had to do some art, which actually ended up looking okey :)