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Cool idea, though it could definitely be expanded upon, maybe another goal to the game like something to collect or something. Maybe a collectible that would only be able to be picked up under a certain color. The goal was a bit broken though, as there wasnt a penalty, at least that i saw, for not changing color, great work on the soundtrack, loved the subtle ambientish dnb

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Thanks for the feedback CameronOtten! I'm sorry that some goals were not clear.

Changing colour increases your speed/decreases the virus speed.
Not changing colour means the virus will gradually speed up until it catches you.
If you continue changing colour and keep focused, you'll be able to avoid the virus for longer. 

I agree with the addition of pickups being good. Time constraints meant this wasn't possible. I'd also like to add a combo-count and some other abilities etc. if I decide to continue dev on this game.