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I believe this was your first game? Absolutely stunning effort! Only complaints, basically what Tim said on the stream about the blood cells looking like something to avoid (although I knew to avoid them because of the stream) and the feedback when you hit the wrong one doesn't feel like much of a penalty, maybe some kind of screenshake or moving the camera in such a way it feels like you've slowed down a lot would be better.  Only issue I came across is sometimes the sound didn't fire when I swapped between cells, but that's a minor issue.  Loved the atmosphere and the music and the game was really fun. Well done!

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Yes this is my first game. Thank you for your kind words and good feedback. These are all things that have been considered for future updates and the sound bug is due to be fixed in the next version. It only appeared in the last 30 minutes :)

Appreciate you playing and rating!!