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Fatal Exit

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Played and rated! Found it a cool concept!

Played and rated! I enjoyed your game!

Played and rated! Helped you reach 20 (and congrats on that accomplishment)!

Had to scrap my original review because I finally got the game going and it didn't disappoint.

First thing I want to say, I'm not sure if this is a problem with my PC (on two browsers), but when loading the game, it shows up as a blank grey screen for like a minute, no progress bar, no game engine logo etc. It looks like it's not loading at all and I nearly gave up reviewing it as (I thought) I couldn't get it to play.

As a tower defense game it's a neat concept, I really enjoy combined elements in TD games (like Gemcraft and Element TD). I'll always be someone who would give tower defence games a chance as they are one of my favorite genres. I also enjoyed the artsytle, and felt that the game as a whole was cohesive to a style.

Only other thing I wanted to say was I could see no mention of a wave counter, I nearly quit the game as I thought it might be endless (and I had built a formation of towers that nothing could pass). But then I randomly won!

Overall happy I played, and would be interested if you played around more with the concept!

Nice game! Artstyle was nice, music was good if a little repetitive. I really like the game-play mechanic, and while I felt the game was a little further away from completely on the theme than some of the others I have played, I think it's a really unique mechanic for a top down game, and would love to see more of this game!

Really enjoyed the game, I loved the unique art style and the audio was nice. The only difficulty I had was understanding the multi pickup mechanics (and I didn't manage to finish the 2nd level due to not working out how to get the box to pick up a donut at the same time as I was holding the box and other donut.), just seemed a little tricky in terms of puzzles.

Would love to see this continued though!

Thanks ! :)

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Certainly, the control scheme will be rethought should it be made into a larger project. Already have a bunch of very helpful feedback and suggestions (including yours! :) ) that have given me some ideas as to how I should approach it for a larger version.

Thanks a bunch! Glad you enjoyed the game!

Really enjoyed this little game. I thought the art style was quite appealing. I didn't personally mind the characters movement speed (as in reality, a fridge and robotic vacuum cleaner wouldn't be that fast).

I do kind of wish there was more obvious things to make progression opportunities stand out, like an outline that something is interactible, a glow effect to show that somewhere is the way to progress etc. I found myself wandering around the 2nd level going back and forth across the bridge, not really sure what I had to do once I got the keycard.

Was a nice gamejam entry and I was happy to play!

Thank you for the in depth feedback!

I definitely agree with lots of these points looking back on the game. I was thinking of rethinking the entire control scheme, making switching and activation keyboard based, (with a UI button for touch screens) and making the player able to precisely control where the magnet goes based on mouse clicks (or alternatively use keyboard controls as a secondary method.)

The magnets should definitely be faster (When I was making the jam build, I worried that would make precision worse, if I redo the controls I don't have that problem anymore.) and they should be able to pass over/underneath each other.

Glad you enjoyed the game from a visual and audio standpoint! And I'm really happy you felt that way about the game feel!

I'll take all your feedback into account when I am back working on the game again!

Thank you. I'm really happy you liked the game so much!

I really enjoyed your submission also!

Definitely planning on doing some more with this game in the future!

Also got that 1 more rating, so I made it to the 20! Thanks for your help with that too!

Thank you for this in depth feedback, I tried to make it juicy and put in a lot of time into the music and SFX, so it's good you found those as strong points.

Better keyboard controls will certainly come should this game continue in development. I'll probably continue to support the mouse controls, but certainly Q&E/F would be a good start. Definitely want to consider allowing the magnets to pass through each other should it continue, biggest reason I didn't do this currently was it's a little bit tricky to set up with the tile movement (which I used for the magnets) , and will certainly get worked on should it continue!

Thanks for playing and for all the feedback! :D

Yep, escape triggers the same effect happening as when the enemies (glitches) "interact" with the objective!

I'm glad you enjoyed the game and especially the music! Thanks for playing!

Thanks for the feedback, unfortunately didn't have time for a tutorial aside from the in game help screen! If the game continues in development, it will be redesigned in terms of the learning experience!

Thank you, I'm glad you found the music and graphical FX in the game interesting! Enjoyed your game too!

Thank you! My game was made to be completable in this jam build in regards to difficulty, so that on average people could play through it, I respect your opinion, and will say that if it does receive a post jam remake, that it will have much more of a range of difficulty (and probably will have stuff like the stop time ability tied to progression and limited in time). Glad you liked the music also!

I rated your game too! Thanks for the feedback!

Really enjoyed my experience with the game. The puzzles were top notch, I was surprised at how many levels you got done in limited time. Only criticism is that there was quite a bit of pointless walking back to the goal on a couple of the puzzles, a sprint button would have helped wonders there.

Audio was nice (music was a little repetitive though, but a nice style), graphics were nice and cohesive.

My biggest feedback I want to give about the game is that (specifically on the first level) the game doesn't present it's objective the best. I spent 10 minutes changing browsers on the first level trying to switch to the civilian, and  had almost decided I had encountered a game breaking bug until I saw your comment in the ratings that that was an NPC character and that I could just leave. After that issue, I proceeded to finish the game, as you can see from that screenshot!

All in all though, a brilliant effort of a gamejam entry and a puzzle game that I would happily return to should it continue being developed. Well done to all involved.

Nice little game! I think I definitely agree with previous reviews that a minimap or objective indicator arrow would be really helpful, I just found myself wandering around until I died.

My biggest criticism of the game design of this game would be the zoom of the camera combined with the speed of the enemies. To me it seemed to be a split second between a slime detecting me and dealing damage by colliding with me. I think the game would play better if either the camera was more zoomed out or enemies were slower (though they could be more dangerous in other ways.)

Other than that I enjoyed the simple but really juicy artstyle, and I thought the music and sfx were at least interesting.

Would be interested to see further development should you decide to continue working on the game!

Played yours and rated it! I really enjoyed the experience! Lemme know what you think of mine when you get a chance!

Awesome little game, loved the audio, and while it didn't have the most impressive graphics it had a coherent style. I would maybe make the character controllers a bit faster, as there is lots of slow walking around the levels to complete the objectives.

I made it to level 10 before I got a bit stuck, but really enjoyed the experience I had with the game as a whole.

I definitely look forward to seeing where you take this further.

Let me know if you get around to playing mine! Brought yours up to the 20 rating threshold with this rating I believe!

Played and rated your game, one of my overall favorites in the jam!

If you get a chance to give mine a go, lemme know! I'm struggling to get in the last minute ratings I need to get before the rating period ends. Here's my game if you are interested. It's a 2d physics puzzle game (and a browser build!)

Brilliant game jam entry. I loved the way the AI knights were really effective. Honestly they might be a bit too OP though, the last couple of fights before the boss, I ran in circles around my allies and let them kill all the skeletons.

And on the boss, lets just say I backed up and didn't aggro the boss at all, and ended up with the victory screen without either dealing any damage to or taking any from the dragon boss! Thanks to the AI knights being able to facetank any of the dragon's attacks with literally no effort.

Not to say I am criticizing your game though! I thought it was an amazing effort for a 7 day jam, and one of my favorites so far!

Thanks a bunch! Played yours too and rated!

Played and rated! Really enjoyed it! Any chance of some feedback for mine?

Thank you! I rated yours too!

Awesome little game. Very interesting concept, I liked the expanding player mass of entities, and I liked the risk-reward idea of taking time to make the ultimate player army making the game harder. Graphics were a bit minimalistic (in a non coherent way) but music was really nice.

Overall I thought it was a nice game to play several runs of. Found the enemies a bit difficult to deal with unfortunately (I seemed to be getting shot from off screen a lot of the time).

I could definitely see a bigger game being made out of this with overhauled graphics and UI, and rebalanced enemies/combat.

Awesome little game. Nice music, balanced level design, cohesive graphics style, and innovative mechanics. Fits the theme perfectly too!

Definitely would like to see you continue working on this.

Thanks for making this game, I had a lot of fun playing through it!

Any chance for a few more ratings on my browser game before the submission period ends?

Here's the game link (it's a web build, so no download required) :

My game is a short 2D Physics Puzzle where you control 2 magnets and try to use them to bring an objective to the exit portal.

Hadn't been able to access my computer over the last week up until today so had an impossible to avoid break from rating games. I had been hoping my game would have ticked up to the 20 ratings mark, but nope; last rating was like 1 week earlier, which was really depressing as I was getting really good helpful and positive feedback on my game previously. 

I was planning to continue development of the game, but if it can't even reach the engagement to meet minimum judgement requirement, I don't really know if anyone would really want to play it, and might decide to hold back on continuing the development.

Lemme know if you rate it and I will try and play yours (especially if it's a browser game).

Would love to reach the 20 ratings mark but I think I am too late to reach that now (haven't been able to access my PC for the last week until today):

My game is a 2d Physics Puzzle game where you control 2 magnets trying to guide an objective to a portal.

Thank you!

Nice little game. Enjoyed the graphic style and presentation, nice audio and the gameplay felt quite unique for a Shmup style game.

I kind of wish there was more strategy with the vertical positioning of the player in relation to the enemies(eg, right now if you go above enemies neither of you are able to hit each other). Also maybe the game-play could be a bit quicker, though I think adding more gameplay possibilities with that vertical axis could significantly speed up the game by default.

Really cool game idea! Nice graphical style, and unique gameplay. Kinda wish there was more of a given idea as to how to progress through each level, I found myself clicking objects with no real feedback as to what they were doing.

Really cool game! Nice unique graphic style and presentation. Found the audio way too quiet, controls could be a little janky at times, but I enjoyed my experience of playing through it!

Amazing game, probably my favorite I have played so far. Very impressive for a jam entry!

My biggest complaint would be that the character controller feels a little slow and imprecise at times, felt some of the more advanced moving platforms were a bit fiddly due to this, but I did really enjoy the game. Nice unique artstyle and the full audio (sfx and music) was pretty good.

Well done, I would love to see this developed further.

Really cool little game idea! Would love to see this go further!

Found the controls & physics a little janky, but it was certainly a game worth giving a go. I thought the music was decent, and the graphics style of the characters was quite unique.
Nice job!

Awesome little game, nice simple graphical style too! Would have liked to have had some music in the game.

Other than that I think the only issue was the classic Unity glitchy character collider physics interactions with the platforms (where for example you collide with an edge, and can drag yourself up it with physics), the easiest solution to fixing this is two part: Adjusting the physics materials of the player and the platforms, and also making sure that the players collider is independent of their animation, otherwise it can glitch by changing frames and ending up intersecting with things it wouldn't usually be able to.

Nice effort put into the game though, and I certainly enjoyed playing through it!

Awesome little game! I loved the music, and the artstyle is really unique!