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Fatal Exit

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Spent less than 72 hours on it solo, including the programming, art, music, animation etc.

Thank you for the reply too! I'd love to play it again sometime once ratings are done and that is fixed.

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Graphics were amazing, hook mechanic was super nice, platformer character controller felt a little weird weight/physics wise.

The thing I didn't like was accidentally jumping off the world and fumbling the hook on the section where there is no floor and being sent right back to the start of the game. I don't enjoy mechanics like that.

Thank you! Also really loved the idea of your game too!

Thank you, I really enjoyed your game too. 😉

Amazing game, you did a great job on this, brilliant art, clever mechanic, nice take on the theme. If I had one tiny criticism, I feel that the clickable hitbox (but not the collision with the player) on the pins would be better if it were slightly bigger to be more forgiving as the camera can be moving very fast at times and it can be very tough to click them. Didn't stop me from finishing the game though. Well done! 💛

Really cool, I love the simple shading, gives the game a little unique character. Wish there was some kind of music in the game, or even just ambient sounds to give horror vibes which might fit this game even better.

I think you did a very good job with the theme, the clones/layered runs with previous attempts mechanic that is used in games like Time Melters, Quantum League, Lemnis Gate (and now your game) is one of my favorite mechanics in games and I feel like it needs way more exploration. So well done there. 💛

Thank you! 💛

Great game. Won on my 2nd attempt. Upgrade system is really satisfying. This project could certainly go further than this jam! 💛

Lots of fun! Also nice to see the first game I have played made with Construct. I made it to the checkpoint/boss battle then accidentally spawned back at the start and lost the checkpoint so I didn't beat the game as that was too frustrating. But it was probably the most fun entry I have played so far, so well done! 💛

Got to the portal first try, was I meant to die going through it? 😁

Cool idea for a game, boss fight was super frustrating though because you have no vertical/angled aim of the projectile.

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I wish I could enjoy this more. On my larger monitor the speed at which the notes enter from the right and cross the screen makes me dizzy and nauseous. I am feeling dizzy writing this feedback now as a result. Game idea seems really cool though and I love rhythm games. Wish you could see more of the oncoming beatmap and thus the notes moved a bit slower because that would solve my issue (or a zoom level option).

Game looks beautiful, I love the lighting and the glow is so pretty. Sounds good too!

Is the pile of phoenixes right near the start a Dead Cells reference because it certainly reminded me of the start of that game?

I played a few runs at it, I found the mouse and keyboard controls too clunky sadly, I never really like using keys on the mid-right side of the keyboard for actions.

I feel like I could combat quite well but I would be dashing or failing to dash at the wrong time and the death water was what made me give up in the end (making mistakes with the dash made me collide with it too often). Would prefer if it was more like Ori and the like that it should respawn you at the start of the current room with some slight health damage, not restart your run, because that single mechanic made the game not fun for me, otherwise everything else felt great.

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Sadly the game is unplayable. It won't launch. It's always worth making a local version if using Unity because WebGL sometimes breaks everything.

You made a huge world in this game, well done. The gimmick is super cool. However I figured if you were entering a combat that you won't win it's always better to do your least damaging attacks possible so your next character has more health, which doesn't feel that fun a way to play (deliberately losing). I'd love to see this concept expanded further.

Also if you are planning on making a narrative game like this, I'd 100% recommend you to have someone read over the dialogue/narrative, even if just a friend or family member. Even the main menu had the typo: "being adventure", which makes zero sense (you were looking for the word "begin"), and there were at least 10 other occurrences in dialog or objectives that didn't make any sense to read. They weren't even simple misspellings or grammar mistakes that people would recognize but made the sentences complete nonsense.

I'm not trying to be critical of this, but if you are planning on releasing a game with narrative as a focus this is truly vital or people won't enjoy it.

But I really hope you expand upon this sorta idea, I think you made something truly innovative so well done! 💛

I could see this expanded on to be a really cool hypercasual mobile game idea! Lots of fun. Maybe a little clunky right now but it's a great foundation. Nice job! 💛

Thank you! 💛

I really enjoyed the jam and I will consider it. I found it much easier to build something scalable in this engine than I found during the last jam using Unity.

And issue is fixed, I updated my submission.

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For the judges:
Just to let you know submission form was broken when I submitted my game into it so I had to select both events (as both check-boxes were mandatory). This entry is for the Main Event with the Jam Theme of Insomnia.

Thank you 💛!

I just pushed an update with some major QOL improvements thanks to another playtester friend!

Thank you, so glad you liked the art!


Thank you! :)

Thanks a ton for playing, sorry it took me a bit to reply! :)

Thank you, so happy you gave it a try!

Yeah, I figured out how to do that in the last GDevelop weekend jam (regarding the leaderboard submissions), so it was quite simple to apply a similar logic here, only takes a few events depending on your game logic too!

Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed the graphics especially! :)

Thank you, I am glad you had fun!

Thank you!

Thank you for playing, sorry it took a little bit for me to reply! :)

Thanks a lot, sorry it took a bit for me to reply!

I don't even know what to say... :D

Awesome game, I did find the movement a bit tricky and my attempt to speedrun most levels was to spam the left mouse button and ping across the screen. :D

However you did have some really innovative game design ideas such as triggering the switch with the  pet while swinging underneath the door that the pet had now opened, and I love super unique ideas like this.

Graphics were really nice and the audio was good too.

Thank you for playing, I hope to give yours a go tomorrow! :)

Amazing cinematics, cool narrative driven by poetry, art style & music were nice.

I'd appreciate some way to skip the typewriter if the game was longer though, that's my only complaint because attempting to spam keys to speed though a cutscene seemed to bug the game to not accept inputs after.

I absolutely love the graphics, you did an amazing job of making the water look reflective even in a limited color palette pixel art style. Audio is nice too.

I do find the lane switch time a bit too unforgiving though, if those animations were twice as fast I would enjoy it even more I think.

Awesome game, graphics are nice, music fits, and it's quite fun. Did however run into a bug,

I got an awful score on my first try, second time I finished the game and got to the credits but the game never gave me a chance to replace my score, it skipped over the leaderboard entry, and as far as I can see my new score never made it onto the leaderboard. A bit sad about that but I had lots of fun playing it!

Amazing little game, tons of fun to play. You definitely have the right idea about scoping for game jams, this is short & sweet, super polished & re-playable (as it has a leader-board).  Graphics are nice and sound fits too.

I made it to 12th on the leader-board as of posting this.

Sorry about that.

If you look on the game's page right at the top there's a how to play explanation (only like 2 lines so it's not a lot to read).

Lemme know if you try it again after checking that out, I would love to see you on the leaderboards! :)

Thank you so much, hope you enjoyed your time with the game!