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Hi ! I enjoy your gift from the Secret Santa Jam !

This is a really polish and technically impressive ! Graphics, musics are very nice.

There is a lot of options to customize the game an the dialogs between Cyan and Emerald are funny !

But really that's remind me the games that i played in my childhood with an arcade style and ninja-robot !

Really thanks to made me this gift! 10/10

Great game, i love the design and the simple concept.

Nice puzzle game, i like the sausage animation, this is a gaood surprise !

An outrun in 64x64, very nice ! Music is crazy ! Good job.

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Good graphics, ambiance and the background story is interesting, maybe you can display [E] on the door like [F] on the interactive element.

Controls are a bit confused, and the sound when you fire is not very good, at the beginning i pressed space and i think that have no consequence,because sound not appropriate and no animation feedback. otherwise graphics is very nice, and music is perfect for the theme of the game.

Cool action game, is a shame than the music dont fit to the action. I like the use of the grapple and the mobility of the character.But the game is difficult, dodge the ennemy triple shoot is difficult with that resolution.

A nice game infiltration/sokoban and the difficulty is progressive that's good ! Maybe you can add a level selector at the start.

Interesting concept, mixed crafting/survival game. Graphics are very nice, it can be difficult to identify kind of items but it works well.

Nice point and click, it works perfectly with that resolution. It reminded me lucas art's hits.

That's good idea, i like this concept. I wanna to see more level, with different gameplay features.

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I'll put in place the topic soon i think (i had just maked a test), and i look the game restart problem and patch it too soon. You are a great tester ;) i appreciate.

MEGACARNAGE community · Created a new topic Bug report

If you encounter somme error or difficulty to play, you can talk about it here.

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Strange, in this case prefer try the windows version if you are on windows 7, i'll think i will create a topic for bug report in this case.

After some test on chrome, just click on the iframe(game screen) to take the focus and after you can use keyboard or controller, else try to refresh the page. On WIN8 with chrome that's work.

Hi, it seems that there are problems with google chrome but that's work fine on firefox, in the meantime you can try the windows version. I'm going to look at the problem for chrome, thanks you for your comment.

Your game remind me hotline miami immediatly, it works well but its hard ! Probably because character are too big on the screen and camera not see far, and ennemy fire shoot is quick. In hotline miami you can press shift for example to push the camera and see in looking direction. Correct this point and the experience will be better i think ! There is also small collisions problems (like throw weapon on wall and when you turn character near a wall for example) but its was just details. Good job !

I tried the win version because the HTML5 version didn't load correctly, i have liked drive in a city from restaurant to restaurant (like in "crazy taxi" but for food in this case), and voice acting is great and music is entertaine. Game is hard time is tight. Only problem when you drive at high speed it was the physics is very strange and imprevisible. It was a fun experience, good job !

Really cool, game is simple but challenging and the mood is perfect !!!

This is an interesting variation around the asteroid game theme. The slow motion mode is cool, liitle difficult to handle the ship with the inertie at the beginning but with practice it works well. Voxel graphics are a good choice for retro arcade style, good job on this entry !

You make a good remake of Elevator action a classic arcade game ! But you have add a scrolling, it change the game a little. There are a few animation problems (too quick), and with the shoot crouch fire. Good job !

This is an interesting variation around the asteroid game theme. The slow motion mode is cool, liitle difficult to handle the ship with the inertie at the beginning but with practice it works well. Voxel graphics are a good choice for retro arcade style, good job on this entry !

Nice game, i like the music and the narrative between the levels, that's good idea.

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Your game don't work on the page.

Nice little game ! Collisions when the cat give a punch are little too small i think.

Thanks you for your comment!

Thanks you !

Hé bien le défi est réussi alors ! Il y a 3 fins possibles !

Thanks you ! Yes i agree there are a few collisions problems but not one which block the player. It can be update soon.

Thanks for playing and enjoy it ! We have asset which don't have used because of the dead line of the jam, maybe we can continue.

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Very good rogue Lite, i like the mood and the feed back !With more content you could make a full game i think !

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Hello, i follow you on twitch and i seen the making of your game.
I tryed your game but there is some trouble and dysfonctionnement like that (see the picture), could you update your version before the deadline ?

I think the generation is a bit long on my PC, maybe could you display the "press a keyt to start", after the end of it, because on my first launch, the game display no ship no control very strange.

You maked a lot of work on this game, please kill this bugs !!!

Thanks ! We are happy to have succeeded in transcribing this atmosphere !

Thanks ! At the beginning of the jam when we decided to make a wario ware like with ponies in space......i was thinking, ok i need to draw hilarious ponies, it was a crazy challenge !

Thanks you !

Thanks for you feedback, we worked hard for make the maximum of mini game, @shynif imagined a lot of mini game with storyline, and i tryed to make the better sounds and graphics in accord with that !

This game remind me lot of the time passed on the Wing Commander series ! Goob job !

Thanks you for your comment ! This is a compilation of mini game like wario ware ! It's fun and delirious ;)

It's  a cool roguelike, i like the cute art ! Simple but very addictive!