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Really like it, i’ve made a gameplay of the version 0.3 !

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It’s very good that you continue this project, this one have potentiel and really appreciated to play the first version. Continue this good work ! Some remark:

  • The model can be in random places (3 or 4) to make each gamepart different.
  • It maybe more immersive if you introduce stationned cars, and other character (walking or not).
  • The new voice need to be rework, honestly i’m not fan i prefer the first.
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If you take a good time that’s the principal, the first levels are easy, and after there is more fire, and more the time pass harder is. Focus on fire first. I’m glad you’ve tried all the level !

Good job !

Good horror game ! I think will be here together now ^^ jack !

That remind me “out there” but in 64 pixels,i love the ambiant and sound design.Good job !

Thanks, Like you see i’m inspired by advance wars for the character, and made an alternative in 64 px ;); i appreciated you see the reference !

Hey that’s good job ! I like the character graphics and animation, like the grass, and monsters but i think the trees is in a different style and not good for this game. The battle system is simple and satisfiyng like a zelda-like ! unfortunally this is pretty unfinished, and the dialogs system not fit the 64px resolution it’s shame. I will appreciated if you continue to dev that game !

The game is short, but that’s a simple but good FPS, there was places to be hide and cover ennemy shoots. That’s a technical demo and it”s good i’m just not sure about the resolution about the gamejam, because of the indication on the bottom on the screen by example. Otherwise i took a good time with this !

Very impressive, that’s remind me diablo (for the goblin) and arena (for the view and the goblin XD). Unfortunally, after few battles i have my mouse cursor on the left side of the screen (on the HTML5 version) and i can’t rotate the view correctly, and one the goblin i was killed, stayed stand after his death animation.

Very good tactical game in only 64 pixel. I like the variety of action, the interface is very intuitive and easy to understand. The sound design is pleasant, but lacks of music.

My only complain is about the big black monster(on the start), to kill him i have only one combinaison of dice (3,5) to deal it damage and it’s very random. Maybe if we can move than one block in function of dice power (movement=dice number/2 for example) that can be more interesting to evade him.

Thanks for your comment ! Yes in the latest levels the land is really accidented and it can be difficult to get the people. I will look to fix that.

Thanks for your comment, i tried to made this game simple and fun !

Thanks ! Choplifter was clearly one of my inspiration for this, i’m glad you like that !

You can do it, every step forward is a learning.

Amazing idea, that need more work than 48 hours gamejam. Made full game.

Very interesting.

One of the best idea of the gamejam. The interface is simple and intuitive, and it’s so fun to attack in a tower defense. Really a masterpiece.

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Advice, in a gamejam in general, make the begin of the game easier/easy, else lot of people just abandonned quit the game. Because lot of people have just 2 ou 3 min to play the game, there is a lot of !!!!

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For the resolution change the windows size are not the solution, it depends of your game engine renderer in unity your can change the render resolution easily, for nes the resolution is 256x224, so your sprite and graphics need to respect this maxsize (and sprite may be normally 8x8 pixels but you can cheat it’s not real nes game). And there is colopalette too… honestly with the graphics of your game, that remind me more computer game of this era, but than can work with low resolution. On old system generally transparency is not working, the graphics use dithering to made it or sprite flashing.

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Remember to keep the same resolution for all graphics element, the life indicator is different for the rest of the game. Music/sound is good and make the job. Difficulty….not very difficult but too much ennemy, ennemy spawning alert !!!!! You need to repair things, i kill the ennemy in the are, try to repair, ennemy spawning on me !!! battle, try to repair.. ennemy spawning….well you need to equilibrate that.

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I search the controls and i read you don’t have time to implement it in the developpement… it’s a shame for a game. I think than be the first thing you need to code. The graphics are good and colorfull but not really for this era (resolution too high i think).

Good execution for this zelda-like ! it lacks of sound for grappling, the hitbox of the rocks in boss area is strange, like the helix movement too, maybe it’s because of “unity” to try to made 2d i don’t know, but else it works fine.

Amazing tactical game, music is very good, graphics is clear and perfect for snes. Lot of content in this game. One of the best entry ! (maybe the best i think, need to test more).

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Good plateformer, original and challenging and perfectly in this 90’ area (computer i think). It lacks of HUD, with limited time, or limited live , indication of level, scoring etc… (sound design is very good)

The game is very well made, it respect the game boy limitation. The graphics is perfectly visible, at the beginning it’s frustrating because the time is short, but after some upgrade that’s better. You’ve put secrets to find it’s interesting too. Very good entry !

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It’s puzzle game on computer/console, it works very well, there is no music but that help for concentration (no music in this case is better than repetitive music).

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I like the aesthetics, i’ve really this impression of being lost in the “backrooms/poolrooms”, like Speedbump5 say i’ve the same difficulty to understand to restore adrenaline, but after reading his comment it’s more clear. I’m not a big fan of the ghost “screamer”, it’s funny one time but after few session it’s bad and not really terrific. In horror i think “screamer” is bad, delete the sprite of the ghost, keep the vision alterate when he is near, and it’s better, because people are afraid that he don’t see and don’t understand.

Gravity belt, geant cookie, this is a really good platformer with lot of item. The background and door with key remind me super mario world in cave. Very good job !

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Cool puzzle game, with alternative 2 player mode, no sound no music ? it’s shame.

Simple but good memory game, it fit perfectly the theme too. There is a bug when we continue and try a neW race.

I see, like i say, i like the atmosphere of the game, that can be cool if you took time to finish it !

I’m not sure about the interpretation of the theme, but this is a cool platformer, relaxing and fun.

Very well made. This is fun, creative and relaxing !

The idea is interesting, but guy it’s really hard !!!!!

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The game is interesting, this is easy to cheat and find very good combinaison of trap, but that’s cool. But the game is Sssssllloooowwwwww, a button to accelerate the speed of the game is indispensable i think, because you just waiting the result of the “round”, and it’s boring.

Stunning graphics for a 48 hours game ! But gameplay is really limited and imprecise.

Playing the two side of a tower defense game can be interesting, but that’s need more gameplay, reflexion and objective too.

I like the graphics and the creepy ambiant. But the ‘game’ is really unfinished.

Very good idea with the theme and amazing graphics/effects in only 48 hours nice.