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You've done it again! Another great game. :)

Thank-you! :D

Beautiful entry! Could you please link in your LD page so I can rate it there? I found it through itch and not LD and I'm having trouble finding your ratings page. ^^;

Thanks! It was definitely inspired by the Tycoon series.

I recall that bug. I know it is possible to run out of options, in which case the game would default to "post a selfie" as all the options. I thought we had patched it so the game would end before that happened though. Hmm. We'll have to return to this soon and look into it.

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Lots to like here for an early demo.

The good: I really like the "feel" of the game. The character movement, and combat feels nice, especially when played with a controller. I enjoy the Spelunky-style level generation, and the mixture of enemies and items present. The music is chill and soothing, almost Stardew Valley-esque at times. The UI is looking fantastic, your button / screen designs are smooth.

Possible improvements: The first thing I noticed is I couldn't get Skill 1 to work, but perhaps my controller's LB button is broken and this is the first time I've noticed (ha). I enjoy the item enhancements, but noticed that sometimes they overwrite a previous improvement (at one point I lost my double jump when I acquired another item, which was a bummer). Is there a way to regenerate health? I'm not sure if it is a necessity in the game, but if it is does exist, I didn't figure out how to do it. I also found that when I reached the bottom of each floor the UI began to get in the way - it would be great if the camera panned a little lower so as to not obscure the character / enemies. Lastly, a simple 'pause' menu to exit the game from would be nice.

All in all, great work so far. I look forward to seeing future developments.

The objective is to correctly fulfill orders by placing incoming inventory inside the delivery zones on the right side of the map. Each delivery zone has a set of 4 counters, representing a crate, potions, fish tank, dragon cage (in that order), by successfully placing the required crates within that zone, you clear those crates from the map, score 10 points for each, and add 8 seconds to your timer. Sorry if it seems confusing! The game was made for Ludum Dare 42 under the theme of "Running out of space". The overall point of the game is to score as many points as you can before the crates overwhelm you and you run out of time.

Love the mechanics in this game. Had a fun time playing it. You did a great job with your puzzle design as well!

Beautifully executed. I loved the use of health as story telling element. You've crafted an excellent atmosphere that kept me on edge, and left me wanting to know more.

You've done it again, gone off and made another excellent game for Ludum Dare. Had a lot of fun playing this. Gameplay was fun and I loved the music. I'll be sure to rate it on LD when I finish work. ;)

I will definitely let you know if we creating anything more like this! Thanks for playing.

Thanks so much for the positive feedback! I'm away on vacation right now, so we're not working on anything at the moment - but we may be able to push in some more levels in the future!

Thanks for featuring it! Love your reactions: "At least I know I'm the best walker this side of the Georgia Straight", hahaha. I look forward to checking out more of your videos in the future!

Wow! Thanks for playing. You remind me of an old friend... Are you a moss inspector in your spare time?

I love this! Very adorable story. You did an excellent job executing this - it is much closer to how I originally planned the "activities" in my game to pan out.  Great work.

Thank-you! We've been working on improving it in our spare time, we'll push up a new and improved version after the jam! :)

Second that. This was an amazing experience. It's pretty incredible that you were able to organize an event that led to an influx of fresh art being added to the world!

Kudos to you, thank-you for all the inspiration you have offered us.

What a wonderful submission! All around beautiful. I really appreciated the Art, Music, and SFX. I also liked how the game play didn't hold your hand, and allowed for exploration / self discovery to some extent of how to progress. The lighting effect was also really well done, however, I found it led me to moving around somewhat stilted, as I would often wait for the light to recharge if it got too dim.

Definitely a good point. We ended up finding it amusing as we worked on it that the de-stressing process itself was basically stressful for the player. After the Jam we'll try to get back to it and modify each task to have a varied, more relaxing mini-game. Thanks for checking it out!

This is great! Your art was spot on. I especially loved the "energy" sprite. It was also fun to play, and I enjoyed how the difficulty really ramps on you. Enjoyed reading your write up on it after I played it, as I definitely ended up crashing into asteroids for energy near the end, haha. Also liked the sound effects, and the little theme that plays right when you open the game, nice touch!

Thanks! Originally the plan was to have a different mini game for each task. The mini game that made it in was originally meant to be practicing and instrument, which would have made more sense, hehe. As I'm sure you also experienced however, as the jam counted down, we had to start making drastic adjustments.

Hehe, thanks! It is also all too relatable to my friend (other designer) and I. Thanks for checking it out. :)

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I had accidentally used if(keyboard_check_pressed(ord(1)) { } instead of if(keyboard_check_pressed(ord("1")) { } and that was causing a whole mess of problems for me strangely. Could be a similar problem, also could not. Good luck!

Edit: ord(1) works perfectly fine in the windows .exe, only caused problems in HTML

Edit2: Also, it turns out when exporting to HTML5, if you've used any draw_text(), the font needs to be included in the project, and set using draw_set_font(). Which is not the case in Windows.

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Heads up, strangely I noticed that my HTML5 initially didn't export right because of the way I used keyboard_check_pressed(), might be worth looking into? Seems bizarre, but that is the line of code I traced it to.

Edit: Specifically the way I used ord(), not vk_...

Super cute to involve your family! Nice way to inspire young minds. :) I'll check back in the future sometime to see how it has come along.

Honestly not sure. That could be the problem. I *should* be able to look into it tonight.

Dang! This game feels good to play. Love the visuals, and the music is astounding.

Wow! That was beautiful. You've crafted quite a dystopian world. I enjoy how you ended it as well (in the most vague way I can say that without spoilers!)

Wow! This is fabulous. Your attention to detail in every aspect is A+. Loved it from start to finish.

Simple, but I really dig how clean it is. It just "feels" nice to play. Love the outline left by your character if you don't make it to the end.

Hehe, we all know the feeling of running out of time! Cute idea. Would love to see how it would play out with buildings having varying effects. :)

I really enjoy this game! I completely disagree with the previous comments that it is too difficult. Games are meant to be difficult! Took me a couple tries to get used to it, but I managed 19 customers on my third attempt (using a mouse too)! Great job, was really nicely polished. One of my favorites.

If only I had read the crouch tip before playing through it! Some of those jumps were ruthless, haha. Really liked the visuals + careful ammo management. "Devil's House" is REALLY GOOD.

Enjoyed the ever darkening room. Those fast monsters are ruthless! They chased me everywhere, hehe. I'm not sure if it was a bug, but I did the dungeon order in 2/3/1, and when I finished the last (first) the chest said I had only completed one. Protagonist is really cute too.

Super enjoyable! The first phase I thought I it was super easy, little did I know there was more to come. ;)

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I have the HTML 5 plugin for GMS2, I TRIED to deploy my game that way, however, when I did the UI was all messed up? I will need to look into what went wrong more in the future, but due to the tight deadline of the Jam, I had to just deploy windows and call it a day.

Edit: I'm assuming there is a simple reason everything went wrong, and I'm just not familiar with how it deploys to HTML5, but I was bummed that it wasn't as easy as just swapping it over to HTML5 and calling it a day.

Really cute concept! It plays quite well. Had a couple times where I kept getting robbed at bad times, hehe. With more polishing in the future, could be fun to have the pet "mutate", much like a Tamagotchi grows up, with a slight boost in difficulty for each mutation. All in all, well done! It really does have the feel of a 90's pet simulator. :)

I liked how you worked the water in to represent how much movement you had left. Felt a lot cleaner than having a number counting down in the corner of the screen. Was surprisingly difficult too! Took me a few try's to beat each level. :)