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HTML in Jams

A topic by SpiRiTs created Mar 27, 2018 Views: 498 Replies: 11
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I started doing game jam a month by now.  The Heart Beast Jam is my third one, and for my previous jam entries and this one, I have notice that the ones playable in the browser gets more rating since its the easiest and fastest way for others to play your game. Been that said, I just submitted an HTML version, hoping to get more feedback since I love reading all your comments. Will be submitting future game jams in the browser as well, and recommend you to do the same if you expect more feedback. Now, I will keep playing all your games :) 


totally agree with you, plus most of the games are for Windows, I really would like to play them all, but I cannot because I don't have the OS for it. :( So I really suggest the HTML version, or at least, a good video presenting the gameplay. 
I really appreciated the Duck game, for example, I could not play it, but there was a video with all the complete experience. And I had fun :D


With GMS2, if you have the HTML plugin, is it easy to deploy it on HTML platform? Are there some specific things to do for the game to be playable on browser?

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I have the HTML 5 plugin for GMS2, I TRIED to deploy my game that way, however, when I did the UI was all messed up? I will need to look into what went wrong more in the future, but due to the tight deadline of the Jam, I had to just deploy windows and call it a day.

Edit: I'm assuming there is a simple reason everything went wrong, and I'm just not familiar with how it deploys to HTML5, but I was bummed that it wasn't as easy as just swapping it over to HTML5 and calling it a day.


You can mostly just swap to HTML and call it a day. If it's coded right, I guess your UI code wasn't resolution independent? 


Honestly not sure. That could be the problem. I *should* be able to look into it tonight.


Thanks for the tip! I used Godot which has an HTML5 export option that works pretty well. Godot even has export for Windows, Linux and MacOS, but HTML makes sense since you don't have to download anything :P


After I realized this, I tried to build my game out to HTML5 in GMS2, but it would not run properly.  Not sure what is was, but something was incompatible with it.  I tried testing other projects with HTML 5 and it worked fine, so it must have been some code that didn't compute properly. 

Definitely going to be submitting in HTML5 in the future though. 

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Heads up, strangely I noticed that my HTML5 initially didn't export right because of the way I used keyboard_check_pressed(), might be worth looking into? Seems bizarre, but that is the line of code I traced it to.

Edit: Specifically the way I used ord(), not vk_...


Thanks for the info.

What about the way you used ord()?  What was the work around?  

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I had accidentally used if(keyboard_check_pressed(ord(1)) { } instead of if(keyboard_check_pressed(ord("1")) { } and that was causing a whole mess of problems for me strangely. Could be a similar problem, also could not. Good luck!

Edit: ord(1) works perfectly fine in the windows .exe, only caused problems in HTML

Edit2: Also, it turns out when exporting to HTML5, if you've used any draw_text(), the font needs to be included in the project, and set using draw_set_font(). Which is not the case in Windows.


Just wanted to say that you are 100% correct. Games in HTML5 are easier to play and unless you have some nifty marketing techniques users normally skip downloads :P

I would have totally put my game into HTML5 if the GameMaker Studio price of that module wasn't $111.75 (on sale)... oh well, one day :)