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You can mostly just swap to HTML and call it a day. If it's coded right, I guess your UI code wasn't resolution independent? 

Thanks! I love it too, but because of it I didnt managed to finish it.. but still worth it haha


I make mine living as an embedded developer and I'm playing around game development for some time but i never had the motivation to finish some game from start to finish. I decided to stop trying to do it myself and instead try to join some team/people.

I don't expect to get pay for it I'm looking for some small fun project (Unity,GameMaker,Godot,.. whatever).  I'm not experienced game programmer, so I would prefer to join project with some other programmer or something small.

If you would like to contact me on discord: kamtar#9945

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Hey! I'm looking for some teammate. I'm a embedded programmer in mine "work life". But I can do some basic usable graphic too so I'm basically looking for anyone who wants to join whatever your skills are in programming or art. 

Mine plan is to use game maker but its not a firm decision. (discord kamtar#9945)