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The level maps look amazing. It was a little challenging, but fun to play! Great job

Thank you for playing the game and feedback. Lasers and spikes actually hurt enemies, but they are not activated by enemies. Yeah, sorry about the coins, it was for an upgrade menu that wasn't possible to implemented during time of Jam.

Thank you for feedback

Cool short game! getting apples and selling them. I think everything was well made, but the jiggling trying to get close to tree (the collision). Overall, awesome job! congrats on your entry.

Very nice platformer game, it was really fun to play! The spike collision box or hit box  felt unfair for player, making always hitbox that damage player smaller makes the gameplay more enjoyable. Overall, amazing job - Congrats on your entry!

The game is pretty well done, it becomes repetitive at one point, but still is super cool. Very good job for your first time game jam entry. Congrats!

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Super Nice arcade game! Reminds me of "Towerfall Ascension" The gameplay - difficulty felt perfect. It would have been great if every 'x' monsters eliminated you enter new map. I noticed that when you used for the first time the bomb arrow you lose one normal arrow. Overall, amazing job it was super fun!

Haha the disclaimer, it run pretty well for me no bugs and the concept was nice. I little more fast pace gameplay would have been great. Overall, it was a nice fun game to play. Congrats on your entry!

Cool nice little platformer game. The movement felt very good as well as the air friction, however I felt it was a little hard with 2x speed (maybe it was too much). It has collectables and you return back to the beginning ("There and Back") even though the portal was just to finish game. Overall, I think it is an enjoyable and a little hard platformer game. Congrats on your entry!

Really fun arcade game! (reminds me of Super Smash Tv). And the music fit the game so well! Great job. Congrats on your entry!

I was playing the web build and noticed weird yellow lines, glad I decided to download game and play pc build. It was very cool and fun game to play, way too hard though. The enemy had a long range view and they turned pretty quick, but other than that it was very well made. Congrats on your entry.

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What an amazing story telling / bullet hell game! It was enjoyable from beginning to end. Awesome job!

Very fun platformer game, love the idea of rewind it was very well executed. The jump was hard to make at all times because it was missing a Coyote jump (which allows player to jump during a small extra amount of time after player starts falling). Overall, great game! congrats on your entry.

Thank you for the Feedback! Agree, didn't had time to implement the upgrade menu, therefore coins could only be collected for fun.

Really nice short game! Adding the secret rooms was pretty cool also. I think though in order for the player to know if he collected all orbs the UI may say like x / 25 orbs. There are few stuff from game that can be improve, and most of them were mentioned, but there was one that my eyes kept looking at and was that whenever you jumped the sprite will reset facing left. Overall, great job! is a really fun platformer game to play. Congrats on your entry

Very cute game! There were 2 thing that concern me and they were the falling acceleration and the camera following speed, they felt a bit off, but beside that it was a cute platformer and enjoyable. Congrats on your entry!

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Thank you for playing and feedback! 

It was for an upgrade system and health restore with owner, but the time for the implementation was not possible (Big scope). Sorry, last day was spent entirely on boss and couldn't do the upgrade system.

Thank you for playing the game and for the feedback, I really appreciated.  Just tried to do what you mention about boomerang with top wall and the boomerang doesn't disappear, but it returns to you immediately after colliding with wall, however I don't like it so thank you very much for mentioning that issue. It only happens when you go closest to top wall and shoot to sides. I'll fix that for later versions. Thank you very much!

Super enjoyable game to play. Loved everything about the game, it was simple and very well done. Congrats on your entry!

Very cool game!, it reminds me of Super Smash TV from SNES. The game controls felt very good. The only thing I didn't like is the enemy spawn positions. I suggest putting something that indicates the player that an enemy will be spawn, maybe some sort of animation from enemies.

Overall great game, really fun to play.

Oh this game feels very polish, great job on making the game. Simple, but very cool gameplay. Congrats on your entry!

You should! This game has a feeling for a mobile puzzle game that can do very good in the market if you continue working and polish the game.

Great Game! really enjoyed playing it.

Your game was the one I played probably most haha, it was pretty fun.. Also I made a new project, because many asked for html version.. It is exactly the same as the jam version except in dialogue there is a new statement " Use J to swing attack, Use K to Throw boomerang" that's it. If you want to try it here link: I'll be removing this project by tomorrow.

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Ok, I'll make a new project - let you know and will remove project after.

EDIT: Link to html version here:
              Link to Vimjam submission here:

Done - loved the puzzle game

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Very Nice puzzle game! I can see this game made for mobile easily (adding more puzzles and making 3d models), hope you continue progress. I just didn't like 1 thing and that was that whenever I reached a tile had to press again a movement key instead of detecting if a key was been held down. 

Overall, It was a great game and very polished. Congrats on your entry!

Thank you for playing and for the feedback! Glad you liked it and enjoyed playing the game, makes me happy.

Done - Great game!

Great game, its fun to play. There were a few collision issues in which player just went trough solid platforms, but other than that it was very well done. First level took me 4:18 to beat :). Congrats on your entry!

Great game. Simple arcade style, but really fun to play! The item abilities and visuals were very much enjoyable. 

Overall, great game - Congrats on your entry

Done - Great game!, and that's ok, I forgot to put the html version because was in a hurry

What an amazing arcade space shooter game!. This was really fun to play, and the visual effects were pretty simple but look soo good on the game. Sometimes when I died and played new game, enemies wouldn't spawn or take like 1 min for the first one to spawn so I had to refresh browser each game, but ignoring that fact, the game was pretty impressive. Congrats on your entry!

Pretty cool top down shooting game. It was really fun to play. It would be cool if the bosses had different abilities or attacks. 

Overall, you guys did very good and love to play other jammers Godot game. Congrats on your entry!

Done, great game

Really cool game. The game concept was very good, and the acceleration of the space ship felt perfect! 

I think the UI can be polish a little more, rather than that everything  else felt really good! Congrats on your entry.

Done - Cool puzzle platformer.

Nice game! Really like playing puzzle platformer games. There were items that will cursed the player different ways, that was really cool and It was fun to play. 

As for feedback, when player died he shouldn't move and in one level I died and during the death animation I kept going to door and won level.  There was 1 item curse that followed player, that's pretty cool, but when it was not in the Attack state it moves adding player movement as it was a child of player and felt a bit weird. 

Overall I think you guys did amazing. Congrats on your entry!

I already played yours and loved it!, Great game

Played and rated! - Awesome Game, very emotional!

Wow, this is very emotional! Really cool game and the music fit so perfect!. Great Job!

You had already played my game hehe, but Thank you again! I played yours already