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Thank you! Really glad you enjoy the game

Thank you!

Thank you!, after testing the bubble gum shoot range, I decided to go quite short on it.. because the game was becoming to easy to beat, meanwhile the 2 skills Sticky Joe had are for range.

Simple game with greats mechanics! Very nice

Great Job! It felt smooth

Thanks! The game has a tutorial intro, but I deactivated it so that the development testing ran faster. Thanks for letting me know, I upload it with the tutorial this time >.<.

Thanks for your feedback. Really glad you liked the game mechanics and concept. Yes, I should have use some SFX letting the player know when he was about to die of hunger, i.e a Time is running out SFX, or changing the pitch of the music background, or even putting some text on players head saying "I'm hungry!". Again, thanks for the amazing feedback.

Wow, I really forgot of the digging SFX!! Really glad you like it :)

Thanks for playing the game!, well I really wanted to make with a player been an animal ( don't know why xD ), and after wondering around on the browser I saw a cute mole. So I did research on them, and what moles do the most is eat! They actually eat 70% of their bodies weight in a day. So their habitat must have many food available. And well, I planed to do something else on the menu seen, to explain all of this, but the time didn't allow it.  But, when you start the game, their is a small intro were the mole mentions, that humans are destroying their habitat by building stuff, so he has to go and find a new place with a lot of food, which gets harder every time.

Thanks! Yes, you dig through the background wall, but because of my bad art skills it might be difficult to visualize it.

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I started doing game jam a month by now.  The Heart Beast Jam is my third one, and for my previous jam entries and this one, I have notice that the ones playable in the browser gets more rating since its the easiest and fastest way for others to play your game. Been that said, I just submitted an HTML version, hoping to get more feedback since I love reading all your comments. Will be submitting future game jams in the browser as well, and recommend you to do the same if you expect more feedback. Now, I will keep playing all your games :) 

Thanks for your feedback :)

Thanks!, Hope you liked it.

It took me about 20 minutes to Win the Game.. Omg! so hard and frustrating. Awesome Game! Love it :)

Love The Music and the robot animation! I recommend you to set canvas to Scale with screen Size, because I could only see half the text.

Thanks!, Hope you enjoyed playing Night Time. Yes, the sound effects were made with bfxr, for me its the easiest way and fastest.

Thank you so much for playing my game! Hope you enjoy it. About the bug you mention, I haven't got that problem so far, so I don't know about that, the only way to exit the game is by pressing the escape button that will close the application. Thanks for letting me know though, Ill look to it.

Nice Art!! I Love pixel art! I wish I can do Tiles like those. Had fun playing your game Good Job! It would be nice if you had power-ups that will let you play in slow motion, or zoom out, since sometimes its difficult to know where I'm falling because I feel the camera its too close to the player.

Thank you a lot! I will get on it (players movement).

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As soon as the announcement of the theme "Time", I started thinking of many possible games for this jam. I had written about 10 ideas on my draft paper, but couldn't came up with one. Fortunately, my beautiful niece came to me and said the following, "Tío, I just had a nightmare with a ghost :'(" and I respond AWESOME! went straight to my draft paper and started writing.   

 - "Hmm, a ghost trying to wake up the boy as he sleeps."

 - "Maybe a Fairy who watches him over night while he sleeps."

- " Some power-ups will be nice. Fairy able to reverse 30 secs and slows down the time so the boy can sleep even more."

- Ended up with a 2D top view game, really happy with my entry.

I will love feedback, no matter what kind XD.. I'll happily read them all and enjoy it.

Beautiful Art! really nice game for your first Jam!.. (Background Music Awesome!!) Did you make the music?

Lovethe game! Good Job on your entry. I spend like 5 minutes trying to win the game, and then I realized that you can walk outside the clock XD. You should put a circle collider on the clock and if player exits collision(trigger) then make him lose. Good Job! :)

Beautiful Art!.. Good Job Guys! Just a little fix in parallax and really nice game!

Nice Job! Love the game, i played for a while, but I think sometimes the cards don't add the seconds it says.. onetime a use a card to add 2 seconds and it add 4, and once a use a card to add secs, and it didn't add them, I just lost the points. Overall great game! 5 Stars on Theme. Good Luck! Btw: you can check my entry "Night Time".

Great Job! Love top shooter games. Yours its really fun to play, still i feel its to far from the jam theme "Time", but overall amazing job! Good Luck! BTW: You can check my game "Night Time".

:'( Really wanted to try this Jam, love this type of games, but it is really really laggy in my computer. Good Luck! on your entry. You can check out my entry game: "Night Time" 

Nice Work! Its a fast paced game with nice controls. Liked your work, but even if you are new to game development try always challenging yourself even if you don't finish your project in time (i.e create a game based on the theme "Time"),  it will be an awesome experience, I promise. Cheers!

Good Job! You can add different levels and difficulty so it can have a little more of game play. Also you can then have two clocks where you have two people sleeping and stuff like that. Good Luck!