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Ah! Ok nice, I was able to get it working with that little hint :D

Again Thanks so much

Thanks for the hard work so far :)  I was just wondering if there was a plan on adding the combo box or if you had a roadmap of what were you thinking of adding next?

Pixel Composer community · Created a new topic Exporting

How does one export to an animated gif, or sprite sheet? Everything I tried returns no results

❤️  Very Amazing work

Awesome, thank you so much (love the app btw)

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Sure, here is everything zipped up:


PixelOver community » Report · Created a new topic 3d Model Material
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Am I missing something when I export from blender? It doesn't use the material that I made in blender? 

Does this work with Blender 2.8?

Juice FX community · Created a new topic Feature Request

Is it possible to have a quick reset and also a quick randomize on each of the effects (I know right click we can set values).

Something like this

Juice FX community · Created a new topic Looping

In your previous tool you could press a button and it would try to figure out the number of frames it took to loop that animation, will this be coming in this tool as well?

The program will crash after loading an existing effect, and then choosing to create a new effect.


  • File > Load
    • Choose any example that comes with the software
  • Play the effect
  • File > New
    • Say Yes to create a new effect

Crash Image:

First off, amazing program :)

I discovered a flaw where you crash the program. I have outlined the steps below to do so:

  1. Click on the Render tab
  2. Right click on one of the following
    1. Frames
    2. Pre-Frames
    3. Post-Frames
    4. Render FPS
  3. Click Cancel
  4. Program will close


Thanks for checking, I only did a visual check and didn't have time to actually check everyone for source code. I looked at the Going to Grandmas and the source is in the downloads. As for Idiots on the Line you are correct, the repository is pretty bare, there are two files in there but nothing else really. So I have updated both with comments and for now changed the one to a N

Just got into work, updated the listing :)

I am no official ruler here, but I marked you as a Y and just added a note for no media files. Normally people just ZIP up the entire project directory and omit the builds themselves.

I did mark that game as having source code. I basically did a visual check on the page to see if a github/bitbucket/gitlab was listed, or if it was in the downloads. But tl;dr; Your game has a Y in the spread sheet :P

you're welcome. Just trying to help out and also hoping people follow the full rules of a competition :P

Over my lunch hour I was putting together a spreadsheet that could help. If I get more time today I should be able to finish it. I have been just visually checking for source code and downloading a file zip files when I wasn't sure.

I didn't participate but I am voting on games and the one thing I look for is source code. It's right in the rules that it needs to be there. I Hope that who ever win's their code was released at the time of the gamejam

I do not currently have the mobile export, but was wondering if this would work on mobile as well.

Just wanted to say that you are 100% correct. Games in HTML5 are easier to play and unless you have some nifty marketing techniques users normally skip downloads :P

I would have totally put my game into HTML5 if the GameMaker Studio price of that module wasn't $111.75 (on sale)... oh well, one day :)

This weekend was perfect, the kids didn't bug me too much and I was able to put some time (and effort) into finishing the game :) The best part about any jam is the time limit because you need to push forward and you are constrained to learning quickly :D

tl;dr; Much fun, would do again :)

hehe, yeah I left out the Y checks for the fishes.. had to move forward :D
Thanks, for playing!

not mysql :P ah my day time job is showing too much :D