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After I realized this, I tried to build my game out to HTML5 in GMS2, but it would not run properly.  Not sure what is was, but something was incompatible with it.  I tried testing other projects with HTML 5 and it worked fine, so it must have been some code that didn't compute properly. 

Definitely going to be submitting in HTML5 in the future though. 

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Heads up, strangely I noticed that my HTML5 initially didn't export right because of the way I used keyboard_check_pressed(), might be worth looking into? Seems bizarre, but that is the line of code I traced it to.

Edit: Specifically the way I used ord(), not vk_...

Thanks for the info.

What about the way you used ord()?  What was the work around?  

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I had accidentally used if(keyboard_check_pressed(ord(1)) { } instead of if(keyboard_check_pressed(ord("1")) { } and that was causing a whole mess of problems for me strangely. Could be a similar problem, also could not. Good luck!

Edit: ord(1) works perfectly fine in the windows .exe, only caused problems in HTML

Edit2: Also, it turns out when exporting to HTML5, if you've used any draw_text(), the font needs to be included in the project, and set using draw_set_font(). Which is not the case in Windows.