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HeartBeast-Jam 72hours. Dig Dig, run away and eat all the food before its too late.
Submitted by SpiRiTs — 7 seconds before the deadline
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I had fun playing this, very interesting game concept. I especially liked the fact that you managed to give the player so many tough choices through level design, even if the mole's ability seems overpowered at first glance (teleportation?? :D). I think that adding more audiovisual feedbacks about the time interval during which the mole can't dig again after a dig action would help the player learn their timing. Great job!


I thought this was super fun. The core gameplay is actually a really fun sort of puzzle-platformer without any jumping. One of the more unique gameplay concepts I've seen in this jam.

The level progression was also very smooth. You taught concepts and tricks through the levels naturally, and built up to some pretty tricky levels that felt satisfying to overcome. 

It took me a while to realize that I was dying from hunger (I thought it was a bug at first), so maybe some sound effects would have been nice there.

Great stuff here :)


Thanks for your feedback. Really glad you liked the game mechanics and concept. Yes, I should have use some SFX letting the player know when he was about to die of hunger, i.e a Time is running out SFX, or changing the pitch of the music background, or even putting some text on players head saying "I'm hungry!". Again, thanks for the amazing feedback.


Aside from the digger having a large pixel size and maybe a missing digging SFX, both the visuals and audio were really slick! I really like the number of levels made, progression felt great.


Wow, I really forgot of the digging SFX!! Really glad you like it :)


I liked it, good visuals, fun gameplay, sound works well with it. The Story accomplished its goal. I'm not quite sure how it fits scarcity, but it was good!


Thanks for playing the game!, well I really wanted to make with a player been an animal ( don't know why xD ), and after wondering around on the browser I saw a cute mole. So I did research on them, and what moles do the most is eat! They actually eat 70% of their bodies weight in a day. So their habitat must have many food available. And well, I planed to do something else on the menu seen, to explain all of this, but the time didn't allow it.  But, when you start the game, their is a small intro were the mole mentions, that humans are destroying their habitat by building stuff, so he has to go and find a new place with a lot of food, which gets harder every time.


Cool game! I was a bit confused in the beginning because I thought I would dig horizontally on the screen


Thanks! Yes, you dig through the background wall, but because of my bad art skills it might be difficult to visualize it.