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Thanks for checking it out :)

Love how much it reflects the actual game. I really enjoy that aspect of this particularly theme, when people basically remake real games but let you control the typical npc / enemies / objects. Besides some tweaking that you're already aware of, this was really well executed. Great work!

Pretty fun, my favorite part of the whole thing was the dialogue while you were playing. It really helped to have that story / friend over the radio situation, and I think the game would have been much weaker without it. At the "final stretch" level, I thought I got to the end but I think I fell down to some kind of infinite hole, and the game basically soft locked, which was a bummer cause I wanted to see how it wrapped up. Good work here.

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So well done. Agreed that something about this feels ridiculously smooth, possibly the most satisfying movement I've experience in this jam so far. The bobbing around while moving is nice, and the subtle shadow and classic Zelda 1 art reminds me of that Breath of the Wild Zelda 1 tech demo Nintendo made. The music is excellent and very appropriate for the experience. I think I played 8 rounds before I decided to stop. I like how simple the controls are, that the rooms are randomized, and I think with some sort of "goal" state, this could be a great little mobile game. Excellent work.

The only thing I was wishing there was while I was playing was perhaps some sort of "proximity sensor" that would prevent arrows from appearing too close to Zelda. I often got taken out by an arrow that appeared pretty much right next to me.

As others have mentioned, some indication of what lane you're controlling would be a nice addition. Perhaps even being able to "click" a lane to switch the ducks direction. 

I really like that you took an actual game and flipped the roles, this has been one of my favorite thematic examples of that so far!

I have decided to believe this is how TikTok actually works.

This is a great starting point for a game. With some more cards and characters, I can see this being a really fun little mobile game. 

A really fun base for a game. As others have mentioned, the lack of a goal does do a great disservice, but I think it is easily solvable by simple introducing a time limit, smaller levels, and gradually increased complexity and possible interactions from level to level. The windows breaking is a great example of things to introduce, and the first thing that came to mind as a logical next step is pedestrians walking on the sidewalk. Launching garbage at them and knocking them down like bowling pins I think would be very in line with what you've already made here. The models and colors are really pleasing. Great work!

A really neat idea, I enjoyed the skewed perspective to show both levels, and how that actually became important once the "blocking" blocks were introduced. A few pieces of constructive criticism:

1. The player controller does not detect a jump if you've landed very recently. This caused quite a few missed inputs which always feels really bad.

2. Maybe make the black "instakill" blocks red instead? It took me a few tries to realize that was what was killing me, since they were the same color as the player I didn't suspect them. 

3. Not sure if it was a bug or not, but on one of the levels, the main character fell through a hole in the floor during its run. Meaning the level couldn't be completed (which is where I stopped playing).

But overall, this is a really fun idea and little game, and I had a great time with it. Good job :D

Reading the description, I thought this would be really uncomfortable to play and just be inherently annoying, but actually playing it turned out to be really fun. It becomes exponentially difficult and eventually really chaotic, but thats kinda what makes it fun! Bonus points for really nice sound effect when you type.

Thanks for the feedback and the encouragement! My whole goal was to make it really satisfying simple to touch objects so glad to hear you felt that way. 
Sorry about the difficulty, I wish I had time to really test and tweak the level design but due to time constraints, everything there was basically slapped together with no edits. Thanks again :D

Thanks for your nice review! One of my common problems with jams is making balanced levels since there is such little time to test difficulty. I do worry that the last level especially may be too challenging for people to want to finish.

Thanks! Im glad you enjoyed it :D

Really fun game! I like the mechanic of the squid "hijacking" the fish by approaching from the top. Once you understand the rules, its really simple to play but really tough to win. The art and presentation are really stellar as well. Great work!

Great idea and premise, taking a style of game and putting you in the shoes of the often overlooked cameraman. The idea alone made me smile.

As others have mentioned the controls were a little clunky. I couldn't really tell what the JKL buttons were actually doing, and it was hard to tell what the game wanted for zoom level. That said I actually did have fun trying to just keep Hony in the center of the lens, and I thought the camera shake added to the experience. It both made it a bit more challenging, and it kinda made me feel like I was on my own skateboard trying to keep the camera steady with all the shakes that come with being on a skateboard. 

One thing I really enjoyed was the skateboarding action itself. It was impressive how much he moved around and how many tricks and objects he was interacting with, so I appreciate the attention to detail there. It made me wonder if the route / tricks are hard coded, or if there is some randomization and AI on Hony's side.  

Also, I appreciated the Flash-style artwork. Brought back some Newgrounds memories :D

The presentation here is super high quality. The text effects, UI, subtle texture glow, character artwork, and especially the narration, are all really polished on a level you don't often see in a jam.

I thought the writing was creative and funny. I played 2 rounds, and I like that there seemed to be a unique answer for all monsters with all questions, which is actually a lot of writing (though I suppose the zombie one was easy to write for)! 

As for the gameplay, I'm not sure I was ever super confident which one was the good hearted one. It seemed like there were obviously good and obviously bad choices, but it never seemed like there was a way to be 100% confident. Though perhaps that's the point?

I had a lot of fun with this one. Great work!

A neat and fun idea that seem slightly hampered by the controls. I think for as fast paced as the music is, and the chaotic and ridiculous nature of what's happening on screen, the dolphin turns way too slowly. And it seems like while you're surfing, there isn't much control over what direction you're rotating it. It almost felt like the dolphin was top heavy, and was making the surfboard spin downwards.

Those are my only two hang ups in an otherwise fun premise. Its fun to knock over surfers, and once you got some speed going on the surfboard it was really enjoyable. Nice work!

thanks, I tried to make it really intuitive and obvious what the goal was so glad to hear it actually was. 

Due to time, I had to decide between adding music and making fire propagate / water put out fires, but I feel like I had to go with music. 

that decision was made in the final hour before submissions closed, and I think it turned out pretty well. Glad you to hear you liked it

I like to keep you on your toes


thanks! Seems like you fully understand it :)

even I am surprised how cozy everything turned out lol

aw, that makes me so happy :D

Thank you Mr Miyamoto


I am blown away. This is so creative I almost can't handle it lol. Not only is it amazing that you actually pull data from itch for this very jam, but the puzzle itself is really fun and unique. And you top it off with a great Mark interpretation. One of the most memorable games I've played in any jam ever. Top Marks. 

A really neat idea! The idea kinda reminds me of the drummers and flutists who would march into war with the soldiers to pump them up. 

In it's currently implantation, I see no reason why I can't simply have all of the music options active at the same time, which sort of defeats the gameplay portion of it. But I like that you listed all the ideas you had if there were more time to implement them - that's the whole beauty of game jams in my opinion. I think you have a really neat and unique idea here with a lot of potential for growth. Great work :)

Really excellent work. Was super satisfying to see a constant stream of upgrades and ships coming in.

That said I could only do easy mode! No idea how to do even medium difficulty.

Interactables having an all-black background is such a good idea. Beautiful work :)

Delayed till 2024

Phenomenal level of polish and very creative implementation of the theme. Randomization as a mechanic is so easy to be frustrating, but being able to loop through the attacks rapidly - and the fact that they were all both useful and fun (bonus for great sfx for each) makes it very satisfying to see them all in use. 

The gameplay loop ramps up nicely towards that "enemy melting" phase that become more and more fun to play, and the way the upgrades work made me want to keep seeing all of the different dice I could get, and also how large the bullets could become. Bonus points also towards making you choose "dice" or "stat" before you can see which dice are available. 

As others have pointed out, the one "balance" issue is you quickly realize you can rapidly spam attacks and basically never lose (though I see in one of your comments, you've already addressed a fix for this). But for 48 hours, this is absolutely a solid foundation for a real game worth paying for. If this is not in the top 100 I will be very surprised. Excellent job!

There is a good foundation here, but there are a lot of little technical things that reduce the "feel goodedness" of the gameplay. Some other comments have pointed them out already (such as no health indicators for enemies), but another big one is the camera placement when the character jumps. It is both so zoomed in, and so close to the bottom of the character, that it's impossible to see where you are about to land (and if there are any enemies or portals there).  Great job!

Impressive 3d FPS give the time constraints. Nice enemy and reloading animations, and it was pretty fun and satisfying to shoot my way through the level. The idea of having "suits" depending on how the dice line up in the gun is really creative, and I think can be built upon to be something really cool. I wished the level were longer so I could have more time to experience exactly how the suits work, and that's always a good sign in a game jam game!

Great work!

Great art, lighting, sound effects, and music. The gameplay itself left a little bit to be desired, as it mostly was an RNG at its core, with the only real gameplay element deciding if it should be life or dice paid to the monsters. Nevertheless, there was something kinda satisfying about it, and I did keep trying until I won (about 4 play throughs). The last little cutscene could have been more interesting, but it was neat from a developer perspective to see that the hallways was super long (I assumed it was being looped over and over).

A cute little experience. The cover screen is definitely enticing among the other games on the submissions page, so the marketing portion of this game does its job. Nice work :)

Please forgive me Dani Davito

Pretty fun, but I wasn't able to figure out what was happening most of the time. I was mainly curious  to figure out if it mattered how much you "charged" up your attack, but I couldn't figure out if it actually did or not. It was also unclear which enemies were effected by certain things - for example, when enemies duplicated, some would and some wouldn't. 

I think there is a cool game idea here. I like that 1 die was an "attack" and 1 was an "intensity". That idea is really cool, and I think with a bit more clarity, there is a really fun game idea tucked away. Great work!

Agreed that the laser shooting sound effect could have been quieter or different, as it overwhelms a lot of the other audio going on. Otherwise, a very decent top town shooter, with some nice enemy movement and shooting patterns. That boss has a lot of health! I was surprised to see that it had multiple attack patterns. Pretty tough as well - I gave it two tries and wasn't able to beat the boss. Good job!

I have it about 8 rounds, but each round was so short that I never figured out how to do anything!

I think this would have benefitted from some sort of tutorial, or even some instructions on how the cooking actually works. And definitely some longer time limits per round (is it possible to do some of these in 2 seconds?)

Beautiful and simple. Pretty tough - the one shot kill is pretty brutal to deal with. I like how it's all balanced out by having a time limit between each roll, so you can't be too safe when trying to take out all the enemies. Well done :)