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Very well done, this is a very unique game with a lot of potential. Besides the gameplay itself, I really appreciated how forgiving and intelligent the "death" situation was, where you would be teleported back to the most recent safe space. I can definitely see this being a full game! Great art and music as well!

Nice simple gameplay, and the art and color options were really nice. My one comment is I originally thought I had to guide the sheep only to the front of the Sheep's home, where the door was. Maybe it would be nice to have it more obvious that you can guide them anywhere within that square.

This was really fun! If this were fleshed out a bit, with more levels and a few more buttons/mechanics, I could see it being a full game!

My one super minor recommendation would be to have the w/a/s/d keys laid out in the "inverted T" pattern (like they are on the keyboard). It would be a little easier to see at a glance which directions you had enabled. Other than that, I think you've got a really nice prototype here.

I liked the "Im out of brain cells" message at the end. I think we all feel that towards the end of a game jam lol

Definitely brings me back. With a few more window variations this could be a really fun proper game. Good job!

Really clever idea. Thing's get out of control pretty quickly. Unfortunately, I just couldn't figure out the 4th(?) level. When you go down 1 square to get the key, I could never figure out how to go upwards again since there was always a fire there.

Nevertheless, the mechanics are straightforward enough that I could immediately see the potential of a game like this. Well done!

I'm glad you found it challenging, hopefully you were able to finish it!

Thanks Jupiter! I always love watching your game jam playthroughs. Honored that you got a change to play mine :D

I'm glad you loved it! I like how much everyone enjoyed the LAMP sfx, it was meant to be a placeholder but I'm glad I kept it in!

Definitely nailed the Out of Control feeling, with all the screaming, running around, fires, grenades, etc

It was fun but pretty touch. I appreciated how clear the tutorial made everything.


Thanks! Yeah, definitely wish I had time to add checkpoints. And I really like that both of our games involve a moth that gets attracted to light :D

This was really great. It was pretty tough towards the end, and after a few tries I had to quit at the moon level :(

I thought the health system was really clever and super appropriate for a bullet hell game. And having the enemy boss patters visible via their health bar was not only helpful, but made the battle more tense as you waiting to just barely get to the next block.

What was really great about this game was the presentation: really cute pixel art, funny story w/ dialogue, unique characters and locations, world map, good music. 

But the best thing of all was that it was a Moth game! ≧(。◕‿◕。)≦

Really cool menu and presentation, the graphics were really nice. I also enjoyed the way the keys popped off.

That said, the gameplay itself was a little bland. After a little bit, it was just like I was hitting random keys. I think it could have benefited from some kind of other element, like having to spell words or something. And maybe include a penalty for hitting a key that wasn't turning red. Otherwise, you could just go crazy on the keyboard, and successfully restore a key without seeing which ones needed it.

An interesting idea, but there were a few problems that, when combined, made this pretty unplayable. 

One of the bigger issues was the player would sometimes get stuck on a tile when moving, so it seemed like there was an invisible wall. This is a shot in the dark, but my guess is you used a "Tilemap Collider 2d" component for the tiles. If you did,  adding a "Composite Collider 2D" to that same tilemap, and checking "Used by Composite" on the Tilemap Collider would solve this issue (I could be wrong here!)

The second issue was there was no indication that the reload times were random, so it just seemed like the gun wouldn't work sometimes. Sometimes I couldn't shoot for so long, I couldn't get rid of the 4th enemy, and I would jump into him since the jump was so high. 

Fixing the collisions, tweaking the jump / movement speed, and adding an indication for the reload time would really help this game. You have a good foundation here though, keep it up!

Despite some of the other issues here (which others have already pointed out), this is such a well done game, and probably my favorite that I've seen so far. I had fun the whole way through, and I particularly enjoy how there's a few different ways you could solve a specific room. The level of polish is also really nice, from how cohesive (and funny) the story is, to the little dialogue you'd get from all the characters. 

I would definitely play a full version of this game. Really great job!

I thought this was a really fun idea! I got pretty far on 2 playthroughs , but they both ended due to getting stuck on a rock / my own path. But I had a lot of fun up until those points. Deciding if I should shuffle my deck so I can try and work my way towards a coin, all while the water was rising, was a really nice tense feeling. 

I think with a few fixes and additional collectables, this could be a really good proper game. There's a definitely a strong foundation here. And the music is really great too, there was a slight hint of Sonic 3 Lava Reef vibes. Well done!

Hard to believe a cookie loving chap such as Nelson would avoid a cookie jar, even if it had become monstrous.

The game is pretty fun, the art is great, and the switching mechanic is really nice. Though, there really needs to be some sort of indication as to which platforms are going to disappear when the state switches. I died a few times because of that, and ended up quitting on the 4th level due to it as well.

Made it to the end with 16 deaths. I had a fun time the whole way through. I like that the death counter went up, instead of having a traditional lives/game over set up. I thought it was a great length for what it was. I particularly enjoyed how you introduced to players the knowledge that they could jump in mid air, simply by introducing a level that implied it could happen. I really appreciate when design is conveyed with no words, just gameplay :)

Also last note... that button sound effect is delicious!

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed :D

Totally wish I could have added more levels D:

Sounds like you found a good speedrun strategy! And I'm glad you were able to figure out you can relight your candle, I considered adding a prompt or something - like "relight on another candle" - but I was really hoping people would instinctually try and relight it on their own.  So I'm glad to hear you lived up to my hopes!

Pretty fun, I feel like it could have used more spinning levels, I think that was the best part! I also really admire that this was made in p5js, JS is <3 :)

Yeah, checkpoints were definitely on my list of things I wanted to add but didn't have time. Glad you loved the Lamp SFX, it was actually me and was the first take!

Pretty fun, I really liked the sound effect for the aliens, and I feel like the difficulty ramps up at a good rate. I just barely made it at the end which felt really nice!

I wish there were some way to save a cat once it had been snatched. I kept trying to grab it out of the aliens hands but it never worked D:

Both the presentation and the concept were incredible. I understand 2 days is too short to have some sort of "intelligent" detection for your inputs, but if this concept was given more time and care, I can see this being a brilliant little game.

The atmosphere is really tense in a great way. The combination of the implied mystery and the background sounds like the doors opening and closing really made me feel uneasy, even though I was playing during the day. The high-quality voice acting really made this feel polished, and the subtitles were a thoughtful accessibility feature.

This is one of the first games I've played in this jam where I thought with proper development time could be something really cool. Well done.

The very first thing I did was work on and polish the moth movement, so I'm glad to hear it was believable!



I really appreciate the kind words! :D

Glad you liked it! If you ever get too annoyed, you could think of this as a moth-killing simulator :)

Flicking the cards is super satisfying, and even the animation of them flying away is fun to look at. I also really liked that you had to flick the "Go" card in the beginning, to teach you how to do it. I'm a big fan of in-game teaching like that!

I can definitely see this being a really chill touch-screen game, where you can flick the cards with your fingers. Great job!

Crisp art, nice controls, good gameplay loop, smooth scene transitions, appropriate audio. This is a really tight package, and feels relatively complete as a little mini game. Reminds me of something that could be featured on Newgrounds back in the day.

My only comment is, it's a cool idea that 2 characters spawn for every 1 you kill, but I wish that were more obvious within the game itself. Currently it just feels like you get overwhelmed for no reason. I'm not sure how you'd accomplish that though. 

Really well done!

I like your approach to the theme. I think your work towards the UI payed off, as I found it really visually satisfying, and your thumbnail is what drew me to click on your game. 

I really enjoyed the absurdest humor of it, and I had a fun time playing through because each prompt tended to be ridiculous enough to give me a chuckle. 

Some notes:

- I got stuck in a loop at the end of the game, on the Government tab, where it would go back and forth between asking me "Do you want to do something?" and the donkey portraits question. Im not sure if that's a bug or if that's what you left it on.

- It took me a while to realize the buttons on the top were tabs. I think maybe even highlighting the one you are currently on would indicate this.

- I played on Mac / web browser, and I got a lot of those unicode rectangle characters ( ▯ ), so some of the text I wasn't able to read.

Overall pretty nice!

Thanks! That's what I was going for.

It's the circle of life.

Thanks! I tried to make it pretty intuitive, so I'm glad you found it that way. If I had more time I would have more gently ramped up to the 3rd level, but that's a game jam for ya.

Thanks! Yeah, the "graphics" don't exactly speak well for it

This game really needs some kind of instruction, even if just on the game page itself. I tried to do everything I think I could, but nothing ever happened. If there are some things you can do, I'd recommend adding some details to the game page!

I'm amazed I beat that. Was pretty tough to control the ship past some of the gravity pulls. I was actually pretty relieved when I saw the other ships! The right mouse button never did anything for me, though.

I agree that I wish the fire spread quicker. I think that wold increase the satisfaction of watching your plan unfold by like 10. I had a good time with this, but I couldn't figure out out to get the ice cube to work :/