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This is a really neat idea, I like how your two attackers are kinda floating along with you and not rigid. The idea of being able to pull resources towards you is also pretty cool, and being able to switch directions for the firing really adds an extra layer of thinking and strategy, though Im not sure i love Ctrl being the button for it (might be cause Im on a mac)

The one thing that I wish it had was some way to tell when you were running out of bullets - It took me a while to realize there was ammo of some kinda (and im still not sure if its ammo or a cooldown).

Also, I must say our games are really very similar in concept - moving around a circle and firing projectiles. I even have a typo in my controls as well lol. Makes me feel a sense of camaraderie between our game dev brains :D

I unfortunately think I encountered a bug: when I clicked on a pig, a list appeared, but what looked like the text for that list was way off the box. I couldn't read most of it and i couldn't interact with it or make it go away :(

Unreal. Everything here is phenomenally well done, from the presentation, to the gameplay (both the game and the meta-game), to the level design, to the theme implementation. One of my favorites of this jam by far.

I'd love to see this as a VR game, where you have to open the panel to fiddle with the wiring while also playing the game. Excellent work.

A simple and cute idea that lends itself well to a variety of levels. 

I really appreciate that there's a skip button, because even when I was stumped on a level, I wanted to see what other designs you had created with this format. Great job!

A cute premise, but the gameplay is too simple to stay engaging. One more mechanic to spice it up could take this to the next level :)

Newgrounds vibes 

You can cheese it by going to one hand, moving cursor out of the game window, and re-entering the window on the other side where the next hand it.

A nice narrative, and some great art direction with the 3d models. That's a lot of modeling and animation for a game jam! Definitely has a Disney vibe, so you achieved your goal there

Some of the best animation / art i've seen for a 3d game in any jam, so huge props there.

I enjoyed the simplicity of it, but I didn't understand how to control the "doggo". It seemed like he just kinda floated around randomly, which caused him to die several times on the spike, even though I was trying to get him to avoid them.

Great character design, I hope you use them in another game at some point :)

Huge props for adding a sensitivity slider. 

This is an awesome mechanic that has so much potential. Its all the fun of Zelda's hookshot but with an added "reverse" hookshot. I would have loved to see a more platformer / adventure style map, rather than just a wave shooter arena, because a feel like this mechanic is all about movement, and I wished I could have utilized it to navigate around a large map. Even still, launching myself up in the air and taking out enemies as I was falling was a lot of fun.

I really enjoyed the simplistic controls (reminded my of Portal in that way), and the intuitive blue / red markers to let you know if you're in range.

Great work.

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A really funny idea with some great humor. You sold me when I got a notification that plants can now legally get married in Nevada :D

One of more more original interpretations of the theme I've seen. Well done!

I like the concept of all stats being merged into one. I think that concept has a lot of potential, especially if you try to think of how it could be implemented in genres outside of twin stick shooters. 

This was pretty fun for what it is. I really enjoy the music, and that even the tempo was tied into your overall stat. A great way to give immediate feedback into how you're doing. Its a shame that there is a controller requirement, as I feel the gameplay doesn't benefit too greatly from one. I also think that this will prevent some people from playing your game. But thankfully I do have one so I could check it out. 

What impresses me most is that you say this is HTML5 / Javascript. Did you use a framework, or is this all vanilla? I learned game dev via JS, so it has a special place in my heart :)

Nice work!

Thanks! Glad it caught you by surprise!

Thanks, didn't want to make it too easy! Who doesn't love gravity and space?? :D

Some of the best sound design I've heard from this game jam. The music and all sound effects were really top tier.

The art and gameplay were also great. Gotta admit that I failed at level 4 often enough that I had to give up, but I had a great time doing so. Really well done!

I really enjoyed this one. The mechanics were simple enough to understand that you didn't need to put any tutorial text to to figure out what things did. The twist in the middle where you could go backwards was a nice touch, but adjusting the music & having some strange dialog added an extra level of impact to it. What was even better was you realize that those "reverse" portals were in the original levels the whole time. I enjoyed it enough to play it through twice, which I usually don't do for game jam games :)

Great game, with a great name! A nice concept that was able to expand with new abilities smoothly to create some really nice "puzzles". The last one was really tricky, and I almost didn't figure it out, but I'm glad I did so I could see that funny ending video. I played in the browser and am happy to report that I didn't see any issues with videos loading. Great work!

Thanks! I try and think hard about what would make a game unique, so I'm glad you found it so :)

Thanks! The music was pretty rushed so I'm glad to hear you found it enjoyable. I was worried it would be annoying! I actually haven't played 2 player with another person yet either. The game will always be here if you ever find someone to duke it out with :) (:

I wasted a lot of dev time admiring the orbiting pellets myself!

Thanks for the really nice and thoughtful comment! This was my first time using a drawing tablet to make the art (vs pixel art using mouse + photoshop), which I gotta say was a lot more fun, and I'm glad it showed in the finished product. I spent a bit more time on "polish" than I normally would during a jam, so Im happy it paid off in the charm department. :D

Thanks! Glad you got to experience the alternate ending. The sad earth sprite might be my favorite graphic :D

I love the subtly ridiculous premise that this mean looking fox would be so scared of a big fluffy chick.

Nice and intuitive gameplay premise that allows for a nice variety of levels. The first few levels do a great job at making the player familiar with all the controls and mechanics they'll need for the rest of the game. Good work!

Glad you were able to get the hang of it! Yeah, I had some ideas about there being multiple orbits that you could hop between or something, to increase movement options. But 48 hours lol

damn ive been exposed

Such a cool concept! This game definitely had a lot of potential to grow into something much larger, and can definitely see this idea expanded into a full adventure / rpg kinda game. The writing is also really funny! (props for using the word aggrandized)

As other people have pointed out, I think some good quality of life improvements would be making the difference between taking and replacing a word more obvious, preventing the player from moving if there is more dialog (it took me a while to realize characters had more to say), and making the "clickable" area for a word a little bigger (maybe even make it drag / drop instead of click?). Other than that, this is a really solid foundation, especially for a first jam! Well done

I loved the faces so much. I've never seen a more smug looking banner, or an angrier looking hexagon.

I was a little easy to cheese - if you just get at an angle so you don't shoot the banner, you can rapid fire your way to guaranteed victory. But nice concept!

Thanks! I tried to make it really simple so I'm glad you enjoyed it. I think it's a bit more fun with multiplayer :) (:

Thanks! I've never done any gravity based stuff before so it was all new to me. I like it too :D

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed the multiplayer :) (:

Does anyone wanna switch seats?

Thanks! I was worried the title would be a little too ambiguous, so I'm glad you liked it :D

I like the concept a lot. I think this would make a great two player game. Its really difficult to control both at the same time!

The concept is really nice! I especially liked the really simple health / score ui, and that it was in the middle of the playing field. Good job :)

Really fun and immediately intuitive, with pleasant music as well. A very feel good game :)

One thing that jumped out is the blinking active piece was a tiny bit jarring, like it was sometimes hard to process what piece I had. Not sure if it was the speed of the blinking, or maybe my sleep deprivation

You totally nailed that really tiny image you'd usually get on the victory screen of those old games. I actually lol'd when I saw it.

Awesome birthday present!

this is art

Thanks! I've been doing some work on it today actually so I hope to get a full update out eventually.

is this final fantasy 16

This is a really excellent game! I wasn't able to finish due to the length, and how brutal the save system was, but it was good enough I have the desire to see the rest of the game - if only to read your hilarious item descriptions. There is great humor in here. 

As others have mentioned, it could have used some convenience features like a move forgiving save & jump system. The health bar mechanic took a bit to understand, but I think it's a really nice mechanic once you learn it. One possible suggestion I would have is to have health displayed as individual chunks per hit, instead of a bar. The bar made it unclear in the beginning how many hits you have left. 

Beyond that, I think the scope of the game and world design you have here is well suited for a proper game release. If you were to remove the restrictions of the Nokia theme, and make a few updates that have already been mentioned, this could be a really nice VVVVVV style puzzle-platformer game. Great work!

A nice little story. Surprisingly tense as you move deeper towards the woods and the deer say some creepy stuff. Even without sound, I lowered my volume as I was getting closer...

The ending was a little abrupt, and couldn't tell if the game froze or something after talking to the bear. I really enjoyed the art for all of the animals. Is there any significance to the "51" on the tv screen?