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My Cat, CharlieView game page

For the Heart Jam: a 30 second game
Submitted by onionable — 1 hour, 24 minutes before the deadline

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I love this! Very adorable story. You did an excellent job executing this - it is much closer to how I originally planned the "activities" in my game to pan out.  Great work.


Thank you for playing!


Hello there, this is really cute. The graphic is awesome, but the gameplay was a bit confusing.. And extremely hard. I would have expected more when I completely missed every letter falling down from the sky. Maybe a suddenly wake up or something like this. Overall I had fun playing  it :) Still for 72h, this is super. 


I think between my weird layout for the WASD keys, and then getting so used to playing it myself that I kept tweaking the speed the letters fell to make it more challenging really did unbalance it. Thank you for your feedback and playing my little game!


I agree with others that WASD was a bit confusing. Also, it is possible to hold the mouse down and simply hover over the falling paws to make them disappear. Maybe check for the initial click only? 

Other than that, this was a lot of fun and I see a lot of potential here. I really liked that each mini game used a different control scheme (keyboard then mouse). I can picture a longer game where you spend the whole day playing with your cat, using a bunch more minigames for a variety of activities. 

The art is very good, specifically the little screens on the top left during the games. The art / style is the real standout here (I liked the little hearts in the cat paws). 

This is a good prototype for a really cute, longer game. If you ever end up making one I would definitely play it :D


Oh gosh! And I'm using gamemaker studio, so I know exactly what is my brainfart with the mouse. Thank you for catching that c:

And thank you for your encouragement and playing my little game. The feedback is invaluable, and it inspires me to be more ambitious


Cute and powerful. Needs score or something IMO. Now I'm gonna cuddle my cat.


Thank you for playing and the feedback! I think some kind of player feedback for win/lose state is definitely needed

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

That was adorable!  A simple game with a great message.

As a user interface preference, I got really confused at the order of WASD.  Maybe if it was presented like

"  W


instead of "WASD" in a row, if you get what I'm saying.  Or maybe I'm just bad at rhythm games lol.  Nice job!


That's an excellent suggestion, and I agree! Like with the W being all the way over to the left on the screen, it feels like you should use your ring finger to hit the left most key, but that would be hitting the A key. The visual feedback with the physical action of hitting the keys really are at odds with each other with the straight line I set them up in. Or I should have done ASDF keys to fit the straight line. Thank you for the great feedback!


Really cute, love the aesthetics. I tried not doing anything while the minigames were going, and there doesn't seem to be any difference whether you let Charlie get the upper paw or not. That's great, I think it really tells the situation here very well.

Some music would've been nice, and more minigames!


It definitely needs music and more mini games! I tried doing everything myself, and the 8-bit music I was making... well, the silence is an improvement, haha! In the future, I think I want the 'consequences' for winning and losing to be funny animations. Like, if you lose the first game, there's a gif of a cat pushing you out of the bed. Or if you win, you're cuddling the cat and he's perturbed or something. So much to consider, so thank you for playing and even testing the mini-games to see what they would do and giving me your impression!


Very cute!! I love how such a simple game can have a powerful message. Thank you for sharing it with me :)


Thank you so much for taking the time to play and comment! This was a great game jam, and the deadline forced me out of my malaise to create something that is complete-ish. I had never made anything like the mini-games, and, while they are simple, I think I will take them with me into future projects


As a recent cat owner, I can attest to the veracity of this game. 

Your art is very cute and I'm sure Charlie is adorable.


Aw, congrats on your new pet and friend! Charlie is a mixture of my two cats, Pocket and Wally. I didn't want to play favorites with the name ;D Thank you for giving my little game a chance!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

I don't think wasd was a good choice of keys for this. You should have done asdf because they are in a straight line. 


My husband said the exact same thing! I'm so used to using WASD, I think if I use this mini-game in the future, I should make both options available. Thank you so much for playing and giving me feedback


No problem, the art is great by the way!


That was simply heartwarming :)


Thank you so much for playing!