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I loved this demo. Movement felt amazing. There were times I wish I could fall faster, maybe an option to ground slam of some sort? Anyways, the game is beautiful and minimal in all the best ways. I'm really looking forward to more.

Really quite polished for a jam game! The graphics were great, it matched the theme, and it was fairly original. The controls felt a tad odd to me sometimes. I would have preferred 8 directional movement I think because of how the drones moved but overall very well done.

Hahaha thanks :)

Perfect! Thank you so much for the reply. This feedback has been very helpful.

Thank you for the feedback :) Glad you have enjoyed my videos

-Wasn't able to implement item stacking in time.
-Yup, only 2 enemies.
-The only point in keeping them would be if you already had full health. Atm not much reason to.
-Luck based. Could you elaborate on that?
-You pretty much got as far as you needed to test the concept.
-The theme is a stretch tbh (destroy enemies harvest items, I wanted to add harvesting enemy essence but that feature was cut). I had an idea and went with it even though it didn't really match up with the theme. I was using the jam as more of a time constraint for making a prototype than anything. Worked like a charm for that.
-Yeah, your final conclusion makes sense. That is okay, though. I was able to test the basics of the idea and I'm happy with that. Lots of stuff I added were really last minute and not that balanced. I do have one question for you, though. Was there a part of the game that you enjoyed? You're feedback is helpful but generally critical (not a bad thing) but I'm considering putting more time into this concept so I'm curious if there was something in this rough prototype that you think has potential.

Thanks! Yeah, just basically ran out of time. Wanted to try out the concept but it clearly needs a lot of work still. I decided to submit anyways because the last few jams I entered I didn't submit and I think it is important to submit even if you didn't get to the point you wanted to.

I took this prototype and made a small game out of it. If you are interested here is the trailer:

Well, I expanded on the idea a bit. Tell me what you think :)

Hey! Are you running the downloadable file or the web version of the game?

Do you mean the APK? Cause that is a file for android.

Cool game! I think the platformer controls could use a bit of polish but i was able to beat it and enjoyed the experience. I like how it mixes different kinds of gameplay.

Great attack mechanic. I quite like they submission.

Crazy you were able to do so much with so little time. This is an excellent game.

Yeah, you are okay to update this with Windows and Linux builds.

I really liked the idea behind this one but the controls were a real downer for me. With a little polish it could be really great, though.

Great artwork sounds and music. 

The turns felt a little slow paced. I like the idea but I would have liked to see more movement or choices for each character. I understand that because of the time limit for the jam you may have had to cut it short so take the feedback as a "if you decide to keep going with it" kind of thing :)

Great mechanic. The tradoff between jumping and losing health is pretty cool!

Haha played this one through to the end. Lovely artwork and fun jokes and quests. There are balance issues I think but nothing that ruins the fun.

Love this ONE. ;)

Very polished entry with interesting mechanics. As others have said, my only issue is the wait time between moves. Everything else is perfect.

Controls and movement felt really nice! It was a bit easy but I enjoyed it anyways :)

Oh this is really cool! I hope you do more with it.

One of my favorites so far!

Very cute!! I love how such a simple game can have a powerful message. Thank you for sharing it with me :)

Really great game here. Amazing how such a short and simple experience can make me feel emotions like this.

I got all the items :) Great work.

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Cool! I didn't feel like it needed an explanation, at least for me. I originally rated it 5 stars on theme.

Cool concept!

Simple but very well done.

Great work.

Great visuals and main mechanic! Solid entry here.

Great job with the mood of this game. There is a real tension with it and even though there is no text story there is like an implied story for this world. I really want to learn more about it.

Amazing game! I loved the visuals and feel of the game.

There were a few special cases where people uploaded their game to but didn't realize they needed to actually submit the project on the game page. I've made exceptions for them allowing them to submit the game still.

I've been thinking about this and I've decided that for bug fixing or minor issues it is okay but please add the new project without removing the original download file so that people will be able to compare. Also describe what updates were made.

These all look great!

I'll be playing my favorite games on my channel. As for the highest scoring games (in the voting) the prize is really just bragging rights.
The jam is more for fun than an actual competition. It is a great way to get feedback and practice your skills!

I just submit the theme XD and now I'm going to bed.

Here is one that was created:

I didn't make it but I'm in it.