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Thanks for the feedback. What do you mean by buggy? Did you get an error message? We had quite a few testers but it is still possible we missed something. If you did get an issue let us know and we will patch it right up.

Really cool stuff! Are you part of the discord group yet for the course? That would be a great place to share it as well :)

Hey Manchadelo, are you getting some sort of error message? I'm not at my computer but shoot me an email: heartbeast.studios@gmail.com and when I get to my computer I can send you the file directly.

GMS 2 throws a false positive for some virus protection.

Thanks for the feedback! I might expand on the idea a bit after I finish my current full on project. I'll keep your ideas in mind :D

Replied to TheGameMaker in Help!

Did you get the email? If not send me an email: heartbeast.studios@gmail.com

Thanks for your patience, here is the coupon.

Replied to TheGameMaker in Help!

I just sent out an email. It should show up in the email inbox you have attached to itch.io.

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Hey, thanks for the question. Some things to note before we move forward.

  • The course is still in development, I've started recording and I can get you access to the first 6 sections but it isn't finished yet
  • I'll be adding new videos to the course each business day and you will get access to those as I upload them
  • It is looking like the finished game+course will be out sometime in January (scope creep and such)
Okay, if that is okay with you I'll get you access to the course right away, if you are on a really tight budget and want to wait I can get you a refund as well.

Hope this helps :)

Thanks for the question! I did remove the option to purchase early access but I should have a new method by the end of the day. The price will have gone up but I can get you a coupon to make it the same price if you like.

Yes, it will be a special coupon via email :)

Thanks for the share :D

Hey Danny,

Thanks for the question. I'll be releasing part one of the course on December 1st. You will get access to that and the complete Udemy course (once it is finished).

I'll be sending out an update today to everyone who has purchased the Early Access files or the course. I hope this helps answer your question.


Thanks for the question! It is happening for sure! Are you not getting access to the updates? If not send me an email and I'll attempt to remedy that so you aren't left in the dark. I've been updating (fairly) often on Kickstarter :)


Great topic! I'm excited to hear on your findings. I'll be watching here so if you have questions/suggestions don't hesitate to post them.

The source is available already in the zip folder :)


Thank you for supporting this project and joining the Early Access program. These discussions are designed for you to ask questions and give feedback on the current version of the source. Use them for these two thing and nothing more.


Thanks for the comment.

If you are unable to run the HTML5 build on linux it may be something on your end, or maybe something on itch's end. You said you are trying to running it on the desktop app and it doesn't work?

Nice job!

No problem! Glad I could help.

Thanks for the email. It seems you were clamping the y position at line 54 of your player's step event. Hope this helps!

If you add y=1200 to the create event does the player go down that far?

Because the jump sprite and idle sprite have different collision sizes (masks) the character is switching between the idle and jump sprite. It lands on the ground so it switches to the idle sprite, but wait, the idle sprite isn't as big as the jump sprite so it switches back to the jump sprite but wait now it is on the ground again cause the jump sprite is bigger so it switches to the idle sprite again. And it goes on like this forever.

Does that makes sense?

For example, if you replace those sprites with a single sprite of a plain black box does it still happen? If not than it is an issue with the sprite collision masks.

This may have to do with the collision masks of the sprites you are using. I'd have to check but your project to know for sure. I recommend having a separate sprite be the collision mask for the player object (You can see in the base engine I set the mask of the object to a black square). Does that make sense?

I'm pretty sure you could donate later but I'm not 100% sure. If you wanted to donate later I guess you could go download one of my other free games here on itch.io and use that to donate if it won't let you here haha.

Thanks! I wish I had more time to add to it but you know how Ludum Dares go XD I decided to go for short and sweet :)

Thanks :D Glad you enjoyed it.

Hey Mattress,

Thanks for the comment. What version of GameMaker Studio are you using? The [| ] symbol is a ds list accessor and it was added in GMS in 2014 https://www.yoyogames.com/blog/35

Is it possible you have a version that is older than that?

Thanks for the feedback. I currently have it published on bitbucket but it is a private repository. I'm actually considering making this open source so I can get some help with it from other experienced programmers.

Hey! Thanks for the question.

File > Import Project

Enjoy! :)

Darn, I'm not sure what it is then.

It seems to be working. Thanks!

Yes, it should be the 3rd value in the position property.

A good idea might be to switch to 3D mode when working with the z axis and then switch back when you are done. It might make it easier to see why something might be displayed on top of something else.

Hmmm, maybe you need to change the z axis value of your actor. It could be that the map is being drawn in front of them.

Hope this helps.

Thanks, I'll try that.


I'm Ben. I've been using GameMaker since GameMaker 5 and I love it. I'm looking into Superpowers as an additional engine for me to use. I teach GameMaker Studio on YouTube and Udemy. I'd like to start teaching Superpowers as well. I love the fact that Superpowers uses TypeScript and has such a clean IDE. I'm excited for the future of the engine and I hope to be a big part of that future.



I'm fairly new to Superpowers but so far I'm loving it. I've been messing around with a little platformer and I'd actually like to start making some simple YouTube tutorials showing how to use Superpowers.

Now to my question, for some reason my server just stops every once and a while. I can usually just press the "start" button to start it back up again but it resets my location in the resource tree and if I'm working on a script I haven't saved yet I will loose that work. Does anyone have any ideas?