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We do not know which version you played but in the last update we increased the range of the potion to make it more useful.

The game was meant to be challenging, anyway with a gamepad it becomes much easier to finish it.

Thank you for your feedback :)

We had thet same idea but  the game would have been too easy so we discarded it.

Thank you for your feedback :)

It's strange that your gamepad has not been recognized, i'll do some research on your problem.

Ty for your feedback :)

Thank you for playing and for your feedback :)

We will make soon a new version with some adjustments.

Thank you :)

I am glad to hear that you have reached the third level :)

On the freezing potion you are right, there are some oxygen spot where you cant use them. We will probably make a version with all the things that are missing, including this one.

Thank you for your feedback.

Beautiful game :)

Controls are responsive, nice music and sounds, the upgrades mechanic encourages you to finish the game in all its parts.

I noticed some little bugs that can be easily fixed:

  • When you fall from a great high, the character go out of the camea view (dont know if it was meant that way).
  • You can wall jump out of the stage.
  • In the settings if you change the window size you cant go back to "medium".
  • "Windowed mode" option work in reverse (i think).

(as you can see I played your game a lot :p)

Good job :)

If you have time, take a look at our game

We are glad you had fun :)

Regarding difficulty and controls, the game is meant to be challenging and we recommend using a gamepad. With the keyboard you need more time to master the basic mechanics.

I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Thank you for the feedback :)

Nice game.

The hook mechanic is really hard to master due to imprecise controls. Sometimes the player accelerate (I do not know if it's due to the flow).

Apart from the movements, the rest is ok. I love all the details you put inside the stage like the light that increases the closer you get to the surface, the flow that move your character and the harpoons, all the enemies (maybe too many) especially the one that traps you (he reminded me zelda games).

Good job :)

When you want, come rate our game : )

The graphic is ok.

Music loop is too short, after a while it becomes annoying.

I noticed the CPU only at the end of the game. Maybe zoom out the camera a bit or shrink the stage.

When you want, come rate our game : )

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Ty for the  feedback :)

We had little time for finish the game, so texts and menu are missing.

Really challenging game. Nice music too.

Sometimes melee soldier push the golem out of the screen and you can't see what is happening.

Nice mechanic. You can implement various levels with different shapes and music.

As others have said, adding a rotate button will be great.

Good job :)

The word funny describe perfectly the game.

Good job.

Game don't freeze, after the death animation you must press a key to restart. Due to lack of time we couldn't implement text on screen or menu that tell you what to do. Sorry for that.

For what concearning Chill potions, they were meant only to stop the lava briefly and give you more time to finish the level.

Ty for the feedback, we will do the same.